U2360° TOUR

Helsinki, FI / Olympia Stadium
with Razor Light 64

Bit of a damp start to the proceedings tonight but the rain held off once the band arrived on stage and there were lots of firsts in Helsinki with 'I Will Follow' and 'Pride' making their bow on this leg and the arrival of another new song, Every Breaking Wave - the fourth new track debuted on the European dates.
'Like every breaking wave on the shore, this is as far as I can reach...' A beautiful acoustic number, evidently still a work in progress, with Bono saying to Edge as they jammed towards the end, 'break down the chords to the middle eight again...'
'No-one has heard that before,' he added, 'Not even us.' We'll all be hearing it again.
For the non-Finns among you, Aleksis Kivi is the national author of Finland and everyone here knows of his legendary C19th novel Seven Brothers. But there's only four brothers in U2, observed the singing brother. 'On my left, on bass guitar, the Aapo of this band, Adam Clayton; behind me on the drums, Lauri Mullen Jnr; to my right on lead guitar, The Eero... and who does that make me, I'm somewhere between Simeoni and Juhani...'
Special thanks to Razorlight, out in Finland for these shows. 'Sorry it has taken us so long to come back to your country. We won't take so long the next time.'
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22 August, 2010
Thank you for two great nights!!!
KIITOS U2!!!! It was great to experience two concerts in Helsinki. I don´t want to compare which night was the better one. I was in heaven all the time! I hope I see you again soon!
22 August, 2010
Dancing on the Roof of the Heaven
Before the concert the first champagne of my life! I knew what was coming round the corner. Friday was great but Saturday moved me towards the sky, into the heart. Loved the ballads, loved the relaxed more improvising touch, felt like holding the stadium in my arms high seated, danced, deeply touched, amused and sad. And the rain waited until the show was over. Thank You. Let me take you down to the strawberry fields. Love.
22 August, 2010
Helsinki 2
,,,wish I was there! :( People who was there said it was a "magic" night! Finally a new setlist! I hope it will be the same in Rome next October!
21 August, 2010
Vow II ! 2nd show with some changes in the setlist;No line...,Pride, Thrill Me... added. A well built set with several Highs and even some "Singin' in the Rain" due to rain during the gig. Band is in Great shape and they seem to really have fun together. This spread to the audience.Thanks for a great concert!!!
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