Adam has signed a pair of his favourite Alexander McQueen Puma high tops - and they're under the hammer right now on ebay.

In total over 40 pairs of shoes, donated and signed by Ireland’s top celebrities and sport stars, are available from the eBay store ‘walkinmyshoes2013’.

All funds raised will be donated to ‘Walk in My Shoes’,  a campaign raising support for mental health services for young people in Ireland.

Paul Gilligan CEO of St. Patrick’s University Hospital said, 'Unfortunately talking about mental illness is still taboo, through Walk in My Shoes we are hoping to get the message across that mental illness can affect anyone at anytime and talking about it is vital.'

The auction runs until Sunday - check out the footwear and make your bid.


03 May, 2013
Alas no money, but wish to say this….
Although I'm unable to bid, I wish who ever is bidding on these good luck. It goes to a good cause. I personally have dealt with mental illness for most of my life, be it a friend's father, a cousin of mine, and myself. It seems no matter where you live - I've lived in Australia and currently live in the USA - that mental illness is taboo. I know from my own personal experience, I battled with it for many years - even being misdiagnosed with different issues - and it wasn't until I hit my breaking point - to the point of being suicidal - that I was going to drive my car into a tree - I felt out of control, like there was something else possessing my mind. Through many different medications, I've finally (finally being seven years of medication changes) found an even and tolerable ground. I admire Adam for what he is doing. I wish that more help would be more easily accessible to people with a mental illness. Unfortunately my cousin didn't receive help, and committed suicide. It's taboo everywhere, and I wish it wasn't.
25 April, 2013
Shoes protect feet in the walk
Walk beautifully and safely with those bright shoes! Walk comfortably
25 April, 2013
The Goal is:
Walk on......... Love, Detlev.
24 April, 2013
u2 u2 u2
boys we miss you but we love you 4 ever,,happy birthday to my daughter beatiz she does 7 years and love u2 like daddy,,,love you daughter and u2,,,my life..paul from portugal
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