U2360° TOUR

Moncton, NB, CA / Magnetic Hill Music Festival
with Carney, Arcade Fire 100

'Moncton, Hub City, where you gonna take us tonight?'

Moncton in Atlantic Canada was going to take us to the end of the world tonight, and then even further, to the end of U2360°,  the most successful concert tour of all time.

Two years after opening up in Barcelona in June, 2009 tonight the band played their final show in a record-breaking tour of  110 concerts  in 30 countries across 5 continents. It's been some ride and the fact it had rained all day and was moist underfoot here in Moncton was not going to stop anyone  in this 75,000-strong audience making this a night to remember.

A breathtaking flyover from the  Canadian Airforce  set the scene before the show along with  powerful opening sets from Carney and the one and only Arcade Fire.

'Extraordinary band, give it up for Carney,' said Bono, after Get On Your Boots.  'I don't know if there's vocabulary in English or French  to describe Arcade Fire. They asked to play here as they have a relationship with you guys. They're not like a band, more like a miraculous event, carnival of chaos...'

Six songs in and Moncton had put the 360° spaceship into orbit for one final trip: 'This is the best time we could be having anywhere,' explained Bono, adding that the band wanted to make the most of the fact that this is the end of the tour. 'Eighteen babies, two marriages in the crew, eight separations... over 7 million served!'

And the best thing about this remarkable structure they've played under night after night ? It has no roof, 'but that's because it won't rain - right?'

On bass guitar tonight, we had Adam Clayton. On drums, 'the man who gave us our first job', Larry Mullen. On guitar? 'People like to remind us that without Edge we'd be nothing... but without us, he'd still be in his room twiddling knobs.'
And at the microphone: 'My name is Bono, I'm a work in progress...'

'I have climbed highest mountains
I have run through the fields...'

The end of 'Still Haven't Found' segued into The Ballad of Springhill while the lyrics of 'Stay' were customised for the occasion.

'110 shows, strangely it feels like home
Glad my wife is here tonight, not a night to be alone
Just a bang and a clatter, as 360 leaves town...'

The night, like this tour, raced by. Special thanks to Live Nation, Universal Music, Principle Management and the unrivalled 360 Crew gave way to Moment of Surrender which was not to be the final song of the tour.
' We're a band from Dublin, Ireland. We're called U2..'
Out of Control, the band's first single,  was an inspired way to bring things to a close.
'A higher than high here, out on the Atlantic Coast
Larry Mullen, Adam Clayton, Bono, The Edge... still... out of control.'

But there was one final piece of inspiration, marrying this legendary tour to the band's earliest tours. A bottle of champagne was found for Bono to uncork and the band left this audience, singing with so many others,  as the night came to an end.

'How long to sing this song
How long to sing this song ...'

Bono, Edge and Adam waited at the back of the stage for Larry to end '40' and once he did, he took the mike at the front of the stage; 'We'll miss you guys, Goodnight!'

With that the four members of U2, arms around each other, took a final bow and the U2360° spaceship was gone.

As Sandie put it on the U2.com online text feed, '360 has taken off to space! See you soon boys!'
OK,' chimed M31, 'I have to get back to my own galaxy, been away for two years now but it was worth it...'

Were you at the final night of the tour tonight? Was it your first U2 show - or your 101st? Tell us what it was like. Add your own review and post your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Moncton!


02 February, 2011
U2 Moncton!!!! Unbelievable
I have had no interest in seeing any of the other big concerts in Moncton, but have always said "if U2 plays Moncton, I'll be there!". Well, July 30th, U2 will be here and I'll be at the concert. Rumors indicate that there will be 100,000 at the concert...that's more than the entire population of Moncton, AWESOME!!!! We're a small city, but when it comes to concerts we are mighty!!!!!!
02 February, 2011
Got my tickets this morning- Can't wait! Saw them twice in Boston, but to see them at home...unbelievable. See you all there!
02 February, 2011
Got my tickets this morning- Can't wait! Saw them twice in Boston, but to see them at home...unbelievable. See you all there!
02 February, 2011
WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME u2! You will be very pleasantly surprised when you arrive here by the show of love for you all. this will be history making for us here and it will be the ultimate event. We have had AC/DC the rolling stones the eagles but THIS is what everyone has waited for . We are in a state of excitement I have never seen before here. I'm 48 and it's so great to see you coming here. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
01 February, 2011
Still in shock!
I'm from Moncton and live in Costa Rica now and can't believe they're having the last show of the tour in Moncton!!!! We're going to see them all 3 nights in Mexico and now we're making plans to see them back in NB!!!!! Wow!!!!!!! Now we just need to see them here in Costa Rica!!!!!! Please!!!!!
01 February, 2011
Last tour stop will be our honour!
The greatest band in the world is set to perform in Moncton, New Brunswick! The ancient Mi'kmaq called this central meeting place, "The Summer Grounds". This summer the grounds will be teaming with worldwide excitement only U2 could do! See you in the Red Zone!
01 February, 2011
New Songs Maybe?
For those fans in the maritimes that have never seen U2 live there are no excuses now! This show is like no other. This will be my 10th show and 3rd in 3 weeks! I'll be in the queue to get in the inner circle for sure this time! And we'll probably hear a few new tunes from a new album by then as well. Cheers!
01 February, 2011
Way to go DKD and the City of Moncton! It WILL be an excellent time on the Hill! BTW...YHZ sucks as far as concerts go!
01 February, 2011
count me in.
31 January, 2011
OMG I'm freaking excited!
Well my big dream of having U2 in Halifax has not come true, but I will take U2 in Moncton no problem - and it's the last show?!? OMG this is gonna be awesome! I found what I'm looking for!!! Montreal, Las Vegas and soon Moncton!
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