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14 December, 2011
Q: Will 'Crazy' make it onto U22? A: YEE
I remember YouTube comments from 2009 saying stuff like "They've ruined the best song on the album". Weeeeeeeell, hindsight's a nuisance ain't it? BEST SONG EVAH!!!
14 December, 2011
I'm so glad they played this version on the 360 tour. It was always one of my favorite parts of the concert seeing their 4 heads bobbing back and forth on the screen. This was where we got to show how 'groovy' U2 fans really are! YEAH BONO
14 December, 2011
" No line" Songs played LIVE should be i
Each song from No line that was played LIVE on this tour should be included in the 22.... GOYB, No Line, Magnificent, Crazy, Breathe, Unknown Caller and MOS ! AGREE ?
14 December, 2011
I´ll never understand some of U2´s choices for example why they kept this song and Boots and dropped No Line and Unknown caller....I would had done the opposite, but im not in the band so...
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