Unforgettable Fire

Landover, MD, US / Capitol Center
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21 August, 2010
Involved from Looper
They poured out their best. My 1st show and went with broken leg. fan and muscians with Bono in lead made it a great show. Let people know they don't need crowd control our fans can control themselves.
17 June, 2010
1st U2 Concert
I went with my best friend and her sister. I was 14 and my parents had not allowed me to go to the earlier leg of the tour when U2 played Constitution Hall. It is 30+ years later and I still haven't forgiven them. We charged down the steps and toward the stage when Bono sang, "come on down," during "Bad." We made it to one row off the floor. I was hooked. I have only missed one tour since and only because I was pregnant.
24 March, 2010
First Concert & 10th row seat
This was my first U2 concert and I was a senior in high school. I drove my 1974 Mustang to this concert with my best friend. We had great seats -the closest I'll ever get to Bono & Company again. I remember Bono calling everyone to "come on down" and when the crowd did, the management cut the electricity until everyone was back in their seats. It was a great concert and I have been in love with U2 ever since.
03 October, 2009
Second show I had ever seen
I was thirteen years old. Earlier that spring I saw the Kinks play at Constitution Hall but this U2 show will always stay with me. I remember Lone Justice (who??) was the opening band. "Bad" was the highlight. I, too, remember everyone making their way down to the stage, though I was too far up and too young to venture down.
12 September, 2009
First Show
I was a 20yr old college student and this was my first U2 show. I remember everybody storming down from the upper level when Bono sang "Come on Down" during Bad. Urban legend as it they were cited that evening for inciting a riot! Missed Bad at Camp Nou hope to hear it in Boston on the 20th.
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