Birthday on the Bass


Happy Birthday Adam.

His playing on the new record has been getting rave reviews, his video clips for (see below)are must-see and today it's his birthday.

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fdspinn - 20 April, 2009
The Groove Master of a generation
Finally he gets his due,the ONE thee ONLy ADAM CLAYTON.Best bass player since John Enwhistle !!!!!!! Many birthdays my friend,your grooves know only the time you give them,eternal....
christyblue - 30 March, 2009
happy birthday mr fantastic bass man
adams bass playing is always awesome and even better on NLOTH......
eloisamercado - 16 March, 2009
Happy Birthday Dear Adam!
Happy Birthday to the best bass player in the world!!! from your hardcore fan from Manila, Philippines! I hope to see your concerts! =D God Bless You and U2!
turt2u - 14 March, 2009
Happy Day After your Birthday
I always tell people Friday the 13th can be a lucky day - especially when it's March 13th and you get to see your favorite band in person and wish the bass player a Happy Birthday.  This happened about 17 years ago... you're aging so gracefully!  :)
AchtungBabes - 13 March, 2009
Happy Birthday, Adam!!
Happy Birthday to the sexiest, most debonair bass man two girls could ever ask for. We love you, Adam!!
andad - 13 March, 2009
Happy birthday to the cutest bass man!
Happy birthday dear Adam! I wish you a great life as the one that you offer to us! Keep on rocking bass man!!!! (Hope to see you in Greece)
martalsmendes - 13 March, 2009
Happy birthday
I HOPE u have had a really nice day (from Portugal to Ireland) and a better night (of course :))
princesazteca - 13 March, 2009
Happy Day!
Greetings from Long Island New York! Have a wonderful (andlucky) Friday the 13th Birthday Adam! See you on tour!
LeeMazur - 13 March, 2009
Happy Birthday Adam
Great bass playing on the new album. Happy Birthday!!!
mroofka - 13 March, 2009
best wishes
Happy birthday and all the best from Poland. Can't wait to see you play live.
colleenfan - 13 March, 2009
Birthdays Rule
Happy Birthday, Adam. You're rockin' it. See you in September.
tracishere - 13 March, 2009
Many More!!!!!!!
Have a Fantastic Birthday ADAM! from all your FANS in Pennsylvania!! Can't wait to see you on tour!
marty janeski - 13 March, 2009
happy birthday adam
Hope you are with those that are happy you were born!!
kyros - 13 March, 2009
Happy birthday from Colombia!
Have a great birthday today, and for many years to come!Keep playing as great as you always have done. Besos! y Feliz cumpleaños!!
Drvet - 13 March, 2009
Happy Birthday from Zagreb
Happy birthday and thanks for a great work on Horizon!
Debiris - 13 March, 2009
happy birthday charming gray
happy birthday (from Brazil)charming and misterious gray!!!!!!!!!!!!keep bringing to us a lot of "one"...
sameden - 13 March, 2009
and the dream goes on... every day is a beautiful day,because its another chance to make it better,hope you got allot of days ahead of you.. happy birthday ,bass man ;)
tufo - 13 March, 2009
Happy Birthday to you:)
Bonoerra - 13 March, 2009
Many Happy Many Returns Adam!
Hope you are Having a Brilliant Day Adam...................And your Playing OnNLOTH Is Pretty Amazing. Have a GREAT Day
EverythingU2 - 13 March, 2009
Happy Birthday Adam
Today is your day! You are more quiet than the rest of the band, but I have a feeling you are a very "deep" person and a very selfless soul. You are great. Happy Birthday and many,many more Valerie/chgo
Borna - 13 March, 2009
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Adam, you're the best. Greetings from Croatia. See you in Zagreb!
utwothefly - 13 March, 2009
happy birthday adam.
and cheers for the video's, good work on nloth too.
miguelca - 13 March, 2009
Happy B'Day Mr. Posh
This man together with Larry Mullen Jr. are the rythmic section of the band. Both fit so well together that it amazes me. NLOTH in particular has some great bass lines and drumming/percussion. Enjoy a clean birthday and I hope you celebrate many many more. Humble regards from Portugal, Miguel
onelove11211 - 13 March, 2009
Happy birthday Adam! You're amazing!
nelitsho - 13 March, 2009
With the ages you look better and better! The fans of Bulgaria loves you! Be happy! P.S. You and the boys making as more then happy!
bradinutah - 13 March, 2009
From Utah
Many happy returns from Utah, Adam!
Leslie - 13 March, 2009
Wild and Messy From Chicago
Happy Birthday Adam!!! Thanks for coming to Chicago and signing my CD. Remember me I was the crazy girl in the front. Can't believe I finally got to meet you. So excited to see you back here in Chicago in September!!!
coll622 - 13 March, 2009
Happy Birthday!
From New Hampshire, USA, hope you have a great day, Adam!
coll622 - 13 March, 2009
Happy Birthday!
From New Hampshire, USA, hope you have a great day, Adam!
little eyes - 13 March, 2009
Happy Birthday Big Bass
Happy birthday, may many more birthdays come your way, thank you so much for being my musical inspiration, you're a great bassist.
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