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Miami, FL, US / Sun Life Stadium
with Florence and the Machine 107

Moviegoers watching 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon', which opens in cinemas this week, will hear a new song by U2 - North Star - but not before 75,000 fans at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami tonight.

The North American debut of the new track, ' a love song to the universe' as Bono called it, was one of the stand-out moments on a hot and sticky evening where the rain stayed away and the 360 space ship took off again.

'We love Miami,' explained Bono. 'That's well known. The balmy summer heat, the palm trees, the dolphins, the Marlins... by the way we love the Marlins.' (That went down well - the Marlins had to move several games from this, their home stadium, to accomodate the 360 show this week.)
'Miami is a sort of crossroads between South America and North America, the Caribbean and Ireland. Irish people are like Latin Americans... who don't know how to dance.'

An opening quartet of tracks from Achtung Baby set the scene tonight before we went back to 1979 ('I Will Follow') and forward to 2009 ('Boots') and when we arrived in the 1980's, 'Still Haven't Found' paid tribute to Clarence Clemons with a tip of the hat to Jungleland.

A shout- out to Lebron James - who is here and gets a mighty reception - and also to Carl Willner, the father of producer Hal, a longtime friend of the band. Carl has recently published a remarkable book, Carl's Story; The Persistence of Hope, a memoir of how as a teenager he survived the concentration camps of Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Dachau.

'Unos, dos, tres...'
'Are you ready to take the roof off... if we had a roof?' By Vertigo everyone was ready and the roof we didn't have was duly removed. 'Crazy' became ' a love song to Cuba - one day Cuba will be free' and as Walk On arrived, Bono invited everyone to remember Cuban human rights activist Dr Oscar Elias Biscet. Dr Biscet endured many years in prison in Cuba for opposing the government and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George Bush in 2007. 'Let everyone in Cuba know he is special to us and we are watching... we are watching.'

A barnstorming Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me gave way to a transcendent With Or Without You before Moment of Surrender paid tribute to the late and great Clarence Clemons, whose brother Bill was here tonight.
'There's one brighter star in the firmament, his name is Clarence Clemons, his family and friends are here tonight... good night Clarence Clemons, good night Miami.'

Were you in Miami tonight ? How bright was the North Star ? What was the moment you'll never surrender ? Write up your own review of the show and post your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Miami!


01 March, 2011
Dreams comes true!!! Puerto Rico
I'm from Puerto Rico and I'll be there to see this monumental concert in Sunlife Stadium!!!!! Bono, please include in your songs list - Where The Streets Have No Name and Stay (Faraway, So Close)!!!
26 January, 2011
i'll be there!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uhhuuuuu i can't believe that I'm going to be there, it's so crazy. You guys are amazing, best band ever. All songs with a beautiful message. I just listen the musics and I always learn something. We can be a better person, we can love more than hate and complaint. Bono if you can please sing for us SOMETIMES YOU CAN'T MAKE IT ON YOUR OWN, just to touch our heart even more that night. And maybe you say something like "Tereza this song is for you" wow. I have a nice relationship with my father but after heard this song I've learn how important is my family and people around me. I've learn more how to love more. Thank you. So I see you guys over here, on sunshine state. I LOVE YOU.
23 January, 2011
Honduras U2 2011
I hope this show will be the same as U2's Rose Bowl performance back in 2009 where they played Where The Streets Have No Name, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For with great enthusiasm!
12 January, 2011
Miami Will Rock U2
This show is gonna be awesome. I just have a feeling. Think about it. You've got the Miamians there & I'm guessing other people from other Latin American countries will be making a trip up to see them. CANT.WAII. Would love to hear Miami. Please play All I Want Is You! Its my favorite U2 song. The song that got me into the band.
18 December, 2010
from Brazil
I'm from Brazil and I'll be there to see this amazing concert in Miami. It's my dream come true.
03 November, 2010
Got the sun... Got the sand...
does anyone think it will be too cliche if they play Miami?? I think it would be a cool little shout out.. I really hope that they do play a couple older songs like SO CRUEL.... Love that song and the lyrics.. they are so great. I think its one of those timeless U2 songs. Other more obscure songs I'd love to hear but prob. wont.. Staring at the Sun Who's gonna Ride your wild Horses (not sure this has been preformed live yet...make it a first!!!!!) Do you Feel Loved (would be a great opener I think) Lady With the Spinning Head White As Snow Your Blue Room Stay (Faraway, So Close) I would love it so much just to hear one these on my list... even if it was just part of the song. I am super excited though, this will be my first U2 concert. I have been hyped about this since when it went or original presale like 2 years ago.. glad its almost here for real this time!!
03 November, 2010
Unknown Caller!
The best song U2 have ever done! Saw it live at Wembley in 2009. Can't wait to see it again. Please add it to the set list. Brilliant guitar solo. Majestic. Magnificent.
01 November, 2010
U2 & logic keep us clear....
Miami is on your side, oooooohhhhhooooooohhhhhhoooooohhhhhh! Miracle Drug! Do it! We've got soul! See you soon!
13 October, 2010
Ill be there all the way from Guatemala just to see U2 cant Wait
07 October, 2010
at last
after two intents to see you guys in concert, me and my daughter are going to see you in Miami. cant wait , see you soon with all our love
22 September, 2010
I will Follow !
After having the PLEASURE to see this great band 8 times since the 90's you can PLAY WHAT EVER YOU WANT, we will defenetly ENJOY IT :) !!!
19 September, 2010
really cant wait to see you guys ;)
hello this is my first time seeing oyu guys and i cant wait just wanna let you all know that everyone here in S.F is still excited to see you after the postponement :) stay healthy and come bring us a great show -Kyra
09 September, 2010
I just hope by the time they come here they've changed this new opening. Can't they think of anything better? This unknown track with lights on followed by beautiful day.. come on.. bd should get a break from the list on this tour maybe. Last year they insisted the whole tour with Breathe, something no one really ever liked, and they only realized that they were wrong when it was time to make the dvd, what made things even worse. You have many great songs for the opening on NLOTH, including the one with same name that they haven't played really well live but i think they should find the way. Also Crazy Tonight should be on the first three without remixes. Anyway, of course I love the band and I know I'm gonna have a great time that night no matter what, just like I did in Tampa last year. All the best.
07 September, 2010
regards from Guatemala, it will be my first concert and i was wondering if U2 read this comment, please include: Stay, Bad, a sort of homecoming and discotheque to the setlist of miami...keep ultraviolet....also would like to hear lemon again, even if we know that the song doesn't match in the tour concept.....
06 September, 2010
My favorites that won't make the set
The Refugee, Daddy's gonna pay for your crashed car, Zooropa, Surrender, Bullet the blue sky, Stories for boys, Wire, Bad, Please, Exit, One tree hill, In God's country, Heartland, Love is blindness, Night and day, Spanish eyes, Love and peace or else, Zoo station, A man and a woman........That's only a dream, but hopefully I will get The unforgetable fire, Ultraviolet (light my way) and Miss Sarajevo Mark
03 September, 2010
My daughter loves the song LEMON... if possible please add to set list for Miami!!!!! She would love it!
24 August, 2010
hi i was wonder if you could play "40" and "electrical storm" at this concert :)
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