The Unforgettable Fire - The Unforgettable Fire


jojodee - 18 November, 2014
I have a vivid memory of seeing this on Top of the Pops, aged 11. I knew the band, but only with a passing interest at the time. I was totally mesmerised, I just knew it was something like I'd never heard before. I can't even say that's when I became a fan, because it took a couple of years longer than that. It was a slow burn, but how music leaves such strong memories! It's one of my all time favourite songs - Amazing
paoladegliesposti - 13 May, 2013
unforgettable fire
the sweetness of this song. the hope that it gives, listening careful to the sound of keyboard,incisiveness of drums and the guitar towards the end of the song. We need to explore, the word, for this clip.
johnniki - 15 January, 2012
So glad to hear it played at 360 tour. A great song with lots of great memories with u2 just starting the upward journey. A great warm, uplifting and chilled album to boot!!!
frankbos4 - 06 December, 2011
news years days
1 of the best among others, party girl, sunday bloddy sunday and she...
unforgtblefire - 09 August, 2011
This is far and away my favorite U2 song. And I love the just takes me back! It has my heart!
kowald - 24 December, 2010
I have just recently rediscovered this unforgettable song... I loved it in the 80s but then forgot about it. I just saw U2 in Perth Western Australia and have been driving my kids mad with trawling thru all my older U2 cds! This song goes down as one of my favourites! Love it!
F900 - 27 October, 2010
Me gusta esta canción
Because it´s great
sebajofre - 08 October, 2010
I hear this song every day, and more pleasing to me hes also see the video.
Yasmeen76 - 22 September, 2010
We want the clip!
This is one of my all time favourite U2 songs and videos. I wish that we could purchase them in the U2 store or something, there are some clips you just want to watch again and again!!! Yasmeen
mari72 - 07 August, 2010
The Unforgettable U2
One of the best songs from U2
U2Patriots - 10 April, 2010
Unforgettable Song!
This song / video is one of my favorites! I saw this tour as my first U2 concert! Where is the video for "Sort of a Homecoming"?
sommerfeld - 02 March, 2010
Cool shots of Minneapolis in a storm.
molo565 - 24 February, 2010
wierd... Adam looks soo different
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