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Oakland, CA, US / overstock.com Coliseum
with Lenny Kravitz 88

'We love it here, Oakland, San Francisco, you've got a lot of everything. You guys invented the C21st, didn't you?'

A beautiful night, tailgating parties in the parking lot, fine warm-up with Lenny Kravitz and the usual storming opening to the show with Real Thing, I Will Follow, 'Boots', Magnificent, Mysterious Ways.... before Bono takes time out to reflect a little on the unique local vibes.

'I think I understand why you think, and why you act differently,' he says. 'Its music: music shaped the Bay Area and the Bay Area shaped the world.'

An already top-of-the-range decibel reading now goes completely off the scale. 'And the music is still potent,' he continues. 'The ideas are still coming. Don't know if you noticed, but there was a major summit over the Bridge last night, they're calling it the G3 Summit - U2, Greenday and Metallica. In bars.'

Adam and Bono, he reports, were not among the high-ranking delegates at the Summit but Edge is able to report back on the salient agenda items: 'We dealt with the important issues of the day, new touring concepts, we discussed the possibility of the three bands creating their own festival and touring... some great ideas discussed.'
But after the first hour, he concedes, his memory 'gets fuzzy'. Eager for more information, Bono turns to Larry - whose response is characteristically robust.
'What went on at that summit... stays at that summit.'
This response is universally acclaimed and Bono turns to the subject of Lou Reed, who is in the house tonight, at which point Larry breaks into a chorus of 'Perfect Day'... and Oakland goes ballistic.
'Lou, we love you man!' says Larry at the end of his moment on lead vocals, a moment no-one is going to forget.

Bono confirms that tonight 'the great man is walking amongst us' and soon we're into All I Want Is You. Later, during Vertigo, Lou is back in the set when Bono sings a snatch of 'Dirty Boulevard'. And, as in Seattle the other night, Bono also drops into David Bowie's Space Oddity in the outro to Beautiful Day - Commander Kelly brings greetings from space again.

'Imagine a man looking down on us from 200 miles up. Looking down at our beautiful crowded planet. What would he say to us? Commander Kelly?'

As Miss Sarajevo arrives, Bono adds, 'America, you don't have to put another man on the moon... Just bring us back to earth...'

We can't close without mention of Voicheck, who'd travelled almost as far as Commander Kelly to be with us tonight. He's flown from Poland, for 20 hours, and he comes onto the stage to receive the plaudits and be introduced to the band. He is a symbol of everyone.

'Thank you,' says Bono. 'For your love, your support...thank you for giving us a great life...'

Were you at the show tonight ? What was it like when Larry took on the vocals ? When did you realise you were lost in space ? Add your own review and post your photos below.


07 June, 2011
Countdown Major Tom
Listening to the boys play rock n roll while at work and so ready to be with the U2 tribe tonight. U2 is HERE.
07 June, 2011
Start times?
Anyone know the times when the bands actually start playing?
06 June, 2011
In agreement
Bad or One Tree Hill would be greatly appreciated by all!!!
06 June, 2011
1 more sleep!
06 June, 2011
California sunshine just in time
Cant wait for the best concert in history. Been following the greatest rock band since the 80’s. Love how U2 push the limits of creativity. Love reading your story, U2 by U2. A big welcome to Larry, Adam, Bono & Edge
05 June, 2011
We Are Next
Almost time for lift off!!! Praying the boys play"40" but either way it will be a memorable night. Everyone enjoy the show, be safe, and feel the Love
05 June, 2011
Best show ever for me! I REJOICED that they played "Scarlett."
04 June, 2011
U2 - June 7 - Give the 2500 Aids/LifeCyc
U2 - On June 7, please give a shout out to the 2500 cyclists riding from SF to LA, 545 miles, for AIDS/LifeCycle in support of the fight against AIDS. Many of us had tickets to the original show date and gave up our tickets as we will be on this amazing Ride. We know the 360 show will rock, and so will we! Diana Gaffney Participant #6057
01 June, 2011
No sign of BAD on any previous set list. Play the best song ever in Oakland!
31 May, 2011
29 May, 2011
Waiting for this show since a very very
Please Please Please, add Bad and One Tree Hill.... We need to have Bad! Thanks!
28 May, 2011
Cannot Wait
Saw U2 back in October 2009 here in Vegas on the 360 Tour and what a Heck of A Show.. Cannot wait to see them over here in California as this will be my 4th time seeing them in 8 yrs...
26 May, 2011
We have three GA tix for Oakland, but would prefer seats. Is there anyone out there with three GOOD seats who would prefer GA and is interested in a possible swap at the venue?
26 May, 2011
Please put BAD on the horizon of June 7th guys
24 May, 2011
OMG OMG OMG!! 13 days and counting. Yes please play 40. Oh yea and when is everyone lining up for Ga? We live in Sacramento and not sure if we should leave sunday or monday?
23 May, 2011
14 Days to go!!!!
Trying to contain myself, please play 40 and my life will be complete!!!!!!
23 May, 2011
Please Please
Please play "All I Want is You".
07 May, 2011
Hotel Vertigo
Any other out-of-towners staying across the bay at Hotel Vertigo?
27 April, 2011
Up Close
I am going to see U2 in Denver for the first time since Achtung!!! I have GA tix. Does anyone have tips for getting up close to stage? Thanks a million!
26 April, 2011
Been Waiting a LOOOONG Time
Can't wait for the boys, please play 40 will have my beautiful wife and children there with me wouldn't let my 18yr old go to any other concert until he saw U2 as his first live concert. Told him once you see them you'll be ruined for any other band. God speed to Oakland!!!
23 April, 2011
I'm out of control!
"I can't wait any longer for it!!!!!!" After the concerts in São Paulo I'm even more excited to this concert! Hopefully they will surprise us as much as they did here!!
11 April, 2011
I really look forward to the GREAT buzz of a u2 show, it has been awhile.
18 March, 2011
Been waiting a long time for this concert. The concert won't be complete unless they play BAD.
18 March, 2011
Been waiting a long time for this concert. The concert won't be complete unless they play BAD.
15 March, 2011
Less the 3 months!
It's been a long time coming and having to wait an additional year has been painful. Here's a second request for 40!!!
11 February, 2011
U2 360º at last!!!
I'm looking forward U2's 360º show in Oakland. Last year my daugther, wife and I had tickets to attend the show in Philla. Unfortunatelly, Bono had his back's injury and shows were postponed. But this year, my wife and I will get the show, for sure. See you all in Oakland folks!!!!! Paul Henrique from Brazil
29 January, 2011
Oakland 2011
Ger from Limerick, Ireland here, I am going to see the show in Oakland as part of my honeymoon. I travelled to New York for the show last year but it was cancelled due to Bono's back. To say I was dissappointed was an understatement. Can't wait for the show this time round. Last one was Dublin 09
16 November, 2010
Cant wait
Oh yea!! cant wait to see the boys in oakland only this time I have floor tickets.YES!!!!!!!!! Please play 40.
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