Adam joined Irish celebrities Alison Canavan, Brent Pope and The Original Rude Boys for the Dublin launch of next week's Walk In My Shoes day.

Inspired by a 16year old at St. Patrick’s University Hospital, who wished his friends could ‘walk in his shoes’ to understand what he was going through, Walk in My Shoes raises funds to provide mental health support, information and services to vulnerable young adults in Ireland.

'We need support growing up, but especially if you’re vulnerable and you need someone to talk to,' explained Adam, patron of the organisation. 'It’s ok to ask for help and Walk In My Shoes is working hard to remove the stigma around mental health difficulties. I hope everyone will join in on 9th May for Walk In My Shoes day and step out in stylish or mismatched shoes - let’s make a real difference.'

Adam was interviewed on 98FM by Ray Foley - take a listen.

Adam is the guest of Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show this Friday. (UPDATE: Catch the show here)

Walk in My Shoes day takes place across Ireland next Friday, May 9th. 'Step out of your comfort zone, stand up for mental health and wear funky shoes to show your support.'


15 May, 2014
My daughter is a cofounder of an organization "ENVY" " it raises money to provide scholarships to troubled youth, it is in memory of her boyfriends brother who suffered from mental illness... I am so happy to see you are a party of this cause.
13 May, 2014
Demonds in gatherings, in their heads,,,
A lesson to learn. HUGE drug companies can kill you with a needle, instead of writing an apology letter for years of racism, prejudice and discrimination.
09 May, 2014
Mental illness has often been a taboo topic. Walk In My Shoes is another example of how more and more people are talking about something that impacts so many of us in different ways. Either directly or indirectly, we all know of someone who is suffering in silence. Way to go Adam. You are an inspiration for all of us.
06 May, 2014
Great work Adam. I also suffered from depression in my teens and as a young adult and great to see you involved in this project
05 May, 2014
I'm so proud of you, Adam! This is not an easy thing and you're very brave to talk about that and be a good example to young people who have the same problems. The Late Late Show was great! Love from Brazil
05 May, 2014
Great initiative
With his support of this great campaign, Adam truly helps raising funds and much awareness of problems that tend to get stigmatised. Mental health issues can occur at any time. Watching the Late Late show, I´m moved by his honest words about the troubled times he went through. It´s admirable that he succeeded to overcome the dark periods of his life and without doubt music helped him to find some relief.
04 May, 2014
Let the US be a part of this Irish movem
May 9th, Let the USA join Ireland in "Walk in My Shoes" day! Go to U2 website for Adam Clayton's endorsement of this movement for what we all deal with or are close to someone who does. Great fun way to support just with your shoes that day!
03 May, 2014
Walk On....
Adam..... Yesterday I bought new running shoes, size 13, That's 48 in my country. Big foots. By myself after a lack of O2, heart-stand-still, One of the therapy was running. And listening to U2 and We?..... Love and Healt for everOne.... Detlev Lassche, better knowing as The Vertigo Hunter. Miss you sugar. ...
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