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Sao Paulo, BR / Estadio Morumbi
with Muse 194

'Usually we sing to you but here you sing to us.' Tonight's final show in Brazil went out live across South America and worldwide on U2.com.

'Tonight is our last night in South America and we wanted to remember this,' said Bono after Until The End of the World. 'So we're going out live on radio and online across the whole of your mesmerising continent as an excuse so we can have the record of this show. This show will last for ever.'

And for another capacity crowd at this third and final night at the Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo, as well as those listening online and on the radio in Venezuela, Peru Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil - and all those tuning in worldwide on U2.com - this was surely a night we won't forget.

'Lift Up and Lift Off' said Chip in Philadelphia, on our live text feed, as we heard the opening chords of Even Better Than The Real Thing. 'Think I'm gonna blow my speakers,' added Badsilver. 'Never seen them live,' said Oscar in Iceland, 'Love when they do something like this'.

Extraordinary but little known fact of the night: the song playing before Space Oddity, ahead of the band's arrival on stage, was Telstar by The Tornados, whose rhythm guitarist was one George Bellamy, father of Matt of Muse, whose band played another fine set earlier in the evening.

There was more musical pedigree in the house tonight too: Steve Lillywhite had flown down from New York and when I Will Follow took over from 'Real Thing' Steve, the original producer of this track, was amazed to hear it 'sounding as good as it did 30 years ago'. And this audience is loud, as he told his followers on Twitter: 'People from Sao Paulo know how to make a noise at a U2 concert !'

Thousands and thousands of you from all over the world were adding to our live text feed, while listening live online, and everyone agreed that these Brazilian fans know how to enjoy a show.

'Don't think I'll need coffee to stay awake for this! said Eamonn Doyle in Ireland. Hoachy, in Falkirk, Scotland said that the sound is so good, 'My whole street are listening to this.'

Mysterious Ways was up next and BAM in NY captured the universal good vibes: 'What better joy is there than to rock to U2 live, or stream it, AND Tweet, FB, text, etc with all U2 Fans in the WORLD.'

Larry had a Brazilian flag across the drum kit as the band were introduced:'Ring those bells Edge, ring those bells.'

'I hope you like our current mode of transportation,' continued Bono, before Still Haven't Found. 'The space station has been to all kinds of interesting places and we mean it when we say that we are coming all the way over here to here to see you.
'Usually we sing to our audience but here our audience sings to us.
'Usually we put on a show for our audience but here you put on a show for us.'

No need to actually sing the song as the whole place was singing it for him. 'Let's go to church now...' After Pride, a special guest: ''We are great fans of a truly great artist here in Brazil,' explained Bono, 'His name is Seu Jorge.' Loud reception as Seu takes the stage to join Bono for a beautiful acoustic duet of 'The Model'. Another guest followed, a young woman to read a Brazilian translation of Beautiful Day which the band then follow with their own translation, seamlessly giving way to Miss Sarajevo - or 'Miss Sao Paulo' as Huubster in Curacao puts it.

And a great night is only going to get better.

'Zooropa... Vorsprung durch Technik
Zooropa... be all that you can be
Be a winner
Eat to get slimmer....'

For only the fifth live performance ever Zooropa returns to the set and it's perfectly placed before the Space Station takes off again. 'Bring on the Lemon' as a commenter in New York suggests.

'The best moment of the show!' says Jenny in Australia, welcoming City of Blinding Lights. 'A spectacle for the eyes and very good for the soul!' adds Joao Paulo in Brazil. And in a tour which keeps throwing up surprises in the set list, there was one more to come: All I Want Is You, bleeding into Streets, which was, frankly, something else!

'This is INCREDIBLE!' said FranciscoBrady. 'I´ve been to the 3 concerts in Argentina and i felt in heaven ! But tonight I feel like the whole world is connected trough U2 live from South America ! Thanks to U2 and hi to the rest of the world.. we are there.. right now.. yes, there, where the streets have no name! peace!'

A final word from Danny in Ireland: 'Thank you Brazil...you have given us the best soccer and now the best U2 fans..'

Were you at tonight's final show in South America ? Tell us what it was like in the stadium. What was the moment you will never surrender ? Add your own review and upload your photos below.


14 April, 2011
bliding ligths
all show was incredibly AWESOME!! Has anyone found my voice?? I've lost it during the show!!! Wordless and Voiceless, I can't explain exactly what I've felt there, during the 'Stadium-quake", which made everybody's bodies shake altogether!!!! Thanks God I could be there last night!!! It was THE moment of my life!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
14 April, 2011
Jamais vou esquecer dia 9/4/11, quando cheguei no Estadio do Morumbí e ví arquibancada e pista lotada eu comecei a chorar, a emoção foi demais, quando eles entraram, achei que o Estadio iria rachar, nunca senti tanta paz, nunca senti calor humano, nunca senti tanto amor no meio de 97.000 mil pessoas...Todas as musicas foram lindissimas, mas a emoção maior foi quando toda a plateia acenderam a luz do celular p/ homenagear as crianças do Rio de Janeiro.
14 April, 2011
WHAT A CRAZY LIVE BROADCAST : maybe the BEST U2360 Broadcast ! ? Thanks U2 Thanks in Brazil Amazing Show . . . woke UP at 1am til 5 33 in the Mornin here in FRANCE ... Nice Zootopian soirée as Usual .... Still Hope to See YoU2 Guys in 2011
14 April, 2011
I´m a fan since 80's after I saw the presentation of U2 on the 'Live Aid' on TV. Me, my wife and our daughter were at Morumbi on Sat, and me and my baby were in the last show yesterday. Thank you, U2... simply amazing. Come back soon and God bless you too!
14 April, 2011
The most amazing and exciting show ever!!!
14 April, 2011
All I want is u2.
Hello, hello This show was amazing, I will never forget it. I have some things to say: Thanks for “All I Want is You” - I love this music, it’s my favorite - and “Zooropa” again; Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me is an amazing music too, I loved it in the show. Thanks for the autographs before the show, in the hotel. I was there, and it was a very important moment to me. It means a lot to me. Thanks again for everything. Please give a hug in everyone from the crew, they are amazing in keeping the tour running OK. Hope to see you in next tour! I promise to save money to see you in Dublin next time too. Bye
14 April, 2011
Just Amazing!
Simply perfect! I'm a fan since the late '80s, early '90s. For me the best band of all time! Best singer, best drummer, bassist and improve the world's best guitarist, The Edge! It was a magic moment, because it was my wife's birthday and also there doing some four years of marriage. I hope to see U2 in Brazil soon! Is it possible? I wish the best in the world to you guys! Danilo
14 April, 2011
Thank you U2 for inspiring the lives of millions over all these years. Thank you U2 using rock and roll to change the life of those in need. Bono should receive the Peace Nobel Prize for changing the world with three chords.
14 April, 2011
U2 is Magnificent!!!
I´ve being in yesterday´s show in São Paulo (April 13th) and was amazed with the MAGNIFICENT show U2 gave to us. It was perfect in every ways: the set list, the sound, videos, ans most specialy the charisma of all members of U2. Best music? Hard to tell... but I choose four: Magnificent, City of Blinding Lights, Where the Streets have no name and finally Moment of Surrender. Thank you U2 for such and special evening!!!
14 April, 2011
Best show ever!
My first time at a U2 concert, and I can surely say: It's the best show in the world at all aspects! I'm sure when I say: It was and will be the best show of my life! We in Brazil love you guys.
14 April, 2011
I was at Sao Paulo's 1st and 3rd shows and I can only tell that it was AMAZING!! I´ve never been to an U2 concert before.. it was a dream come true when they entered the stage on saturday (april, 09) and I felt like I was floating out of gravity the whole show!! And then yesterday (april, 13) I just could not believe when Bono started to sing "All I Want Is You" before "Streets" just like they did on the "Elevation Tour" and all that crowd singing together.. MAGICAL!! We, Brazilians, know how to make it.. THANK YOU U2!!
14 April, 2011
Best show ever!
My first time at a U2 concert, and I can surely say: It's the best show in the world at all aspects! I'm sure when I say: It was and will be the best show of my life! We in Brazil love you guys.
14 April, 2011
Just Amazing!
Simply perfect! I'm a fan since the late '80s, early '90s. For me the best band of all time! Best singer, best drummer, bassist and improve the world's best guitarist, The Edge! It was a magic moment, because it was my wife's birthday and also there doing some four years of marriage. I hope to see U2 in Brazil soon! Is it possible? I wish the best in the world to you guys! Danilo
14 April, 2011
All I Want is u!
OOOO my gosh! Cant believe i wasnt there when they played All I want is u! I listened the whole concert on the radio and i got sterical when Bono started to play this song, which i love extremely much! Such a pity they didnt play it on saturday, when i was there :( Anyway, they rocked! As always! South America and Brasil love U2 and we are really really glad to welcome you and, as Bono said, put up a show for the band!!!
14 April, 2011
Unforgettable Night
Speechless...Amazed...Out of Breath. By far, the BEST concert I have EVER attended. A night to remember forever. As Bono said yesterday, we put on the show for U2, we sang for U2. What an insane audience!!!
14 April, 2011
I've been to ZooTV in Toronto many years ago and was already impressed with the visual impact that a U2 concert had on me. But, it nothing compared to yesterday's show. The spaceship design of the stage put me close underneath of all the action. Not to mention, "The Vibe" from the audience was amazing. There wasn't a single song from the set list that was not sung out loud entirely by everybody around me! Well, maybe Zooropa wasn't, but anyway... Really, it made up for all the trouble of getting tickets fpr the concert. Hats off to you U2!
14 April, 2011
I was yestarday, and I could pay once more to see it again. I felt all emotions in some night. My best moments are: Elevation, Beautiful Day, Vertigo, One, With or without you, Moment of Surrender. I would download the audio recorded tonight, where is the link to download that? U2 I love you!
14 April, 2011
Estadio Unico La Plata.
Es tan lindo que a nuestro hijo le guste la misma musica. Asombradisimos. Ojala volvamos a ver este espectaculo. Es unico e inolvidable.
14 April, 2011
all my life
all my life i feel like sayin' : been there,done that. But when it comes to U2 everything is different,quirky,unusual. U2 gets me out of boredom,the boredom i feel about the world!
14 April, 2011
Almost as good as the real thing
You guys are amazing!!! I was there on sunday, last night online I just needed to close my eyes to feel inside the stadium again. What to say? Hope you love us as we love you in Brazil and come back more often!
14 April, 2011
The Best Show
I follow U2 since 1984 and this guys are the illuminated. Since the short walk on the "Trabant" until the 360 Tour they were overcome and gave us examples of solidarity and helping others. U2 yesterday, today and always!
14 April, 2011
"And I wanto to thank you for giving me the best day of my life!!!"
Dani - Brasil
14 April, 2011
Amazing night!
How was the show? Again, it was magnificent!! Best track? Where the streets have no name Highlights? The whole show was a highlight! Most memorable moment? Zooropa!!
14 April, 2011
U2 Connected
Wednesday - april 13, 2011 First Live U2 concert my wife and I ever been to and we won't ever forget the magic, joy and fun this great band has brought to us and all those watching in that stadium and many others listening through internet connection.
14 April, 2011
We were there the 3 days
It means: we are simply in love with U2. We slept on the line around the stadium from Friday to Saturday to assure we would see Bono, The Edge, Adam and in special Larry, who formed this Mega Band, closer and we did! It was 17 ºC (it’s very cold here!) we stayed from 3 to 9:30 p.m. waiting to see what would be the show of our lives...and spin our yellow balloons at Where The Street Have No Name, a gift that Brazilian Fan Club prepared to them on 04/09/2011, it was repeated in the following shows. In 2006, They took us to a place called Vertigo, now to a tour in their Mother Ship 360º! Over 90,000 persons singing in perfect English, We thought we were in the studio recording with them I’m Still haven’t found what a looking for. Gentlemen as they are, they even thanked us with two wonderful presentation of Zooropa on Sunday and Wednesday! The sadness appeared just when Bono began to say God Bye...We are already missing Them so much!!! S2 U2 - S2 U All Fans worldwide!!!
14 April, 2011
I looked like a boy
Look, I'm 30 years old and felt like I was 15. The tears came fast, as in "I Will Follow " the tears would not stop. I never had the opportunity to go on a U2 concert, and today I can say I'm done. I have all the dvds and nothing compares to watching this live masterpiece. Thanks U2 for giving me this opportunity and hope Consed still see them soon in Brazil.
13 April, 2011
Magnificent !
Once again, posting as I've just came back from Morumbi Stadium. Magnific show. Wow. Zooropa + All I want is you just put me high There are no words to describe it. Brazil REALLY loves U2. Thanks a lot guys, hope to see you soon.
13 April, 2011
Put your hands in the air
Put your hands in the air.
13 April, 2011
I cryed listening "one", the biggest moment ever....
Els B
13 April, 2011
I was there!
But not in the flesh! Listened to the live streama and absolutely LOVED it! Can we PLEASE have more??
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