Beautiful Day (1 Oct, 2000)
Track List
  1. Beautiful Day Lyrics
  2. Summer Rain
  3. Always Lyrics


Produced By: Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno




"This tastes very sweet. You think to yourself, you're a rock band, you don't need the pop charts, but you do need the pop charts. Singles are what makes rock sharp, and we've not been great at singles. I can't tell you how excited we feel, we've been around for a while and to hear this song on the radio, it feels very special."

Bono to BBC Radio One when Beautiful Day went to No.1 in the UK

"It's good, back to their rock'n'roll days. My version is different - it's pumping funky house."

Paul Oakenfold on his dance-floor remix of Beautiful Day.

"It was actually a difficult mix, just trying to get it 'in the boat,' so to speak. It was this extraordinary, beautiful thing - like a beautiful marlin that they catch off the coast of Florida, you know? You could break your arm getting it into the boat. It was a bit like that."

Bono, on the recording of Beautiful Day