U2360° 2010 - Moment of Surrender, Frankfurt

Katemori - 11 October, 2010
I love it
when I listen that song, I always cry, the lyrics is amazin
joshuam - 07 October, 2010
moment of surrender
not long enough clip guys
tvc - 15 September, 2010
great clips
Thanks U2 for all these great European Clips! Looking forward to seeing you again in the States. Keep rocking, best tour in the world -U2360 tim Racine WI
- 30 August, 2010
Thank you, U2!!!
"Moment of surrender" is a real masterpiece, one of the greatest songs U2've ever made (In my opinion)! Thank you so much for closing up the setlist of the Moscow show with this one!!!
- 24 August, 2010
mvox - 12 August, 2010
Beautiful sentiments
Lovely tributes & awakening calls out to the audience. Bono is always asking for our love & compassion & understanding. He brings the bigger world to our doorsteps, those of us who often find ourselves wrapped up in our own little worlds. I love U2 for that. Bless those that lost their loved ones in such a senseless tragedy. I've been loving U2 since I first heard With Or Without You 24 years ago. May I say that they have been a rock in my world - always there when I need a message of hope, love or coping. Bless you guys! MUCH, MUCH LOVE to you & yours.
bienphilos - 11 August, 2010
Very Cool
First time I heard of U2 was when I was just a boy. I looked up to my oldest brother so much, that I just wanted to be in to whatever he was in to. But what I’ve learn to appreciate over the years is their empathy for humanity. That’s what makes them trail blazers. I also love the raw footage!!! Keep them coming! -John
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