U2360° TOUR

Atlanta, GA, US / Georgia Dome
with Muse 69
Were you at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta tonight? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below. Here's what they played.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender
Georgia Encounters


07 October, 2009
This Show Beat Every Expectation I Had
I've been waiting to see U2 for 12 years and expectations were ridiculously high... Inner circle, Stage Right, Bono standing right over us on the bridge and singing/pointing to us - C'mon!! They blew me and my expecations away!!!! What a great show! The stage, set list and energy are unmatched. Thanks U2 for making it a night to remember!
07 October, 2009
Fantastic First Show in the ATL
Likewise this was my first U2 concert but I have been a massive, massive fan since the Joshua Tree came out. I thought the concert was amazing and well worth the ticket price even though my wife thought they were a bit steep! Even though we were up in the 300s at the Dome we still had a really good view of the band and all they were doing on stage. The 360 video screen in the centre of "The Claw" was a really unique feature and the camera work was amazing. While I understand that U2 has a huge back catalogue to choose songs from I would have loved to hear Pride (In the Name of Love), I mean, it's Atlanta, Georgia - the home of Dr. Martin Luther King, jr - so it should have been on the set list. Also Do You Feel Loved from the Pop album would have slotted in really well into this set but overall I was happy to hear all my favourites played. Oh, and the only other minor complaint is the sheer lack of tour merchandise available at the show. My wife and I lined up for 30 minutes only to find the tiny vending kiosk on the upper deck had been picked over and that was well before Muse had even come on stage. Why wasn't there more merchandise available? It seemed like a good money making opportunity was lost there so I guess I'll have to order my t-shirts from the online store.
07 October, 2009
Atlanta, GA
Show rocked! Would've preferred a few more "upbeat" songs during the encores, but all in all a great show....
07 October, 2009
Great show!
This was my wife's (and mine) first U2 show, and it was great! We were in the first row! Of the third level..... But that didn't matter! They sounded great! I was surprised that they didn't perform "Pride," considering they were in MLK Jr.'s hometown!!
07 October, 2009
U2's Atlanta and Olympic Connections
Glad to experience U2 360 in the Georgia Dome. Looking forward to their future stop in Norman, Oklahoma, and wondering whether they will play "Boomer Sooner" (the University of Oklahoma theme song) while performing on campus. For information on U2's Olympic connections and/or upcoming tour dates at Olympic Stadiums in Europe, visit olympicringsandotherthings.blogspot.com, where I posted a review of the Georgia Dome U2 360 show.
07 October, 2009
Please bring back unknown caller
I went to the Chicago show (night 2). I had not heard the songs from the new album and ended up buying it afterwards. One of my favorite songs is unknown caller (was also one of my favorites from the show). I am sad that it had been let go for the later US shows and hope it comes back (would rather hear unkown caller than mysterious ways...though both are great). Please bring unkown caller back for Houston.
06 October, 2009
Another Great Show!
Well, this was my 3rd and last show of this tour (also saw Giants 2 and Raleigh). This was an awesome show and I think it was the best sounding of the 3 I'd been to. Probably something to do with being in a dome. The crowd was great and the boys worked them up into a frenzy! There were several technical glitches with Edges side of the stage though. At one point in the show Bono had to adlib about Edge's scientific prowlness while they fixed both his accoustic and his head mic. Then for some reaon the rest of the show he had to be wired so he didn't wander as much. Plus numerous times Dallas could be seen tuning his guitars on stage which I don't think I've seen before. Didn't seem to impact the performance though, as the show was great. I like coming to ATL to see these guys so I can stay in a hotel close by and drive home the next day. Oh yeah, Muse was awesome too. I missed them at the other 2 shows, so was glad to hear thier great set.
06 October, 2009
This is the first U2 show I have been able to attend, and I couldn't ask for a better experience!! LOVED the energy!!
06 October, 2009
I love U2 but...
I have loved U2's music for a long time, but this was the first U2 show I have ever gone to, so maybe my expectations were a little too high. First of all, I think the Georgia Dome did not have the best acoustics, which may affect my feelings about the show. I thought the songs that were performed were done well, but Bono's voice was a bit drowned out. I think the band's actual performance was great; their energy level was engaging. Other than the acoustics, my only other real complaint is song selection. I realize that a band like U2 has to give their audience what they want, but I would love to hear songs like Bad or In God's Country or So Cruel or Stay (Faraway, So Close). I was happy to hear the Unforgetable Fire and Tryin to Throw Your Arms Around the World. I did enjoy the show overall....I think maybe my expectations were too high.
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