European Festivals 1982

Newcastle, GB / Gateshead International Stadium



06 May, 2015
I had gone to this festival to see The Police and left a U2 convert. Just a powerful experience they were simply awesome. I was also lucky enough to meet the band after the gig in their hotel bar (minus Adam who had gone clubbing). I still have the signed picture from the programme. Really great memories long may they continue.
03 December, 2014
the tube
This was filmed and shown on the tube.
05 March, 2013
hello from poland
I want you here, rejoice
05 March, 2013
hello from poland
This was the best show in those years, and now there is so emotional and music concerts. I wish you have a lot of work to the best team.
08 June, 2010
My first U2 gig
A monumental day for me, a 16 year old who had bought a ticket to see his favourite band the police at gateshead stadium. This was an all day gig with several bands playing before U2 took the stage before the blond headliners. I had never heard any U2 before this and was mesmorised at the music they played, edge's melodic chords really hit home with me and Adam moved around the stage like I have never seen him done since! During Electric Co bono promptly climbed the PA stack and hoisted a White flag, he had my heart in my mouth and I think the crew felt the same. During the police set bono came and assisted sting on vocals for invisible sun. The very next day I puchased October and Boy followed five days later.......the rest his history.
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