Numb (Zooropa)


Eilis - 16 June, 2013
One of the best U2 videos
I love this video and song. It never gets old. It's funny that Edge can keep a mostly-straight face throughout the entire video! Could anyone else do it? Doubtful....
yardie - 16 August, 2012
I never got this.
Still struggling today with Numb,the song and the video. Possibly U2's most awful single.Sorry. I reflected back to red rocks,I reflected back to Live aid,I reflected back to JT and AB,when this appeared and thought WTF! lol.
anapfitscher - 03 July, 2011
I loved this video! It´s one of my earliest memories of U2, when I was discovering rock´n´roll (thanks to MTV too!).
Rododf - 14 October, 2010
this is the best performance
cool , this video was the first video i see, and the first time that I knew of u2
CaptainCatholic5887 - 01 August, 2010
Sensory Overload
Lol poor Edge... going from belly dancers to having feet shoved in his face and being tied down by his friends... talk about sensory overload!
kmaybe - 03 March, 2010
edge's numb
I love this video, can't believe he let everyone do this to him. He's such a good sport and so adorable too.... Edge is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boots - 09 February, 2010
Kiss U Edge
Great video. I bought the VHS years ago ;) It is really a single shot in the beginning ? It must have been so difficult to stay cool ;) Kiss you Edge !
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