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Dublin, IE / Lexlip Castle, Dublin Festival



Rory Donnelly
21 July, 2017
First gig
At the time i went it was for the Police but U2 stole the show. I remember Bono climbing up on top of the stage, pretty dangerous back then. A Day without Me sticks clearly in the memory. Happy day.. , haven't missed a gig in Ireland since..
26 October, 2015
Dublin Festival 1980 - Leixlip Castle, 2
Seems I forgot to add the ticket, only GBP 6,50, but woth a fortune for what we saw and listened to there.
16 October, 2015
Dublin Festival 1980 - Leixlip Castle, 2
I'm from Valencia (Spain), it was my second Summer studying English in Dublin, I had just turned 16 three days before and I went to see The Police, my favourite band at the time, with four friends of mine also from Valencia, and I discovered U2 there. They were the local band on the gig and didn't know them then, but I could see they had a huge crowd of local supporters. I also wish I had some pictures, but I don't so I'll add the ticket of the festival. The line up of the festival was. The Police, Squeeze, John Otway and U2. Besides the music, my memores of the show bring me Bono climbing the scaffolding by the stage and sliding from the curtains, and walking 15 kms. back to Dublin because we missed our bus, and local police driving us to Ballinteer, where we were staying, after that. Great memories ... and several U2 concerts since those days. I was in one iNNOCENCE & eXPERIENCE show last week in Barcelona, and I'm taking my six years old kid to his first U2 concert in the O2 in London in two weeks. It will be innocence and experience together. "Time is a train, makes the future the past ..."
18 May, 2015
Leixlip Castle.......
The Police headlined this gig in Leixlip castle..........as far as I remember Squeeze (Glen Tilbrook, Jools), Q-Tips (Paul Young) played.......can't remember the other bands. Remember a U2 Wavin pipe above the stage........(you probably need to be Irish of a certain vintage to remember that one!) Great day and night......great memories........wish I had some photos of the day........
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