Ever fancied your own Trabant ? Custom-designed with that unique Achtung Baby era look ? Here's the competition you've been waiting for.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary edition of U2's seminal 1991 long-player, the band's visual geniuses - designer Shaughn McGrath and photographer Anton Corbijn - are inviting artists to submit photographs or artwork which would feature on the sleeve of Achtung Baby -  if it was being released today.

'Achtung Baby embodies a multitude of ideas and styles which are represented through the album cover artwork mosaic. The squared collage of photos symbolise the spirit of the album, the 90s and the changes in Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall... If Achtung Baby was released today, what photographs and/or artwork would be part of the collage?'

Shaughn and Anton will select 15 submissions which will be created into a collage and featured  here on and promoted across U2's social media channels. Winners will  receive their own copy of the final collage, a deluxe box-set and a digital camera. A sixteenth - 'People's Choice' - winner will be decided by you.

And (did we mention this ?) one overall winner will receive that custom designed, original Achtung Baby styled Trabant car.

Start making your art or shooting your photos now - submissions need to be in by January 23rd.

This is where you'll find all the details.


01 March, 2012
Have the Winners been announced yet? Can´t find them anywhere :(
20 February, 2012
we now have to wait till feb 27th to find out who wins .... let's hope it's a fan who wins!!!
24 January, 2012
In time
I entered mine yesterday at 6pm. I hope it makes it through. I was thinking about this for a while, but then suddenly it is 1/23! It's a pic of world money from my father's travels.
22 January, 2012
achtung trabbie baby
great idea! thank you guys for this oportunity. U2 is an special part of our lives. U2 showed me the gate that I opened to live in a love dimension. ;)))))
21 January, 2012
You tube
You Tube :NORBERT539
20 January, 2012
Nude up Adam
I'm going to take a picture of myself with my old fella hanging out. A modern-day Adam. Lets hope that censorship does not play its part.
19 January, 2012
Am not happy!
Think it'z a bit crap that you huv 2 be a mindless, facebook autommaton to be able to enter this competition. C'mon fellaz! Open it up to memberz az well. Make it fare.
19 January, 2012
Achtung Me Baby
U2 came into my office last week and asked me to design them a cover for their upcoming album Achtung Baby. They played 3 snippets for me. I went out and shot some images for my concept. Now I have to do the work and enter it into this competition.
12 January, 2012
To en making...
I'm a poor Army veteran who would love to just have a good car, and with all respect, (really!) enmaking, I do understand its historical significance to U2 and the free world. I was about 8 months old when the Berlin wall came down. I may not remember it, but it was a major part of the changing world I grew up in. I apologize, but with the situation I am currently in, I was just being practical. Thank you for pointing that out, though. It would be truly amazing to win a Trabbie. I'm preparing my entry for the contest now.
10 January, 2012
let's begin the begin again... maybe with an electric car... and i can not even drive or rhyme... and let's win the win again...
26 December, 2011
soldierskiier - theyre not giving away a trabant because of its spead and bph. Its because of the whole history of germany and the early 1990 era of the struggle in berlin to get that album on the road. Would a ferrari have the same relevance? err no it wouldnt!
15 December, 2011
count me in!!
09 December, 2011
Achtung Art!
This competition is a great and creative idea. I love painting, so I will think about it.
08 December, 2011
All IN
I'm definitely in !
07 December, 2011
To work I go !
Hopefully Miami has enough subject matter to inspire and meet the likes of Shaughn McGrath and Anton Corbijn. A bull will definitely be difficult to attain here....
07 December, 2011
*Starts brainstorming* Very cool contest, indeed!
06 December, 2011
I love it!
05 December, 2011
I'd love to win it for the historic valu
I love U2. Don't get me wrong guys, but that car is one of Time Magazines Worst Cars of all Time. It would still be cool to have as an awesome souvenir though!
05 December, 2011
I'm in!
05 December, 2011
achtung achtung,-----------,
tomorow, i will start with the climb for this beautiful project! love and light, detlev zoo bahnhof. miss you sugar.
05 December, 2011
Great Idea =0)
Great competition idea, love it.
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