Tomorrow the band arrive in Dublin for the first of three shows on home territory. Edge sat down with us before the second show in Amsterdam and told us about the 'magic' of playing at home and why it is that fans travel from all over the world to see the band play in the city.

Going to be at one of the Dublin shows? Seen the band before in the city? What's it got that makes a U2 show that bit more special ?


12 August, 2009
thank you
We are from Cleveland,Ohio and because U2 was not coming to us, we had to go to them in Dublin!! My kids and I loved every minute of being part of that Dublin show on Friday night. The energy and love in that stadium was awesome. Thank you for your music and your words which inspire me to be a better person everyday.
26 July, 2009
Just came back home to Denmark after seeing the boys in Dublin Saturday night. I saw them in Dublin on their last tour, and nothing - absolutely nothing - beats Dublin. Last time I had that sparkle in my eyes and such a big smile on my face was probably in the very same spot four years ago! It's just magnifient. It's not just a concert - the city is one big U2 party, and everybody comes together on their knees to welcome the boys home. It's beyond words. You just have to be there to feel the magic.
24 July, 2009
The singular Irish people !
Irish people, that´s what makes Dublin concerts so special, they are so joyful, passionate, warm-blooded, moody, temperamental, nostalgic, melancholic and so committed to great causes.
24 July, 2009
Canadians are coming!!!
Flying out tonight. Can't wait to see the show on Monday night. But first, party in Dublin all weekend. This should be AWESOME!! Enjoy the show everyone.
24 July, 2009
I would love to hear U2 play Bad, or going back further Electric Co. or Out of Control - all brilliant - Paris was amazing - this weekend will be even better. enjoy
24 July, 2009
U2 N Dublin!
My wife and I are flying out of Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S. to see U2 in Dublin! We can't wait to experience the magic that every U2 fan wants to experience. Dublin, here we come!
24 July, 2009
Edge Comment
Great to se so many peole coming to experience U2 live in Dublin - a long way since Phoenix Park (with Simple Minds, Eurythmics, Big Country) what a day - also the X gigs to start that War tour - they'll outlive the Stones - bring it on.
24 July, 2009
Welcome Home Lads!
So excited about Saturday night's concert in Croke Park. Seen them in Slane for the Elevation Tour which was brillant! and missed the last concert Vertigo in Croke Park. My first ever concert was the Joshua Tree Tour in 1987 in Croke Park and it was fantastic! Hope they play "City of Blinding Lights" which is my favourite song and love "Magnifcant" of there new album which is great also.
24 July, 2009
One day I'll go to a U2-concert in Irela
In my life I've been to 5 U2-gigs: Zoo TV (1993/Werchter Belgium), Pop Mart (1997/Werchter), Elevation(2001/Antwerp), Vertigo (2001/Brussels) and 360° (2009/Amsterdam). U2's concert in Amsterdam last Monday (20/7) was pure magic! On the 3rd of August I'll go to Gelsenkirchen/Germany to experience once more the fantastic and wonderful 360° Tour. But my dream is to go one day to a U2-concert in their homeland. That must be the best experience ever! :-)
23 July, 2009
Slane Castle 2001/Gothenburg 2005/Berlin
Made a trip from Chicago to see the 360 tour in Berlin, and must say Dublin is in for one Hell of a week. This tour is a MONSTER! Saw the Vertigo show in Gothenburg and that was Awesome. But, the coolest show ever was the September 1, 2001 show at Slane Castle in Dublin. It was a perfect day - a beautiful day! the earlier acts (Moby and Nelly Furtado) were upstaged by the Irish Football team as they won a World Cup qualifier against Denmark on a golden goal. The crowd went berserk, then went completely mad when U2 took the stage. When we finally got back into Dublin at 3am the city was still rocking! All I can say to anyone going to these shows is Achtung Baby!!!
23 July, 2009
Thanks for sharing!!!
That's way cool the band is sharing these videos with us fans!!!
23 July, 2009
U2 Go Home
Very interesting, gives us a peak that these are real people doing a real job and going home. I wish I was there, but I have to wait for Los Angeles :(
23 July, 2009
Dublin is home
Being an Englishman living in Scotland, I am blown away by seeing U2 in Dublin. The passion, the atmosphere, the very place that is Dublin, lends itself to the foundations of truly magnificent shows. I've saw Vertigo in Glasgow, Dublin, NY and Tokyo *eventually*, but nothing touches Dublin: it's tangible. We are off to Dublin again in the morning (6hours away now) from Edinburgh. It's been a long wait for the album and now the tour. It makes life fuller, over the top and the experience is all. I know what occurs between my line on the horizon.
23 July, 2009
Warm up? Prove it
I'm hoping the guys are true to their word (even though I'd hate to think anyone who has already seen them was cheated!!!!) But I do hope they do a bit extra in their homeland. One suggestion is they do Until the End of the World AND Unknown Caller, not only one of them as seems the case. Two, three..four extra songs?
23 July, 2009
july 24 philly 2 dublin
i,ve been here a week now touring your isle which is magestic, see u on fri, i can,t believe im here. love u much. u can see alot of out of towners r here for u. as always your shows will roc!!!!!!!!!!
23 July, 2009
C U all
Hi there, flying in from Vienna - c u all at Croker on Saturday. Vertigo Tour at Croke Park was phantastic and I hope the lads play Bad, Kite and I'd like very much if Van Diemans Land is beeing played. Go raibh maith agat!!!! Slán, Paedar
23 July, 2009
23 July, 2009
Slane 2nd gig 2001
Unbelievable, fantastic and all the other words you like can be added. Best U2 concert I've ever been too. Really looking forward to this though, nloth is a great album and looking forward to hearing the song live.
23 July, 2009
Dublin - here we come!!
Flying out from Seville to be at the Saturday night gig. As an Irishman there´s no better way than getting a home coming like that! Rock on lads!! But, please play "Bad". See you at Croker!
23 July, 2009
Big Orange Antanae
I work beside Croke Park. Been watching a large orange antanae creep its way into view. There is a tangible excitment building in the area. Bring on Friday.
23 July, 2009
turn it up...captain!
travelling over from sunderland for friday nights gig!...cant wait!...saw them at roundhay park 12 years ago, thought then that they couldnt get any better...i think i may be wrong!...also going down to sheffield on the 20th aug.....cant get enough!
23 July, 2009
Bring it on
Have seen every Dublin gig since 1989 and will be there tomorrow night, theres nothing like the buzz of a U2 Dublin gig, can't wait excitement is building, woooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
23 July, 2009
warm up in Dublin
Me and 2 friends are coming from Copenhagen, and are VERY exited. Let's meet at Murrays Bar: All systems go with Electric Co. (The Irish u2 fan club) at Murrays Bar on O Connell Street, booked for the U2 Fans Worldwide HQ party. U2 tribute act is Us2 will perform Thursday night, Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, Sunday night and Monday afternoon, 5 gigs in total. Denbert
23 July, 2009
A Pilgrimmage of the Devout
A dream of mine 20 years ago was to see U2 in Dublin. Today in the air from JFK, nearly the entire plane was filled with people like me. This city is shimmering with energy, waiting for the spark of tomorrow night's show to set this town on fire. I can't wait for my dream to come true!
23 July, 2009
Bringing my Kids!
My very first rock concert was U2 at Croke Park in 1987. Now 22 years later, I am bringing 2 of my daughters (aged 8 & 10) to their very first rock concert.... U2 at Croke Park on friday night!! We are so excited! Please play 'Desire' on friday night as it is my daughters' favourite song. They especially love the live version from the 'Live at Slane' cd. Can't wait!!
23 July, 2009
My dream coming true...
As a native western Pennsylvanian, I was ecstatic when my brother flew me when I was just 16 years old to Miami, FL for my U2 concert initiation. Immediately hooked I then set the goal to see the boys in Dublin. This spring I caught them in Somerville, MA and now at age 34 I'm hopping across the great Atlantic to see them at Croke Park. Love is coming to town!
23 July, 2009
Welcome to all of you.
Perhaps it's the eclectic mix of fans from all over the World coming to Dublin, mixed with the Band's sense of homecoming,that makes the shows so special. Don't think you would get as many people from as many different countries at any of the other dates on the tour? All adds to the experience. You are all Very Welcome to Dublin. It's my Hometown too.....Enjoy and see you at the shows!
Canarian Boy
23 July, 2009
David Santana
Seen the band in Madrid 93, Barcelona 97, Stockholm 01, San Sebastian 05... reaching 40 next week I guess it's the time to see them in their hometown. Will fly from Gran Canaria (7,000 miles altoguether); we'll meet them in the sound, MEET ME IN THE FIRST ROW!!!!
23 July, 2009
So excited
Over from Glasgow for Friday's show- cannot wait. Saw the band at Landsdowne Road, Slane & Croke Park, as well as several times in Glasgow & Edinburgh. Always great to see them on home ground but Glasgow is always amazing too :-).
23 July, 2009
Like my mom said: Here on earth they can take everything from you exept MEMORIES. For me it are all the gigs I've ever seen so don't wonna miss saturday in DUBLIN THE HOME OF U2
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