Joshua Tree

Birmingham, GB / National Exhibition Centre
with Hoodoo Gurus 2
Party Girl Live Joshua Tree Tour


23 May, 2015
First U2 gig.
This was my first U2 gig and I recall the roads leading to the NEC seemed (in my memory at least) to be packed with touts and people wanting tickets. I don't recall the tickets being hard to buy so this might be my imagination. RosieUK they opened with Bullet, as per this set list link: so I can only think the excitement was all too much, or you missed the start. I remember picking up a bootleg and telling people Hendrix opened the show (as it was his snippet of Star Spangled Banner used just before Bullet!). There were two guys next to us who sat through the whole show - no idea how. Rosie it was Hoodo Gurus and they were awful, from what I recall. Like you I loved heading out after the show and it seemed that 'how long..' would go on forever - the atmosphere was just amazing and electric. Such a buzz.
22 July, 2010
2nd U2 gig
First song was Gloria! I remember Bono saying they were performing a new song for the first time ... 'Streets' was being released on the Monday and I was thrilled to find that song on the B-side; it was 'Silver and Gold'. I remember 'Exit', everyone clapping to the drum beat, hands in the air ... the crowd singing "how long to sing this song?" over and over before the encore (I miss that). Can't remember the support - Hoodygurus (no idea of spelling)?? An electric show (think they did Electric Co as well?!). I was on the left side of the stage on the lower tier, quite close to the stage. I was 14 and I still don't care what anyone says, Bono smiled at me :) Rosie
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