Copenhagen, DK / Gentofe Stadium
with PJ Harvey, Stereo MC's 7
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23 June, 2011
Trabant cars above the scene.
Great koncert. Besides the phone call to our Minister of Foreign affairs (as far as I remember, Bono got through to his wife, saying that he was not at home), I remember the Trabant cars hanging above the scene. The special guests, Stereo MCs, where not playing very impressive.
27 August, 2010
this show was in denmark and not olso in norway. gentofte stadion is in copenhagen and it was a great great show. the best u2 show i have seen. flemming - denmark
21 August, 2010
Calling Uffe
During the show, Bono tried to get the danish Minister for Foreign Affairs , Uffe Ellemann-Jensen on the phone, but he wasn't at home :-) One og the best concerts of my youth. I later moved to Horsens, where I this year (2010) was able to get tickets to both shows. Magnificent !
16 August, 2010
Great show...
but as the other has pointed out - wrong country. ;o) It was my very first show - at the age of 19 (so young!) - and I remember it for just being there - finally to meet my Irish heroes! The stage was huge and there were cars hanging up in the air?? Thanks for coming back to our country! Love you, too! ;o)
11 August, 2010
Wonderful show
But I'm sorry, it was in Denmark. A perfect show, just so sorry that I couldn't get any tickets for the show in Horsens. Hope you'll have a wonderful concert
26 July, 2010
Wrong country
As previously stated, this was in Denmark and not in Norway. Gentofte is a suburb of Copenhagen. First U2 concert for me, too. See you back in Denmark in a few weeks.
07 April, 2010
Fantastic show BUT
This was in Copenhagen, Gentofte, in Denmark and NOT Oslo in Norway ;-) Anyway, show was fantastisc - my first ever U2 show, and I loved it. They're amazing :-) Looking soooo much forward to Horsens in August.
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