U2360° TOUR

Las Vegas, NV, US / Sam Boyd Stadium
with Black Eyed Peas 76
How was it for you in Las Vegas tonight ? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below.

Here's what they played.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender
Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle

U2360° Tour


27 October, 2009
What a show, by far the best in Vegas th
WOW.... speechless... What a show! After having seen U2 in Arnhem, Amsterdam, Rome and Buenos Aires, it was time for Vegas! I was most excited to finally see the stage (after keeping myself from seeing images online and in magazines, yes it was torture), wow, what a construction!!! I always wished having seen Popmart, but this tops it all! Favorite songs were definitely Unforgettable Fire, Until The End Of The World and Ultraviolet, though Elevation really put some energy in the crowd. I loved Magnificent, No Line On The Horizon and Breathe the most from the new album. I'm getting Oakland tickets next! People, if you haven't been to this concert, even if you're not a fan, just go, this is something we won't see for a while... what a show, what a show... Thanks to U2 and everyone who made this show possible, as we say in Dutch - Te gek!!!
27 October, 2009
Just got home from going to Vegas to see the show. It was great and the band was true to Vegas style. Can't wait to see them again in the upcoming summer tour.
27 October, 2009
And Still Counting
U2 doesn't have a date for Winnipeg Canada so as a die hard who has seen them alot before this tour, I had to travel. I went to Toronto in September and to Tampa Bay and now Vegas. A great show the Peas were electric. I'm sitting waiting to book tickets for Edmonton now. 4 road trips this year, thanks u2 the memories are great and my gals BDay in Vegas for the concert was unforgetable. PS will not be buying the VIP passes again though doesn't really make you feel like a VIP.
27 October, 2009
Viva Las Vegas!!!
One of my favorite shows EVER!! Saw in Mass. the sound in NV was INCREDIBLE...Loved every single note...still singing!!!!
26 October, 2009
Thank You!
When so many of my friends ask me about my joy in all things U2, all I can respond is "U2 ~ it's not just a band, it's a way of life" This show was amazing, as they always have been. The music touches my soul and breathes life into the most mundane of tasks each and every day. I am thankful for the opportunity be a part of something so amazing.
26 October, 2009
Viva Las Vegas...and LA!!
Magnificent! Two different nights, two different perspectives! The energy of the crowd at the Rose Bowl was like a tidal wave racing forward, never stopping. Even in the quiet moments the night felt wild and unrestrained. Las Vegas was a wet kiss on parched lips... delicious! Thank you for two incredible nights! xoxo
26 October, 2009
Good Night but not great
I'm a die hard u2 fan but I would love to see them do what my other favorie band Pearl Jam does, change the set list from time to time. I understand they have alot of great singles but I'm the fan who wants to hear Seconds, Wire or Acrobat. Even Exit from the Joshua Tree. Dont get me wrong, it was an awesome show but I can see u2 playing their other songs and still be the greatest band on the planet. Come on guys, put the million dollar sets away and play your old school jams!!! Peace and Love!! G
26 October, 2009
Best yet!
3rd U2 show and this was the best. I was taken in at the first sound!
26 October, 2009
We were a group of 5 people from Costa Rica. It was an incredible night.
26 October, 2009
Not the first, and hopefully not the las
Not my first U2 experience, but definitely the best. Took my sister for her birthday, waited in the GA line for about 12 hrs. So worth it, to see Bono walk about 3 ft in front of me. It's been 2 days and I still can't get over it! The Ausies we hung out with were awesome too ;-)
26 October, 2009
Dream Indeed
I have loved U2 since 1990, but have never had the chance to see them live in concert. I was blown away by the set and the energy that came with the show. Hearing some of my favorite songs from the new album (Unknown Caller and No Line on the Horizon) as well as old favorites like Where the Streets Have No Name and Walk On was fantastic. Thank you for coming to Las Vegas!
25 October, 2009
My first BIG concert - thanks!
Hi Guys. THANK YOU for making my first big concert a night to remember. It was MAGNIFICENT! I've been a fan since the 80s, but for some reason was never able to get to a concert until last Friday in Las Vegas. The whole experience was unforgettable for me...I was like a kid! I love what you do and I love you all. Thanks again! With kind regards and much affection...I am Julee in Gilroy, CA.
25 October, 2009
OOOHHHH Magnificant
What an amazing night in Vegas!! Flew from WA to CA picked up some family drove to Vegas and witnessed yet again why U2 are the most amazing group of men! Its been over 20 years since I saw them on the Joshua Tree tour and they keep getting better with age!! It was sooo worth the 3.5 mile trek back to our hotel room over rocks in just socks (cab area was a night mare) but I would do it again...and now I see they are coming to Seattle next year cant wait!
25 October, 2009
25 October, 2009
Viva Las Vegas!!!
I'm a little late getting this in, but then, I'm still absorbing what I experienced. This was a spectacular show. The Black Eyed Peas revved up the joint and U2 sent it into orbit. There was a groovy energy to the music that was not there in the last tour. The new music fit wonderfully (thank you for Unknown Caller, a gem of a live song). and the classics were just that; I Still Haven't Found hasn't sounded this good in a while, and the Unforgettable Fire was a real treat. My highlights were: a)Ultraviolet...this was f'in briliant live, just how I hoped it would be b) I'll Go Crazy...what a groovy remix, This one stuck in my head c) Until the End of the World...I think this is my favorite live song and it was a killer again tonight. This was my 5th show,and somehow it may have been the best.
25 October, 2009
Amazing Show, U2
This was my first concert. And I absolutely loved it. You guys played every single one of my favorite songs. I sang to each song and I just had a great time. It was a wonderful experience and I will be attending every show you guys put on near me. Thanks again for such a great night and experience. You guys are my favorite band in the world. Thank you!
25 October, 2009
Can't Describe the Feeling...
Each tour gets progressively more incredible. Just when I think I have seen the best U2 concert in Vertigo, the 360 Tour hits me like a ton of bricks. I love Vegas and I love U2. I mixed them together for one epic night with my wife and we will remember this for many years to come. Indeed, the best band EVER!!!
25 October, 2009
A Good, Good, Night
The Peas had it right... they opened with a great set and at the end of it, I leaned over to my wife and said "and to think U2 is going to take this place to an entirely new level." Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry... all I can say is thank you!!! In what can be a very busy and stressful every day life, you always provide an uplifting, meaningful and simply unadulterated "joyful noise" and are able to take complete strangers and turn them into ONE big happy family. I can't wait to see and hear you guys again!
25 October, 2009
Just Me & the Boys @ U2 in Las Vegas 10.
A while back, a friend said that if I ever have the opportunity to catch U2 in concert, that I would be blown away. She was absolutely right. By "Beautiful Day", I had to send her a text message and thank her. This was the best concert I've ever attended. The crowd was excited and everyone was friendly. I took my 19 & 15 yr. old sons. It was a birthday gift for my younger son. Neither had ever been to an event of this magnitude. Nor had I. I joked with them about my setting the bar high, as a benchmark for them to compare future concerts. They were absolutely amazed. Score 1 for this single mom. Thanks U2!!! P.B. & J!!! (Peace, blessings & joy) Best wishes for your success on the remainder of your tour.
25 October, 2009
The greatest Band of all time
Just got back to San Jose from the Las Vegas show, It is one that I will never forget, I took my my wife and 14 yr son, it was my sons first time seeing U2 live and he was blown away with everything about seeing them for the first time, he cant wait until they come to the Bay Area so we can see them again. The sound was incredible and the visuals were great,U2 is by far the best Band in the World. Cant wait to see them again. Good job Boys Raider Randy
25 October, 2009
Still the Best!!!
Wow! Only U2 can make a stadium show feel like a religious/spiritual experience. I got goose bumps several times that evening...hanging out with the woman I love..listening to the music I love. It does not get better than that. I traveled from Los Angeles CA (missed the Rosebowl presale) to Vegas Friday...flew back Sat. at 730am...had to be at work at 9am..it was worth the hassle..God continue to bless these guys...cause they bless us with their talent!
25 October, 2009
Special, amazing , emotional
We flew from Illinois, camped out front from 5:30am, sat front row. It was worth every second. Almost broke down in tears three or four times throughout the show. Thank you Amnesty Interntional for a moving moment. My husband and I danced to In a Little While at our wedding and standing there front row holding each other and listening to it was magical. Set list was perfect. It was a life changing night. A special thanks to our fellow fans and new friends. The only way to describe this experience is soul shaking. We'll never be the same. Thanks U2 for doing it all and putting on a great show for. Amazing grace was perfection.
25 October, 2009
Get On Your Boots!
WOW what an amazing show from stage design to performance! I haven't seen U2 since 2001 when they played Thomas & Mack and what a treat this was! I've loved U2 since '86 and Bono and crew never fail to impress. They always deliver a topnotch show while delivering a message(s). Thank you for always keeping the world informed on whats happening! The set list was incredicle. 'The Unforgettable Fire' was one of my avorites and what a treat it was to hear at this show. I only wished that they would've played 'The Fly' but it was great to hear other songs from the acclaimed 'Achtung, Baby' as well everything else that was played. I loved when 'Stuck In a Moment' came on because it made me think of another great band that was my #1 band growing up and certainly no strangers to U2-INXS and renowned frontman Michael Hutchence. Hearing that song played live about a remarkable performer always puts a tear in my eye. Thank you for keeping his memory alive! The entire crowd was 100% into the show from beginning to end. The energy in that stadium could've powered the space station for a bit and the referance to The Killers sent a ping to my heart. I only wish that Brandon was there at this show. Hmmmmmmm. Anyway thank you U2 for an outstanding performance and we hope to see you the next round, til then light my way!
25 October, 2009
My 19th show in 24 years did not disappointed. It was special night in the desert in one of the smaller venues they are playing in the US. Off to the Rose Bowl tonight for the largest. Words do not do this show justice. More pictures here: http://bit.ly/U2_360_Vegas
25 October, 2009
Incredible show
This was an incredible show. We took our kids to their first concert experience and they got the thrill of a life time. Not only are they fans of U2 but they also love the Black Eyed Peas who opened and sarted off the event sounding perfect. We have seen U2 10 times now and they never let us down everytime they perform. Rob
25 October, 2009
Incredible show
This was an incredible show. We took our kids to their first concert experience and they got the thrill of a life time. Not only are they fans of U2 but they also love the Black Eyed Peas who opened and sarted off the event sounding perfect. We have seen U2 10 times now and they never let us down everytime they perform. Rob
25 October, 2009
Missed last 2 tours
I had missed U2's last two tours and couldn't get tickets for the Rose Bowl. When I was able to get tickets for the Vegas show I was ecstatic! I didn’t know my seats would have an obstruction (my only complaint), but it didn’t matter as I was able to hear the band loud and clear! I brought one of my friends who had never been to a concert and he was blown away as well. I thought the show was great, comparing it to some of the other U2 tours I have attended it was up there. I had chills all night and to say the least the show really boosted my spirits and made my day and year for that matter. Great show overall, I’m hoping to see them in Cali next year when they come to North America for the 2nd leg.
25 October, 2009
Vegas baby
Thank you U2 for a night to remember!! I wouldn't miss it for the world! There were so many special moments for me- the entrance , MLK, Unforgettable Fire, Bono & the Edge's performance of Viva Las Vegas, Sunday Bloody Sunday, I'll go crazy remix was incredible, Walk on gave me chills... I could go on and on.....:)))) Love you guys!!!!
lenore kerr
25 October, 2009
The Battle was Won
In the still of the desert night, thousands gathered from all across the country and beyond to connect with U2. We blasted off together into the timeless realm that only truth seekers and lovers inhabit. The battle over the atmosphere covering Las Vegas was won Friday night as the sounds of heaven from the music of U2 sent up a beautiful fragrance. Once again the excellence of U2 amazed and impressed me. The stage, sound quality and lighting, all completely stunning! I'm so thankful to the boys for still wanting to go thru so much effort, sacrafice and care to treat us fans to a few short hours of bliss to take us to a place where the streets have no name.
lenore kerr
25 October, 2009
Amazing Grace under the desert sky
Thank you U2 for taking my breath away again. I may be only one person in a sea of thousands but you made me feel as if you were playing only for me. I loved everything off your new album and Unforgettable Fire was special to rediscover. You are the greatest band in the world because you know your Levitical calling, you are generous with your giftings and of your integrity, transparancy and humility. May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you. XOXO
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