U2360° TOUR

Istanbul, TR / Ataturk Olympic Stadium
with Snow Patrol 132

There were 50,000 through the doors of the Ataturk Olympic Stadium tonight to mark the band's first ever appearance in Turkey and if the anticipation was high, no-one was let down. The Return of the Stingray Guitar set the scene and by the time Beautiful Day led into New Year's Day Istanbul was jumping.

'Great to see ya...' said Bono, taking a breath. 'Have we the spirit to rock this Olympic Stadium? Where are we going? Ankara... Izmira... Antalya... Istanbul?'

Lots of special touches tonight, all the way through the set, from My Sweet Lord in 'Beautiful Day' to John I'm Only Dancing in 'Crazy' and the girl invited onstage for a dance during In A Little While.

'It took us a while to come to your magical city of Istanbul,' explained Bono. 'What is going on in this country is good for the whole world...
'Its a beautiful bridge...
'From the past into the future...
'From where Europe has been to where Europe needs to go... a bridge of understanding...'

The emotion of the night was never more evident than with the first live performance since Chile in 2006 of Mothers of the Disappeared. It was dedicated 'to the memory of Fehmi Tosun - whose family are with us tonight.' Fehmi disappeared in Turkey in 1995, as the band highlighted on the sleeve of 1997's Pop album.

Extraordinarily poignant to hear this song back in the set - 'We hear their heartbeat...' - and at the end Bono asked everyone, 'Would you please welcome Zulfu Livaneli?'

The famous Turkish artist and political activist received a huge reception telling everyone:
'We are the music makers,
We are the dreamers,
Welome Bono,
Welcome friends to Turkey...' For a moment Zulfu took over the vocals, his guitarist playing Edge's guitar, Bono watching, hand on chest - the whole audience joining in with this remarkable performer.

At the close of With or Without You, Bono thanked the audience for their patience. 'Let's not make it so long before we come back... alright this is moment of surrender.'

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08 September, 2010
thank you guys for a great performance! Your Turkish fans waited for you for years and it was worth it!! you rocked the entire stadium!! The best moment was Bono's singing Pavarotti's part in "Miss Sarajevo".. Woooww..
08 September, 2010
best concert of my life so far
it was the best concert I have ever seen in my life. sound system, giant spaceshippy stage!, u2 performance, your setlist all were extremely great.. location of the concert was a bad choice as istanbul olympic stadium is well-known about its very bad location & transportation problems. It has a very bad fame here among local people. Many people especially living in Asia side of Istanbul just missed the concert because of this. Some people came back to their home around 3-4 am and they had to go work in the morning. ( it was worth for U2 and for this performance as this was your first time here in Turkey) I do 100% support your fight for human rights, world peace & health however please try not to get involved TOO MUCH in Political issues (especially in your concerts) as these may be too sophisticated issues in our geography. Many people CAN be misleading. I love your music, I grew up with your albums in 80s-90s and you can be sure that your next concert will be a legendary one here in istanbul...
07 September, 2010
ultraviolet istanbul
thank you for coming.it was beautiful day one of the best.you are one..thank you we love U2
07 September, 2010
Beautiful Day!
First of all I never thought that you will come to Turkey so I was thinking to come to your concerts in other countries. But everything changed you came and I waited for this concert almost 1 year and the concert was magnificent!!! It was the best live concert in Turkey ever! I still can't believe this you were amazing!!! U2 is different than all other groups i think and i am right. My favorite song of U2 is with or without you. I didn't want to die before listen live that song and i did! That was one of the most important moment of my life! Of course "one" "city of blinding lights" beautiful day"... All of the tracks were great! It is too hard to choose the most memorable moment in the concert because the whole show was the most memorable moment of my life! But some of them were (after with or without you) Bono's shout "Haydi Haydi Istanbul!!!" and the video before "One" . When Bono talked about the Bridge, those words meant to me so many things, Thank you! And this is obvious Istanbul loves U2 so and now U2 loves, Istanbul... Not make it so long as you said We're waiting for you ın the next tour...
07 September, 2010
the best of all in Turkey, thanks for being here and unforgettable night,
07 September, 2010
Big Luciano
Great to see that big Luciano has taught something even to great singer like you, Bono....thank you for the vibrant execution!!!!
07 September, 2010
We were in the stadium on behalf of Kusa
Dear Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam; Maybe you do not know that but more than 5.000 Irish people lives permanently in Kusadasi with their Turkish neighbours in peace (It is a holiday destination on the Aegean coast of Turkey/More than 10.000 Irish and British owned a house as well). We closely acquainted with each other's culture as both nations. Most of us eating, drinking or singing together and touching eachother's culture. We know Irish people as honest, freindly and kind. We were in the stadium last night and I felt the same emotion at your moves beyond the show. You were so honest, freindly and kind. You were so IRISH as distinct from the other usual "stars". We captured a moment in time and we will never relaese it. It is the peace of nations we called. Kindest Regards, Mark Darcy
07 September, 2010
Thank you, U2!
I and another 20 000 Bulgarians were at Olympic Stadium last night in Istanbul! It was a dream come true for me! I have no words to describe the feeling, it was amazing, beautuful, thrilling.....it was just U2!!! We wait for you in Bulgaria!!!
07 September, 2010
No more Bloody Sundays
First time I watch U2 in 1996 in Capetown, this was my second U2 concert and it was in my hometown, Istanbul. It was absolutely fantastic, much much over my expectations. I watch the concert at the very first row I closely saw the tremendous performance of the band. The most exiting moment for me to see Bono walking right above us. I also would like to thank and salute all crew members, the hidden heros of this wonderful evening. I witnessed their extra ordinary efforts to ensure a memorable evening for the thousands. Teşekkürler Bono, for your wonderful songs, for your beautiful mind and efforts to wake people up to do something for those need help, to stand for their rights and to prevent any other Bloody Sundays...
07 September, 2010
Unforgattable night in istanbul
Miracle could happen! The U2 360 İstanbul concert was seen through the return of stingray guitar, in a beautiful day with my sweet lord, just like a new year's day. I got on my boots which was magnificent in mys...terious ways and I was at higher elevation. I could wait until the end of the world but I still haven't found what I'm looking for. I took my pride in the name of love in a litle while and miss Sarajevo looked so beautiful in the city of blinding lights. Then, I went a place called vertigo and I would go crazy if I didn't go crazy that night in the discoteque. I said "John, I'm only dancing", John said "sunday blody sunday" and we got up and stood up. So, my soul became aching while mothers of the disappeared sang "yiğidim aslanım burada burda yatıyor" and walked on hearing the voice of you'll never walk alone in my mind. I thought we all are one having different religions sjust like a hymn called amazing grace while I was walking where the streets have no name. I saw ultraviolet lights lighted my way and seeing that with or without you, I feel the moment of surrender. Yesterday was the most unfogettable day I've experienced. Thank you for all the people whom I shared those four-day dream with in İstanbul and the people who realized one of my dreams.See More
07 September, 2010
Istanbul Concert
Even if you had a small stage, with couple of songs, saying couple of Turkish words we would still say it was a great concert. But you gave us the best performance this city has ever seen. Your music is being played in this country for many years and you came on a time that we gave up waiting for you. Thank you for not giving up on us! the concert we shared will be a great story to tell my kids in the future and I will be proud to tell them that I was a small part of that great show! About Zulfu Livaneli, I don't know whose idea it was but it was a great idea. Thanks to your great crew, thanks to snow patrol, I hope they can come for their own concert also, thank you all!
07 September, 2010
great show, horrible organization
as usual, the great show by u2 & snow patrol.. and unfortunately the worst organization ever... some kind of nightmare - next turkey concert within 20 years :) maybe.... lack of transport to and from the event, lack of information and gaps in english language knowledge of turkish organizers... u2 - one of best performance in my opinion, in my experience after last year in poland.. waiting for u2 in paris... best, krystian
07 September, 2010
I was in the show in Barcelona last year and I must say I liked Istanbul´s show much better. Last night´s choice of songs was more coherent and powerful, I guess they didn´t play much Horizon, that´s why... Although I´m not Turkish, I think the best moment of the concert was when Turkish protest singer and columnist Zülfü Livaneli came out on stage to sing with Bono, then he sang some revolutionary Turkish song along with the audience. I didn´t know the words but I definitely felt the spirit. One last thing, the (Turkish) organization was TERRIBLE. Buying the tickets was a nightmare, and getting to the stadium (25 km) took me 3 HOURS, and another 3 to come back. I bet thousands of people could not get there. The chaos was unbelievable. Honestly, this situations should be considered for future events. I think many people will NOT want to repeat such experience. Amen.
07 September, 2010
Turkey loves youuuuu 2
first of all thanks for amazing show thats my second gig but that was special for me because of in my hometown....turkish fans love you...and you gotta new fan also;my wife:))
07 September, 2010
Great audience 2
great show great audience!!!! our shirts are 360 degree :)
07 September, 2010
Great audience!!!
Great show, great audience such as us!!!
07 September, 2010
Great show ... bad venue
Amazing show!!! U2 was incredible as always! Great debut in Turkey! Just wish it was a better venue. Walked five miles to find a taxi afterwards. And no official merchandise stores outside the floor area. What was that all about? Poorly organized ...
07 September, 2010
something more special
Hello... Hello... Hola! My 1st concert was Vertigo at San Jose, SF & 2nd concert was at Oakland, SF both in 2005. 360 Degree was my 3rd concert and this concert was in my beautiful country Turkey. It was magical to see you guys in Istanbul. But, something more special happened when you, Bono, invited Zulfu Livaneli on the stage. ''Zulfu is the correct person that you ought to hang around with during your stay in Istanbul.'' I thought to myself. :) It took too long for U2 to be here and just like you said Bono, you came. At last! Thank you. I am gald that you saw and met your Turkish audience. It will be great to have you here. So please come again. Thank you. Sincerely, Melda from Izmir
07 September, 2010
Greatest live concert all time in Turkey
I've been to lots of concerts in Turkey,but i can easely say that U2 concert was the greatest. I was in inner circle and it was great,but my ears are still hurting. Thank you U2 for a wonderful night...
07 September, 2010
Secil:What a great show!
It was a wonderful night. I went to the stadium at 14:00 pm, and I was 641st people. So that I got into innercircle. Bono, Adam, Edge and Larry. They were amazing, especially Adam with his shinny tshirt and guitars. Larry was so handsome and inaccessible. Bono's voice was great after all those concerts. But have an advice for Bono: not to speak about politicians who wasn't loved. From 10:00 pm to 12:30 am, they were on stage and they were great. I was jealius with the girl who had a dance with Bono. Next time I hope I will be the one with Adam. Thanks guys! It was an amazing nigth for me. It was the day of my life. Thanks again.
07 September, 2010
Amazing night with U2
It was such a perfect night with U2. I was there with my husband and it was our best show ever. I have been waiting for them so long and I hope they come back soon.
07 September, 2010
The amazing concert almost made up for the nightmare three hour coach ride from Taksim Square, and the lack of organized transportation after the concert. Please come back to Istanbul again, but not till the Metro is extended all the way to the Olympic stadium!!
07 September, 2010
What a night...
Amazing, amazing night!!! No words to describe the emotion...It was a magnificent moment of surrender! Thank you guys and see you soon!!
07 September, 2010
Best time of my life so far
I cannot tell you how much i have tought about the idea of U2 in Istanbul and how magical it would be.From the first possibility of the show , i have waited with patience for them to come to our city of blinding lights ;) The show has satisfied my every expectation and more ! Everything had come and passed like a fairy tail , i wished never to leave just stay and stare at the magical atmosphere till dawn comes and joins me. I'm still suffering the side-effects of all that jumping , singing and the exhilaration. That few hours were enough to refresh my mind , my body and my soul , regenerating my wounds that i inflicted to me at the monoton life. For that i'd like to thank U2 for being there for us , for being both godlike and modest on the stage , here at the bridge where cultures meet together we'd like to wellcome you every year ! (or every day works for me =) )
07 September, 2010
far away so close
A “magnificent” show... A dream came finally true in Istanbul... Turkish audience’s first (my second) date with U2 was a fantastic event. I was in the inner circle just next to the lucky girl Bono invited to the stage... Thanks to my flip cam, i recorded all the memorable moments of the concert... it rained before the concert but nobody cared... it was great to hear Bono singing Mothers Of The Disappeared with Zulfu Livaneli. Setlist satisfied the audience but i’d really really want to listen “Stay” live (in fact i wish to be on stage with bono singing “you say when he hits you, you don’t mind... Because when he hurts you, you feel alive! ) and finally i’d like to thank Bono giving a victory sign at the airport when they arrived! I hope they visit Istanbul soon, not just for the concert but to enjoy the city!
07 September, 2010
Teşekkürler !
I'm still at very high ! I left home at 16:00 to be at the Stadium early and I was back home at 03:00 the next day. But how long is 11 hrs when you have dreamed of singing "In the Name of Love" with U2 on stage for 18 years? I was in tears while dancing and shouting the song out ... Fantastic show, great music ! I don't care what people mumble against Bono,and perhaps we should also ask some AIDS survivors' opinions thanks to RED. I am even happier if my ticket made Bono richer. U2 could also hear Fehmi Tosun's family when Turkey was completely deaf. Thank you guys for being in Istanbul and giving me an unforgettable night.
07 September, 2010
Probably my best ever U2 concert!!!
The show was increadible, thank you very much guys!!!!! The 360 Tour is amaizing... I feel like this is the most extraordinary show on earth so far:))) I was missing the lemon for PopMart but now I have found my space ship. Beam me up scotty :)
07 September, 2010
I am a citizen of U2 World
wants to get on that rocket again- take off & live in the world of U2 where there is serenity .....just pure innocence...nothing more...
07 September, 2010
What a night
I have no idea what my phone bill will be this month.. I had to call my cousin and let him listen to every single song. But it was definitely worth every single penny, or shall i say KURUS. Come again guys... and dont make us wait this long again... Turkey loves you...
07 September, 2010
İncredible show in Turkey
What a priviledge for me and my Turkish husband to be in attendance from Washington DC last night! Incredible show with lots of emotion and great energy. As always the band played their heart out! Bono looked fantastic and İ was so happy to see the speedy recovery. Merhaba and thanks for a great Moment of Surrender.. We will never forget the experience..! Linda from DC
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