U2360° TOUR

Helsinki, FI / Olympic Stadium
with Razorlight 55

A world in white created by the Finnish audience tonight and a thumbs up from Bono 'for the people with the white' at the beginning of New Year's Day.

From the intro music of Space Oddity to the closing bars of Rocket Man, once the band had left the stage, the audience in Helsinki created an almighty crescendo tonight.

Great to see North Star back in the set list for the first time since the opening night, the perfect moment to catch breath between 'Still Haven't Found' and 'Glastonbury'.

Some technical hitches with the super-screen at the Olympic Stadium delayed the band's arrival onstage and affected the visuals for some of the songs but nothing could douse the passion of another full house.

'There's so much for the world to learn from you, the way you treat yourselves and the way you treat others in far away places,' Bono reflected. 'You are amongst the most generous people in the world and it's when times are tough you really find out who you are... so allow us to kiss your arse.'

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If you weren't there tonight, check out the full set-list and see what the Finns are saying about U2360° in Helsinki - night one.


21 August, 2010
Get On Your Boots
Thank u U2. Hope to see u soon. It was beautiful show.
21 August, 2010
Helsinki-night one
Loved every minute of the show! Best moment of the night for me was when Larry walked around the stage during I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight. You guys rock!
21 August, 2010
U2360 Frankfurt - Bono
Great show from within the redzone in Frankfurt 10-08-2010. My wife took a very special,beautiful picture from Bono on the stagewalk,in the spotlights with a u2 ball! Ron and Marian. The Netherlands.
21 August, 2010
great show
Thank you guys for being here!Start of the show was really emotional,maybe cause u2 hasnt been here for so long time. Dont know about best song,all were good.Seemed like guys had really fun on the stage..
21 August, 2010
so disappointed..............
don't be as stupid as I was... bought 2 tickets this morning online and paid 150 eur to this guy i was supposed to meet at Helsinki bus station at 1pm ..travelled to Helsinki this morning, got no tickets, no one there... :(
21 August, 2010
Thanks a lot for the band! I have been a big fan for 20 years now, but this was the first U2 live show I have ever seen. And was it any good? No. It was supergreat!!! Naturally there were some of my favourite songs missing, but you cant have it all! Anyway, now I have seen and heard Edge playing The Streets live and Bono still singing and rocking quite nicely. That I have been waiting for a very long time. Hopefully I get a chance to see them again some Beautiful Day in some City Of Blinding Lights!!!
21 August, 2010
Tower of power
Tower of power on the right, on the left the tower of the Helsinki olympic stadion.
21 August, 2010
Unforgettable night in Helsinki
The band was at their best and North Star is an amazing song! Red Zone never disappoints!
Jussi Kamunen
21 August, 2010
Thanks for great show! I would have liked to see the screen working and unforgetable fire, lucky I saw Berlin show last summer. But still, as allways, BRILLIANT SHOW!!!!! Hope tonight everything works fine and welcome back soon!
21 August, 2010
Helsinki Fri 20 8 2010
It might get loud…and it did, nice! One could not only hear but also really feel the music… rock n roll! The guys seemed to be in a good mood, having fun on stage; it made the concert atmosphere very relaxed. The set list was ok, some classics that would have been nice to hear was missing. Thanks for the gig, enjoyed it. And have a good one tonight. Welcome back, sooner than later I hope!
21 August, 2010
Grouds are packing
Sun set over Helsinki and grouds are paking for show
21 August, 2010
North Star
Some technical problems , but show was fantastic.
21 August, 2010
thx u2
thank u 2 to coming finland after 13 years. it was beautiful night.
21 August, 2010
I think it was better than Göteborg1 last summer:)New year´s day,Miss Sarajevo,Glastonbury,Ultraviolet was higlights for me.....hoping for lot of changes of tonights set....Unforgettable Fire back and Bad.
21 August, 2010
VOW! Despite the technical issues and the delay, the band and the 54000 crowd was at full speed from the beginning! Great to see&feel the band having fun together with the fans. A Big hand to You for getting close to the audience. The more You give, the more you get. It's been 13 LONG (not 12 as Bono said) years since U2 was in Finland and you could sense that before the concert. Absolutely no complains about the setlist. We would always listen to U2 for several hours more, but this was Magnificent! Thanks also for keeping up the flame for the one's that are not so privileged as we are! Please come back SOON !
21 August, 2010
The show was just... AWESOME! I haven't ever enjoyed any concert that much that i did yesterday! Everything was so perfect, Atmosphere, crowd, the BAND, weather (moon over the stadium)... PERFECT!
21 August, 2010
The first show in Helsinki was MAGNIFICENT! The atmosphere was great - especially right next to the stage! Thank you and see you tonight again!
21 August, 2010
Chicago u know your name
I am so happy to see Ultraviolet back to back......please keep it in the setlist for the entire US tour. Im missing unknown caller and no line on the horizon.......good tunes.
21 August, 2010
U2 in Helsinki - Moment of Surrender
Last night was a milky way.
21 August, 2010
Thank you so much, it was the perfect night in Helsinki yesterday. To my own surprise I liked the new songs even more than old classics. The milkyway was beautiful and the atmosphere great. Hope to see you again, soon!
21 August, 2010
Excellent show! It was great to see how the band members had fun on the stage.And audience was with the flow all the way.And has to mention that Bono has such charisma!(too bad we weren't so good singers,maybe next time better..)Hope to see you soon again!
20 August, 2010
Unforgetable fire..?
Some problem with videoscreen, maybe thats why unforgetable was dropped? Not so great setlist than last summer tour! No no no line, no unknow... no unforgetable, no bad... DAMN!
20 August, 2010
North Star is Back !
in Helsinki the North Star is Back! No Unknown Caller or No Line on the Horizon ;( But in Helsinki II ?
20 August, 2010
Something New? Great Setlist, but could
This setlist is awsome, but I think that when I say it's gotten a little old there are people who would agree with me. You could drop songs like One, In A Little While, or even With Or Without You and add brand new songs to the setlist like Mofo, Zooropa, Discotheque . . . . basically some songs off of the 90's albums. Also, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me is a great song! Don't replace it with Ultra Violet! Instead keep both songs and take out a song like One or With Or Without You. Just please really reshuffle the setlist for the 2011 tour! God bless the band and the tour. (Loved hearing Bad in Chicago 1.)
20 August, 2010
unknown caller
I wasn't at the show and I wish I was. However, standouts for me from Chicago 1 included unforgettable fire and unknown caller; both which weren't played tonight. I don't think unknown caller has been played on the European Leg. Please u2, add unknown caller and drop a greatest hit.
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