Where the Streets Have No Name - Zurich U2360° 2010

yasnara - 22 October, 2010
antonija_croatia - 19 September, 2010
Unforgettable night
This was my 3rd show of U2, I like it so much! Guys are fantastic as always, but if I might notice, best audience ever was in Zagreb cause people on those territories are special attached to U2! We love them!
- 19 September, 2010
This show was just like Magic! It was so wet but everyone was jumping and having a great time. it was fantastic and my first but not my last U2 concert thats for sure! i even love them more than before you are just amazig guys go on like that!! peace and love
funinthesun10 - 18 September, 2010
Old Beatles Song
I want you so bad it's driving me mad, it's driving me mad.
sebradio - 15 September, 2010
I was there...
First, excuse my english, i'm french. I think i will remember this show for all my life. It wasn't my first show with U2, I know how it works, and i think it was THE show of 360 tour. Thank you for your magic. I'll be in Paris saturday, see you soon. Will it be possible one day to buy the sound (mp3) of the shows ? I really liked to listening the shows i saw...
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