U2360° TOUR

Mexico City, MX / Azteca Stadium
with Snow Patrol 125

New Year's Day, All I Want is You and Love Rescue Me all arrived in the show tonight for the final stop in a record-breaking week in Mexico.

'Thank you for this last week,'said Bono in Spanish towards the end of With or Without You.'We've had some great times in this country. This has been the best of all. Can we consider ourselves Irish Mexican?'

From the top of the show it felt like this third night in Mexico might be a big one:'Even better than last night...' said Bono, after Even Better Than The Real Thing, not forgetting a special send-off to a band who've played support on this tour more than anyone else.'We'll miss you when you're gone - Snow Patrol.'

The signature opening of New Year's Day reminded everyone that on a third night in a city the band tend to throw in the surprises and this was the first of five tracks not in the show last night.

'I've been trying to describe my friends,' explained Bono.'Tonight ladies man Adam Clayton; on drums our macho man Larry Mullen Jnr; on guitars and everything else our resident genius The Edge... for myself I'm a Jack of all trades.'

That said he has a few specialisms including lead vocals and what better opportunity to illustrate this than a rare outing for All I Want is You. With Larry in a t-shirt reading 'Sexico', Bono celebrated the great week the band have had here.

'Last week in Mexico, birthday candles, dancing with my lady, drink-ing tequila, drink-ing tequila...' Only Love Rescue Me could follow that and it did with 100,000 voices on the chorus.

'We broke every record here... every night! We really thank you for coming,' said Bono.'I hope we can live up to this place that you've put us in.'

If you were at the final show in Mexico tonight tell us what it was like. Add your own review and photos below.


12 May, 2011
Grettings From Costa Rica!!!
Hi... Grettings From Costa Rica (We need you here)... I Cant wait to see you boys that day... Pleases come here some day (Costa Rica)... PLEASE.. Nos Vemos en el Goloso de Santa Ursula Mexicanitos... VIVA MEXICO CABRONES...
11 May, 2011
please U2 play all i want is you please!!!!! i need it !!
10 May, 2011
La Garra. Estadio Unico de La Plata - Argentina Alex Casanova Bolivia
08 May, 2011
Play Ultraviolet (light my way)
08 May, 2011
Pls Play BAD to the 15 day pls
08 May, 2011
Bono please play ONE!!!! on may 15th!!!! please!!!!!
07 May, 2011
Play even better than the real thing and ultraviolet please!
06 May, 2011
all i want is you !!
bono please!!!!! play all i want is you and hold me thrill me kiss me kill me on the third show on may 15 please!!!!! y love those songs
04 May, 2011
ultraviolet on may 15th :)
i second that... ALL I WANT IS U!!!play it in mexico city!!! also ULTRAVIOLET on may 15th!! please play !! those 2 songs
04 May, 2011
All i want is you
Please please play "All I Want Is You" that day, please we need it please!
04 May, 2011
por favor Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
sing Ultraviolet (Light My Way) on May 15 please
25 April, 2011
UltraViolet (Light My Way) para el dia 1
UltraViolet (Light My Way) Ultra Violet (Light My Way) Ultra Violet (Light My Way) Ultra Violet (Light My Way) por favor cantenla el dia 15
25 April, 2011
I will Mr. MacPhisto!!!
My costume of Mr. MacPhisto is ready to use the sunday in the RED zone!!! Please encore Ultraviolet, Unknown Caller, Stay, Dancing Barefoot and Please!!!!!! In Mexico support humanitarian causes and U2 are all 1, are the Latin American power!!! Bono: Tá do bhreithlá is fearr Adam, Larry, Edge: riamh dearmad ar an 3 oíche sa Estadio Azteca
24 April, 2011
It i'll be legendary if you play Gloria or Two hearts beat as one, some of the old stuff.... counting the days till may 15th
24 April, 2011
Playlist for Mexico
mofo- intro (acrobat)- play live for first time even better that. magnificent breathe get on your boots Until the end of the world vertigo city of blinding... rejoice unforgettable fire Fez Being Born Heartland electrical storm stay the ground beneath her feet please I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight ... remix lemon where the streets have no name bad window in the skies ENCORE zooropa ultraviolet with or with out you moment of surrender.
19 April, 2011
PLEASE play your best song....ELECTRICAL STORM.. Defenitely the best song ever. You guys have never played it live, please do so.
16 April, 2011
iluminanos con Ultra Violet (Light My Wa
POR FAVOR Ultra Violet (Light My Way) queremos Ultra Violet (Light My Way) el dia 15 iluminen al publico mexicano cantando Ultra Violet (Light My Way) POR FAVOR
14 April, 2011
Ultraviolet (Light My Way) on day 15,ple
please sing Ultraviolet (Light My Way) on day 15, the Mexican public calls Ultraviolet (Light My Way), please
14 April, 2011
por favor Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
por favor canten Ultra Violet (Light My Way) el 15 porf avor
09 April, 2011
Please Light my Way..on May 15
PLEASE!!! Play UlTRAVIOLET(Light my way) ! pleeeaaseee play Ultraviolet on may 15 !!! ;) thanks in advance.!!! i hope u have a great time in america!!(i mean the continent)
05 April, 2011
You will enjoy the show!
Guys, I had the opportunity to see them playing at the Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX 14/Oct/2009 and let me just say that the show was OUT OF THIS WORLD! My wife and I are hard core U2 fans and we loved every single moment of the almost 3 hour show. I'm from Mexico City and I wish I could be there at Estadio Azteca with all of you. I am sure you will love the show big time. Cheers!
29 March, 2011
Please play NLOTH'songs here!!
Hi We are waiting so long for you in Mexico Please, play No line in the horizon 's songs. We love your greatest hits but this is our golden (maybe the only one) opportunity to listen it Unknown caller would sound terrific at EstadioAzteca!!!
18 February, 2011
Please sing MERCY OR BAD, would be the maximum
26 December, 2010
Le Mexique!!
the best concert of the year!! please play some zooropa songs, u know lemon?!! stay (far away so close!) and some 80´s songs 11 O'Clock Tick Tock!! GLORIA?!!! it will be nice !!! lol well, to dream dont cost a thing!! ;-) take care!!
18 November, 2010
estaremos !!!
gracias U2 Costa Rica !!! see you !!
06 November, 2010
Thanks U2...we are so happy and so crazy about the 3 dates in Mexico...please play PLEASE, GONE, LIKE A SONG, OUT OF CONTROL, ACROBAT...you can sorprise us with one change on the setlist... I have been privileged in that I have been to all the concerts that U2 has been in my country from the Zoo TV Tour in 1992, 4 concerts, PopMart the 2 and 3 Vertigo Tour ... now I hope to get my ticket for the May 11 and will be in all this amazing dates in Mexico in 360 ° Tour, DVD? PLEASEEEEEEEEEE
03 November, 2010
U2 rules WE LOVE U2 - MEXiCO
Pleasee play out of control , i wil follow shake me shake mexico rock mexico rock the world U2 rules
26 October, 2010
14 y 15 de mayo 2011
U2 gracias ¡¡¡¡Por considerar a México, los personajes Esperan 115 mil en Cada presentacion En El Estadio Azteca
12 October, 2010
i want to hear in mexico
please ,play kite ,The unforgetable fire, Stay ,Electrical storm ,wake up dead man,exit ,bad, in god's country, in mexico... mexico miss elevation tour... mexico is the greatest audiens ... please U2
10 October, 2010
A musical journey
Somebody shake me up...am I going to see U2?....Play ultraviolet during the second concert. PLEASe....hey Adam this will be...A musical journey....GOD bless you all, Always...Abraham....Viva MExico..Bono vox.
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