U2360° TOUR

Dallas, TX, US / New Cowboys Stadium
with Muse 68
Over 70,000 in the stadium tonight, and with the roof over our heads, we really knew it. Here's what U2 played, more coming up.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender
Dallas, New Cowboys Stadium


13 October, 2009
Bigger than Texas
I paid $4 for my first U2 concert in 1980 in Atlanta. Bono and Adam signed my ticket stub so everytime I see them I think back to that night with 500 or so people. They blew me away then and they blew me away last night. Only U2 could come into Jerry's billion dollar stadium and dwarf it. The stage and video screen were unbelievable. I couldn't believe how great the sound was. The dome was closed so that may have helped.If you haven't seen them this tour and still have a chance then Go Go Go !!
13 October, 2009
Great Show Despite Acoutstics
This was my second time to see U2; my first was the Josua Tree Tour back in 87. This was a great show. Very spiritual. Only complaint was the acoustics in Jerry World are the worst. Too much echo going on and it even seem to bother Bono in the last song, Moment of Surrender. And, what a way to end the conert with Moment of Surrender.
13 October, 2009
Visual Masterpiece in a Visual World
The billion plus dollars it took to create a mass of space known to some as Jerry World located in Arlington, Texas is a stadium or should I say Coliseum in which any Gladiator would love to do battle. This night the gladiators were the boys from Dublin and the mass of humanity 77k strong where here to be rocked visually. Walking on the floor with my GA tickets I was astonished to see what looked like a modified grown up Erector set which was taken over by Alien DNA. The Alien looked quiet and reserved with the lights on however when U2 turned off the lights and started up the mother ship everyone was taken to a place beyond the stars into a new world of imagination. The U2 tours have a history of visual shock that dates back to Achtung Baby/Zoo and Lemon/Pop mart. In Achtung small eastern European cars on cranes where floating around the stage while Bono would flip the channels on a jumbo-tron TV set with rabbit ears. The Lemon tour set was the largest TV in the world and a large lemon would transport the very metro-sexual boys onto the stage. Visual effects are in the blood of a U2 tour within these thoughts must come preparations it is reported it takes a day to take down the stage; a day to transport to a venue in the same regional area and two days to assemble…the logistics and manpower boggle the mind. Nevertheless the difference between seeing a band play on a stage and an event like U2 are like night and day. A concert will linger for a couple of months but an event like U2 will remain on for years and will be refreshed by the curiosity of what is creatively possible on the next tour. No doubt U2 writes and sings great ballads that are the basics just like a basic chain restaurant…..how many of you can remember your last meal at Chili’s. Now name the meal you had with a chef that took time to create something beyond your imagination…..this is what the evil genius ‘s of the U2 tour create memorable meals of stimulation for the brain. U2 brings out the inner soul of the audience: Spiritually hands become lifted even though most would not in church…myself included. Emotionally the harmony of the audience in unison with “One” or “With or without you” when started by Bono but then stops to listens and encourage on. Physically is the ENERGY the ENERGY the ENERGY like Elevation that makes the crowds erupts. All of these are enhanced by the mind altering visuals that no legal or illegal drug can produce with the same positive side effects. It was nice to hear Bono credit Fort Worth yet keep referring to everyone as Dallas and never mention Arlington but who ever mentions Arlington anyways. Bono even gave a shout out of thanks to President Bush for his positive role in Africa. Jerryworld aka Fort Worth aka Dallas aka Arlington has a monument that can be seen throughout the region and touted as the eighth wonder of the world. On October 12, 2009 U2 took 77k Texans on a journey that is beyond our own world.
13 October, 2009
It's 4:30am, just after wrapping the show in Dallas. I was part of local crew for load-in/out, building the b-stage (outer runner stage) and also spotlight operator. Never thought I'd be sending a beam of light down to Bono for a couple of hours while suspended on the underside of the most unique stage ever built (in my opinion). Very good show! Don't miss this one!
13 October, 2009
Second show on the US tour. First one was second night up in he New Jersey Meadowlands. Both shows were fantastic although I strategically bought my tix to be directly in front of the stack as the Cowboys new stadium has absolutly the worst acoustics ever! Boys, please do not pla here in the future as many fans had a horriblr time with the sound. Anyway, fantastic show! Not the amount of audience participation of the NYC area, but the band was solid and I loved the acoustic "Stuck in a moment!" See you in OKC and in Paris, FR next year!
13 October, 2009
I just go back from the 360 show in Arlington, Texas. This was my 4th time to see U2, and I finally got GA tickets! For 25 years, I have, quite literally, dreamed of being as close to the band as I was tonight. My dreams have been surpassed beyond belief! Sexy, fun, sincere, grateful to their fans, fun...sexy! Rock and roll at its finest! Thank you, U2, for the experience of a lifetime!!
13 October, 2009
Passing the torch
Just got home from the concert after taking my 2 boys, 7/5 to their first concert ever. They had the best time and was something they will never forget. After watching all the DVD's I have collected through the years from all the tours I have seen live, they were so excited to finally go to the show and U2 didn't disappoint. Still the best live show I have ever seen and now had a chance to share it with my kids. See you the next time you come to Dallas
Margaret Ann
12 October, 2009
A Great Show
As always, they put on a great show! Thank you U2, this was a wonderful birthday for me.
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