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Sheffield, GB / Don Valley Stadium
with The Hours, Elbow 76
Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield tonight, a show that went out live on air to milllions of radio listeners in the UK and around the world to U2.com subscribers with a live audio stream.

U2 first played here in May 1980 on the 11'O'Clock Tick Tock Tour and last played the city in June 1992 on ZOO TV. And there's another connection: Sheffield is the city that gave the world Willie Williams, the band's Show Designer, who is celebrating a birthday - something 45,000 of us joined in with tonight, by singing him Happy Birthday.

'Where are we going?' Bono asked, as the band introduced 'Magnificent'. 'Rotherham, Doncaster, Leeds, Manchester?' Sheffield was the northern town he was looking for and Sheffield gave the penultimate night of the European 360 Tour a show to remember.

Were you at the show or listening in online? There was huge demand from U2.com subscribers and tens of thousands of you tuned in from around the world... Let us know what you thought of the show - and where in the world you were when you were listening.

So just Cardiff now and then Europe is done... and North America beckons in September.
Sheffield - Happy Birthday Willie Williams


20 August, 2009
I was listening in from Beverly, MA, USA on and off as I was able to. Very exciting to hear the build-up before the show and then to hear Larry kick things off with Breathe. I didn't want to listen to too much becasue I didn't want to spoil things for when I see them in September in Foxboro, MA and New York!! Can't wait! Great idea to broadcast the show tonight. I enjoyed it very much.
20 August, 2009
big thank you u2
i listened tonight whole of concert on my radio ,sound was great really clear,great choice of songs well played,for me the best song was the new mix of crazy ,hope this verson of the crazy mix is going to be made avaiable to buy, this concert would make a great live album.thank you to everyone involve in the band for giving such amazing concerts! went on friday and saturday to wembley what i saw and heard was made it the best nights i had for many years.
20 August, 2009
I have followed U2 for 28 years and listened online this evening from the UK. Amazing, incredible, wonderful: the most emotional and uplifting experience. One minute I was smiling and singing along; the next, tears were rolling down my face. I have tickets for Cardiff on Saturday - I can't wait to see the band live again!
20 August, 2009
Wonderful night
Great concert. Listened on the internet. I think I'll go crazy!!!! Great sound and Bono sounded superb. Danced around the living room all night. Brilliant idea to broadcast on the radio. Looking forward to Cardiff!!
20 August, 2009
Waiting in America
As always... in all senses GREAT SHOW! I couldn't get the stream until before they hit "I still haven' found"... anyway, after that clear to the end. As always... you want to hear a little more. Waiting for the show to kick North America, specially on Sep. 25 at Giants Stadium (NY) I'll meet you in the sound
20 August, 2009
I had been to 2 shows on the tour (Paris and Dublin) , I listened in online 2nite from my hometown Limerick, Ireland and it was so awesome, I really felt like I was in Sheffield with them, they consistently deliver the goods. Stuck In A Moment and Ultraviolet were amazing, Ireally need to c them yet again.
20 August, 2009
Luis Sanchez
Hi, I was listening the live audio stream from Guadalajara, Mexico.But because the difference of local time, I only can listen the last two songs of the set. Great! But, is there a way to have again that concert? Viva U2, forever
20 August, 2009
Listened from my desk here in Vancouver. Brilliant stuff! Can't wait until the last show of the NA leg here on Oct.28th.
20 August, 2009
was listening online from Montreal. Amazing. Thank you so much!! So excited for Boston
20 August, 2009
My nights at Wembley 1 & Hampden Park came flooding back as I listen to the show at home. It was a fantastic idea for a 360 show to be broadcast on the radio, it just proved how good U2 are and why most bands fail to touch them.
20 August, 2009
I'm from Australia, and we have no word yet on whether U2 will come here for the 360 tour. So, I got up at 4am to listen to the broadcast from Sheffield online. It was amazing, and so worth the lack of sleep!
20 August, 2009
I listened on the radio from home,just north of Belfast NI. Awesome gig.The bands reference to A level results was so funny. Took me right back to Croker. My kids were dancing in the kitchen. Great show,came across so well on the airwaves. Thanks U2,YOU are without doubt the live must see band in 2009/10,youve been with me a lifetime since the early 80's. Superb.
20 August, 2009
Listened from the States! Great show! Please, release I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix) on Itunes. The album version is wonderful but tonight's version was AMAZING. Great show, men!
20 August, 2009
from Arizona
I listened to it online from Phoenix Arizona, it definetely made my day! thanks
20 August, 2009
Fantastic idea to air the live concert thru the website!! thank you all and as always, the best show on earth.
20 August, 2009
I was lucky enough to be In the red zones at Wembley on Friday and Saturday. In the red zone tonight at home via the internet. Awesome gig - a great mix and superb sound quality that will provide a treasured memento of the 360 tour.
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