Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (Zooropa)

castayu2 - 05 September, 2012
My Favorite Song
It's hard to pick just one song, but Stay is my favorite. Therefore tattooed on my wrist this word. My hope is to hear it at a show here in Brazil.
K-drowning-man-C - 12 October, 2011
Backing Vocal
Just a great song ... maybe one of U2's best? I think it needs to be said that the Edge's backing vocals (harmony) give this song something it would not have had without him!
hbarany - 13 September, 2011
this touches me profoundly...
bulle - 02 May, 2011
stay/so beautiful
great song, great video purest U2 :)
Damir65 - 11 September, 2010
Great song!! Would be nice to hear it live tomorrow in Z├╝rich.
- 13 July, 2010
l want to watch this movie on line
b2007 - 06 May, 2010
Bono words are beautiful 1 of the best U2 song's
Paul and Cara - 20 April, 2010
The Theme Song Connection
It's amazing how many of U2's song's have duality in meaning. Sure, this is a great song from a great movie. But if you didn't know it was the theme song to a movie, it would still be one of the best songs ever written. (see also: Until the End of the World)
dillyb - 15 April, 2010
Stay faraway so close
This song is my favorite. My husband and I when we met was launched this song and now we are married and have a beautiful child of 6 months. Thanks U2!!
aerosnowu2 - 12 April, 2010
I'm so glad this album won a Grammy. It really really is incredible. I want a copy of it buried with me.
ckattan - 12 April, 2010
beatiful song
great video...nice song...
michelleb - 10 April, 2010
One of my absolute favorites. Could listen to this song over and over. Feel like it really affects me inside!
jannefarias - 10 April, 2010
I love this of my favourites too. Looking forward to seeing U2 in Toronto in July.
Scooby D - 09 April, 2010
One of the greatest song...
I listen to this song since I'm a teenager. This song means a lot to me. This is one of my favorite. Very beautiful video.
writa7 - 09 April, 2010
Great U2 video by the genius WimWenders
staysoclose - 23 March, 2010
Simply Fantastic!
I usually like a song for a reason...the beat, the guitar, the lyrics, something. I don't know what it is about this song, I just love it, love it, love it! Always have, always will. Just can't explain why. Thanks, gentlemen. Your music touches so many....I thank the Lord for you all!!
iris75 - 16 March, 2010
Pure beauty
Bono looks irresistible in this video...
jamesdooo - 13 March, 2010
love this, it IS BEAUTIFUL
heuvel - 10 March, 2010
fantastic video
all the video's are fantastic
michielovesU2 - 08 March, 2010
Beautiful song, beautiful video...One of my all time favorites....Love it!
jamesdooo - 06 February, 2010
this one of my favorites of all time
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