Eleven from the Rose Bowl

16 November 2009
Eleven from the Rose Bowl
On October 25th the band were joined for their show at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena by millions more viewers watching the show live on YouTube. It was a special night.

Here's eleven of the best moments from the show. Click on the title to play the song.

No Line on the Horizon - Rose Bowl

The Unforgettable Fire - Rose Bowl

Get On Your Boots - Rose Bowl

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight - Rose Bowl

Unknown Caller - Rose Bowl

Sunday Bloody Sunday - Rose Bowl

City Of Blinding Lights - Rose Bowl

Ultra Violet - Rose Bowl

Beautiful Day - Rose Bowl

Breathe - Rose Bowl

Moment Of Surrender - Rose Bowl
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chris_cookie - 12 February, 2010
rose bowl and raleigh, north carolina
Okay, I have held this back long enough. I have been a fan since the beginning, but did not get to see my favorite band live until October 3, 2009 in Raleigh, NC. Why did Bono feel the need to make me cry? Yes, I not only cried in Raleigh, but I cried during the Rose Bowl show because of one verse of one song.
PCIRELAND - 05 January, 2010
Marleenie - 22 December, 2009
Best Moments
They were all "best moments" but I seem to think they saved the best for last. How wonderfully connecting an experience to be able to sit within the confines of my office, kicking back in my jammies, listening intently and feeling as though it was "all about me"! Evolving engineering/technological concepts prove vital in balancing the need for music to remain a constant in unifying hearts and minds. How lucky I am to be able to participate! Thank you.
Nitz - 19 December, 2009
A old dream comes true...
Since i was 18 i had a dream. Now i'm 43 and this dream cames true: 7july, 2009 to Milano. Next year we see us again to Torino. Your music give us hope for a better world!
mattyjchapin - 17 December, 2009
Where's Still Haven't Found?
I was at the show and THE highlight of the show by far was the crowd singing above the band to "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". Gave me goosebumps, and will never forget it.
lunasct - 29 November, 2009
I love it all
My favorite is Ultra Violet, but I love it all! U2 is the best! Kisses for Bono!
u2ernesto - 22 November, 2009
Beautiful Day's God Country
"Desert sky Dream beneath the desert sky The rivers run but soon run dry We need new dreams tonight" God I missed that song from Rattle & Hum, amazing. Great to hear bits from it again! The whole concert's incredible.
- 20 November, 2009
moment of surrender
what do you mean by "i tied myself with wire. to let the horses run free, playing with the fire till the fire played with me...the stone was semy precious...we were barely concious...what do you mean by this?
enrperez - 19 November, 2009
Great Concert
The boys pulled-it off ! Great concert - Beautiful weather and outstanding beer sales!
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