U2360° TOUR

Las Vegas, NV, US / Sam Boyd Stadium
with Black Eyed Peas 76
How was it for you in Las Vegas tonight ? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below.

Here's what they played.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender
Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle

U2360° Tour


25 October, 2009
I saw the Vegas show the other night and I must say it was a GREAT and AMAZING show. the band was Great and the stage was AMAZING. It was the first time seeing them but i will difinitly see them again. thanks for the great time and the great High. Lou B
24 October, 2009
awesome EPIC night!
Drove 500 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah with hubby and our 4 kids to see this show. It was amazing! The best part for me was seeing my kids rocking out to the band I have loved for 25 years. My 16 year old said what he loves about U2 is the music and the message. He was in tears during Sunday,Bloody Sunday, what with the new islamic/middle eastern images on the screen. That song is still so relevant today, in so many ways. The set is an incredible engineering and visual treat, and the band is the GREATEST BAND IN THE WORLD! Thank you U2!
Eduardo Kostetzer
24 October, 2009
Perfect Night in the desert
After 5 years waiting, I travelled from San Diego to Vegas just to see U2. It was perfect. AWSOME concert. U2 gets better each year, each tour, each concert. Hard to say when they will reach their best. One is always better than the other concert/tour. The stage is a "celebrity" by itself. I was amazed on the amount of work, design, engineering on such a "spaceship". Congrats...
24 October, 2009
Vegas Spectacular
OMG!!! My first U2 event. Very impressive. Seen many concert in my life time. Will remeber this special night for the rest of my life. Wanted it to last forever, it was a dream come true. Danced and sang through the entire show. Flew in from Northern California and would do it again. Can't wait for the next show. Thank you Adam,Bono,Edge,and Larry.
24 October, 2009
Traveled from NY
Had seen both giant stadium shows in NY in Sept so I was happy to hear in a little while which I didn't hear then. Was a great show!! Stuck in a moment really stood out to me, Was dissappointed though, since one of the arms of the set was in my direct view and could not see Larry the entire show other than when he walked around in the Go Crazy song. It was really great to see the show in such a smaller stadium though! Loved the tweaks in the set from the ny shows, My husband and I gave these tickets to each other for our 20th wedding anniverary and I'm so glad we did!
24 October, 2009
"Walk On"
One of the most moving moments of the night was when all of these people walked out on stage during "Walk On"--wearing/holding Aung San Suu Kyi masks. U2 never fails to inform.
24 October, 2009
Let's Dance
Did anyone else get a photo of this poster? It said "Let's Dance" on one side and "Sing this with me...40" on the other. If you did, I'd like to see them. Bono didn't dance with a girl-but he run with a boy. My sister made the sign-but a few other people ended up with it...spreading the love--spreading the love. Very cool!
24 October, 2009
desert+1 Day
I've thought about it. BEST U2 show I've seen. The way they have brought the crowd into the room,is anything but BLUE!So I've been told, a big legged woman ain't got no soul. WELL.... SOUL is important to these skinny legged men. Soul of of the music, Soul of the band,Soul of the people, Soul of the moment!! Thank you to U2 for taking care of all of these things. 'Stuck in a Moment' How can you get around the feeling that you are wathing this event with the likes of, X-prez, Movie stars, Rock stars, even ultra rich gamblers, AND NOT FEEL PART OF THE BIG PICTURE!!!! Jeez. 'Walk On' INCREDIBLE Stage,Lights,Songs,EMOTION! A night to remember! I was with my family.... wife,kids,and Thank God I took my Grandchildren... We were closer to being 'ONE'
24 October, 2009
It was the best concert ever!! Was in GA and felt like Bono sang to us in the inner circle. I'm still excited and my voice is still recovering. Best way to describe the concert.........one of the best days of my life!!!! I came out of that concert with new friends. Thanks U2 for playing a little Coldplay and Killers. AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!!! AWESOME!!! Really loved BEP performance. Still shocked that they took my flag of the Philippines!!!
24 October, 2009
Last minute chance
What an amazing show! I'm glad I went even at the very last minute. If you can go to the concert, do it. You won't regret it.
24 October, 2009
Thank you sooo much for bringing back Unknown Caller. This is the gazillionth time I've seen you guys and I'm always smiling when I leave. Great sound, great show. My first show was Unforgettable Fire Tour back in the day and when you guys played Unforgettable Fire, it was truly awesome. We were surrounded by U2 nuts which made the experience even better.
24 October, 2009
Unforgettable under a desert sky
I am still shaking. Unbelievable night. We had GA tix and were right at the front. It's the closest I have ever been and by far the BEST SHOW I have ever seen out of about 20 U2 concerts I have been to in the last 25 years. In Gods country is one of my faves and just to hear a line or two of it was unforgettable. The buzz was surreal, my fellow fans were amazing and it was like we were all one family singing all the words that we know and love so well . Playing the Unforgettable Fire made my night and Bono was Unforgettable. They get better with age. Worth every dollar and I will go to see them again and again. An unforgettable, magnificent night I will treasure forever.
24 October, 2009
las vegas 23rd
wow! I don't think I can put this into words. But I will try. out of the 20 or more u2 concerts, excuse me, events I have seen, this was by far, and I'm saying this with just a few hours to think. THE most exciting show I have EVER seen!!!! I am a jaded freak and I think I have seen it all, BUT WOWWWWW! This night will be one to remember. The whole vibe was electric. It was my grand daughter's 3RD, I repeat,THIRD birthday, WELL, she got to see U2 on her big day!! Let's get to the show. Set list, I'm still shaking. The sights and songs they gave to me and my family, including my other grandkids, and OH, the other 40,000 plus, LUCKY,no,HAPPY people that witnessed this show, WILL be one of my greatest memories for LIVE MUSIC, including,HENDRIX,ZEPPELIN,QUEEN,FLOYD.. The CLUB is pretty small,BUT U2 IS the ONLY one that fits the shoes,er BOOTS!!! THANKS
24 October, 2009
This is my first U2 concert and it was awesome. Great accoustics, sound, stunning visuals! BONO was at the top of his game. President Bill Clinton was there, who I've met twice. It was emotional for me in many ways. Personally when BONO sang Amazing Grace, it brought tears of emotion to my eyes, because that was one of the songs sang at my mom's service after she passed. Also, the weird thing to add is BONO pulled out a Las Vegas snow globe out from his jacket after one of the songs. I had purchased the exact same snow globe for my mom five days before she passed. I had come to Vegas the week before on vacation. Now I reside here in Vegas. Thanks U2 for providing an uplifting, emotion, kick-ass concert!!!!
24 October, 2009
Best Birthday
Just got in to the hotel and my Feet are dead !!! Took my 6 Yr old to the Show what a tooper. It was my Birthday and first show as well. Met some new friends. The show could not have gotten any better. Made it into the elips front and center what an experience!!!! The only thing I would have added was "Bad" to the line up. Having to wait 10 years to finally see them it was worth every moment. And yes my son made it through the whole show, I was worried would not make it. I don't know how U2 Could top this tour I guess we stay tuned. Larry, Adam, Edge & Bono Thank you for the theme songs to my life and a Birthday that could not have gotten much better.
24 October, 2009
Special Night in the Desert
My husband, 2 year-old, newborn, and I just got home from the show - we had the best seats in the house (literally in the desert outside Sam Boyd stadium). We live right by, and while we couldn't afford actual tickets, we loved the performance. Thank heavens for behemoth stages! Emmy, our 2 year-old sang along with every song. What a night for her to remember. Bono had it right when he said "a special night in the desert"! :)
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