U2's fourth album, The Unforgettable Fire, has been remastered on the 25th anniversary of its original release and will be released by Mercury Records this Monday, 26th October.

Recorded at Slane Castle, Ireland, The Unforgettable Fire was the first U2 album to be produced by Brian Eno and Danny Lanois, and spawned two top 10 UK singles - 'Pride (In The Name Of Love)' and 'The Unforgettable Fire'.

Check out the microsite and watch the video here.

Read more about the release details here.


brendan roberts
24 October, 2009
great video
will be getting box set...... pride video in this clip was shot at SFX centre..... small venue in dublin where i saw them live xmas eve 1982 when they performed 2 new songs from there then forthcoming album WAR. Songs were sunday B sunday and New years day..... I new then that great times were ahead of me from this band......... Awesome memories.. Venue sadly no longer exists.
24 October, 2009
16 and still 16 ...
Back in 1984 . . . I Was 16 ! I bought My 1st U2 LP "the unforgettable fire" I Love this album , I Love A Sort Of Homecoming (& I wish to hear this Song Live once in my lifetime) Love the Unforgettable Fire Vidéo in the Snow . . . Love the Magenta/sépia Design . . . Can't Wait to Get The CollectorsBox & Remastered Lp in My Hands . . .
23 October, 2009
Where it All Started
25 years ago in the basement of my parenets house my older brother came home with an album and played on his stereo and at 14 years old it changed my listening habits and me for the rest of my life. The atmosphere that the Unforgettable Fire LP was incredible and it just painted a picture in my mind that I will never Forget. 25 years later and U2 is still my favorite band and always will be. It changed my life and how I listend to music. Thank You from the bottom of my heart and Soul. Thank You U2.
23 October, 2009
My First U2 Tape
This was my first U2 album (on cassette tape!) and still my favourite. So perfect that the year they rerelease this album is the same year I saw them in concert for the first time. Thank you, thank you!
23 October, 2009
So young!
It's wonderul how seeing this video brings back that time period. Every major event in my life has a U2 song attached to it...just amazing. Am so thrilled to be heading to Pasadena this Sunday.
23 October, 2009
I'm reading again U2 By U2 and watching this video right now is so touching! All the emotion and inspiration that comes out of the book just becomes visible and tangible in this video. Beautiful. I'm 21, and I just wish I was born when all this was happening! :)
23 October, 2009
Pride is my all time fav : )
23 October, 2009
It is a great CD, well done. I'm going to buy the remastered version, I've got also the old version, it's absolutely a great CD! greetz
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