Even Better Than the Real Thing - Achtung Baby


paoladegliesposti - 07 May, 2013
Better!( always better)
pirotecnic, immediate and rich of anecdotes, garage band and the song! Even better than the real thing. How is it possible?
serchmg - 10 August, 2012
This is my single favorite, already that my dear sister said that each that listening remembers me And this song I want to be listened to in my funeral.
mphillips2 - 15 September, 2011
one of their best ever
lyrically so well layered - can sound like a love song, or can be about the commericalization of culture; any way you look at it, spell it S - E - X. great song
mxpedro - 20 April, 2011
360 shots
I still wandering how they did those 360 shots
thatmanfrank - 04 February, 2011
Even Better
possibly my favorite video of U2. I remember watching it and my brain instantly opening to the visuals and me not wanting it to stop. I have never been the same since...
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