'Joyful Noise'


'Only love, only love can leave such a mark...' It's the next single and at The Somerville Theatre in Boston last month 'Magnificent' sounded like the live favourite it's set to become.

Check out the video
parsons360 - 02 January, 2010
Magnificent !!
Sounds great on on scales, can't wait for the montreal shows !!!
dlemus30 - 24 May, 2009
great song, i can't wait 4 the hour 2 magnify!
David777 - 17 May, 2009
Opening Song for 360 Tour?
Would be a great one, although so would "Crazy"! You guys sound great here. Can't wait to see you in the new Cowboy Stadium in October!
awesomefan - 17 May, 2009
WOW!! Love Them!!!
This should be another video version of the single. Absolutely wonderful!! Bono was dancing..that is so great. He always makes fun of his dancing, I thought he did great. His voice is in top form. I tried so hard to win tickets to this show. I have my tickets to 2 shows in October though, thanks to U2.com for the great job on the Pre-Sale. I couldn't be happier, I love U2 and I love U2.com. Keep it coming.
Oswaldo_S - 11 May, 2009
Better than the official video...
Simpler and lot better that the "arty" sheets video
tchen - 10 May, 2009
"Beautiful Day" in 2009
this is the real next masterpiece, from U2, in the mood of "Beautiful Day", after this song, it was a real stream of joy and happyness in my heart, only U2 make this sort of "alchemy", thk'x Bono and your friends !
angelsmist04 - 06 May, 2009
Amazingly Magnificent
As usual, AMAZING as usual. I can't wait to see it live in Chicago come September!! Yea!!
MaggsinToronto - 02 May, 2009
Great video
I agree, think this clip really caputres the mood and energy. I wasn't a huge fan of the song off the CD itself, but this clip did it for me. Will be interested to what the video from Morocco will bring.
Simon Thompson - 01 May, 2009
Great images...
...but please let me in the sound!
Plumilla_2000 - 01 May, 2009
I was born
I was born I was born to listen you
Bonomork - 01 May, 2009
Pulula - 30 April, 2009
You guys are magic!!! I cannot wait to see you in Chicago.
angelaprettie - 27 April, 2009
This is going to be a James Bond header song---the Broccolli brothers better get on the phone...
myintx - 21 April, 2009
Amazing Song!
This song is GREAT, AWESOME, WONDERFUL.. hmm.. what other word could describe it ;) I can't wait until the rest of the world can hear this fantastic song. I just hope broadcast radio in the USgives it the airplay it truly deserves. Unfortunately, it seems broadcast radiodoesn't give U2 the airplay it deserves (I don't think I've ever heard "Sometimes You Can't Make it on your Own" on the radio (except XM) - and I even called a local station to request it!). At least I have the album to listen to.. And, I'm so looking forward to hearing them LIVE in Texas!!!!! :)
Dibble - 18 April, 2009
Top Twanging from The Edge !
Well this is more like it fellas
- 18 April, 2009
our gift from ireland
an extraordinary gift of music, your powerful voice.. thanks to larry, bono, edge, and adam ..we raise a Guinness to Magnificent
dlad - 17 April, 2009
Magnificent opener
I'm hoping this will be the song that opens the show.
imranr - 16 April, 2009
Only love can leave such a mark...
This song puts a big ole lump in my throat.... just one (of several) U2 tunes that hits me in that one certain spot and makes me tear up. What a beautiful song. Looking forward to the Atlanta show. I've stuck by the band since I was a teen-ager and I'm proud to say that I love them just as much (if not more) now that I did back then. Thanks U2, for another chapter in the soundtrack of my life, with this song. MAGNIFICENT!
gsjr - 16 April, 2009
This is just the best
Great sound, great performance, great place, nice lyrics. Please, please...come to Lima, Peru and do some Magnificent to this country and to me!
plgu2 - 16 April, 2009
Bono's voice
Great song, great performance as usual and Bono's voice really sounds great. Looking good for the tour!
topman500 - 16 April, 2009
Best single since beautiful day!
fishergirl12 - 16 April, 2009
lola girl
Bono has a voice that can leave such a mark. I love this song, truly magnificent
FaithHope&U2 - 15 April, 2009
Pure sonic gold. What a rush this is going to be with 60,000-70,000 other fans in a stadium. And this is just one great song. I can't wait!
adnilton - 15 April, 2009
Leave us such a mark!
We need no words to describe this video! No doubt this single will pump it up! As far asI know fromthis album we'll have joyful surprises from now on. Hey guys, we are still waiting for the Latin America's Tour Dates. Leave us such a mark too!
magsieboy - 15 April, 2009
When i was 14 at school i was captured by The Joshua Tree,this is the longest love affair of my life,thank you guys you have no idea of how you have been the soundtrack of my life, you have a magic which takes me places only illicit substances should! U24EVR
tkolec - 15 April, 2009
This is music!
Song is great. I am so happy to come to Zagreb and I can not wait to be the first time I see and we hear in live.
blankmindead - 15 April, 2009
Good Stuff
Formidable as usual, nothing spectacular. Overall, a good track for a great album.
Adam and Nat - 15 April, 2009
Wow. Cool clip for online!
What an amazing clip. I wonder if it was just made for online at U2.com ... if so it is incredible!
TYIELD - 14 April, 2009
starfish1220 - 14 April, 2009
Magnificent feeling
I can't wait to get to the show. The clip itself gets me weepy.
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