'Where's My Announcement?'

'It's now Friday in New Zealand,' wrote Maria Flynn (@stubby70) on Twitter. 'Where's my announcement @U2'
Would you believe it, there it was, just a few minutes later, with a reply direct to Maria from the band themselves.
'We'll be in your neck of the woods in November. Around the 8th maybe... What do you think?' 

Maria wasn't the only fan knocked out to find who was in their Twitter replies on Friday morning as band members took to social media to let people know the much-rumoured tour of Australia and New Zealand was finally happening - and it would include Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

Shaun Swalue in Australia had also been tweeting the band, wondering if there was any news.
'Yep. Break out the Tim Tams @ShaunSwalue.' replied Adam. 'We're on our way.'

For U2 Australia (@u2_australia), tweeting daily, it paid off. 'We hear you, we heard you. This is Bono by the way…'

Generously, U2 Australia suggested there was no need to waste money on hotels, ' We have a spare bed.'

'Thanks for the offer,' came back The Edge.'Full disclosure: Adam's very particular on the thread count…'

Kylie Minogue was also celebrating the news in Oz and the band replied. 'We're coming 4U 2 @Kylieminogue X' as was @NoelGallagher, whose High Flying Birds will play support in New Zealand and Australia.  'We can ride on, you make me shine like a black star dancing, we're one and the same now…' @NoelGallagher #thejoshuatreetour2019 #itsgonnabearipper

And Bono was in the mentions of @Ippeki5_u2 in Japan to say, 'We Fell IN LOVE with Japan when we first toured in 1983 and its been way, way, way too long… We are honoured to be returning to The Land of The Rising Sun.'

All of this left everyone, not least Maria Flynn,  'buzzing' which gave Edge a thought.  
'Speaking of buzzing…. did you know according to the laws of physics, the bumble bee should not be able to fly… and that is not a reference to Bono…. The Edge #thejoshuatreetour2019'

With only 160 sleeps to go until the tour, as someone pointed out, it was time to sign off for the night… which Bono and Edge did. 'It's good night from me and it's goodnight from him… and it's good night from them too. #thejoshuatreetour2019'

Find the whole thread with the band on twitter 

Here's the lowdown on the tour with dates, cities, venues and timings on our Tour Page


31 May, 2019
Joshua Tree dvd/blu-ray
Great news to hear them play down under! But what a chance to announce the Joshua tree dvd for the rest of the world!!
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