U2360° TOUR

Boston, MA, US / Gilette Stadium
with Snow Patrol 64
'Tonight we're gonna play old songs, new songs, songs we don't know... but we're not going anywhere without you. Are you ready for the ride ?'

Boston was ready for the ride - witness the inner circle during 'Boots' going up and down like we were at a punk rock gig or the entire stadium grooving out for Mysterious Ways.

'Irish boy kissing on a tea train, Irish boy in Massachusetts...' There was definitely an Irish thing going down tonight. 'Great to be back home in Boston,' as the singer put it. They've been to this city many times since they first played here in 1981, but they never arrived in space junk like this. Quite an experiment.

'Like to introduce our band: On the right, Experiment One, a mix between jimmy Page and Stephen Hawkins, a test tube baby, The Edge. On my left Experiment Two, his bottom end can move stadiums, a gentleman, a wise owl, a great bass player, Adam Clayton. Experiment Three, not human at all, at 21 gave his body to science, Robocop... Larry Mullen Jnr.

You don't need to know about Experiment Four, work still in progress...'

On the road again. #TheJoshuaTree2017


20 September, 2009
whoa....great to have them back.
great to have the band back in the states. killer set, killer show....going again tomorrow night & then again in new york.....walk on was amazing!!!!
20 September, 2009
An Unbelievable Concert!
Just got home from the U2 concert at Gillette. It was so unbelievable! The "spaceship" stage is awesome. Snow Patrol was very good. I did not know they were from Ireland, so now I like them even more!! There was a bit of excitement before U2 came out because Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were there. They played quite a few songs from the new album which I love. A great night and a great concert. I wish I had tickets for tomorrow night's show!
18 September, 2009
40 Please Please
I've been lucky enough to see your great performances several times over the last 20 plus years. Even saw you in TO on Wednesday. Could you please do 40 in your encore much like you used to?
13 September, 2009
I'll be @ this show, have been waiting really long time. I know everyone has their own faves, but could you squeeze in MYSTERIOUS WAYS? That's the song that caught me, and hasn't let me go. I'm sure I'll still love the show either way, but thanks for considering. Love Ya
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