'All the promises we made, from the cradle to the grave…' 

The band  were at Abbey Road Studios in London last month, making a one-off BBC special which airs on Tuesday December 19th.

Performing with choir and orchestra, they played tracks from Songs of Experience, talked to presenter Cat Deeley about the making of the album… and dipped into the back catalogue for a number or two, including this pretty wonderful version of  'All I Want Is You'.



13 December, 2017
A clash of genre
A rock band backed by an orchestra? Only one band can pull this off with one of their masterpiece compositions. The band is always solid and Bono gives a strong performance. This is a great version of one of U2's best songs ever. It is has all the volume and majesty of a song for the ages we have come to expect from the band. Combining these two musical environments is a true test to the band's willingness to constantly explore new boundaries. May they never lose that...
13 December, 2017
fertile ground
Thanks for always lifting us higher and higher. You are true spirits that routinely brave the unknown and find ‘fertile ground.’ Much love and respect! Nobel Committee... please, please, please take notice.
13 December, 2017
Great Song
Great version, where can I buy it ?
13 December, 2017
Wonderful. This song is Beautiful and one of my favorites. Played at my wedding. Marcelo Jara.
12 December, 2017
SOE in my opinion
I’ve be a fan since the eighties and in my opinion they are moving back to their roots. I’ve read many disappointing responses and exciting ones too. The song that I liked right off the bat was Red flag day, then landlady but honestly the song that really caught my ear was a book of your heart. What drew me to U2 was the music, lyrics, and how close the vocals were. I will say I was surprised and filled with disappointment That Eno and Lanois weren’t part of this project, as I feel they are the 5th and 6th members of the band. U2 is very gifted and talented like great food in the kitchen, and Eno and Lanois are like great chefs. I say this because reminiscing back to Achtung baby, U2 put some great songs together that would later become the finished product of Achtung baby. I heard the outtakes, but until recently I’ve been listening to a re-release of songs called the baby kindergarten takes. These songs are very U2 as is SOE, had Eno and Lanois produced these songs off of soi and SOE we would have in my opinion had another couple of Achtung baby moments. With that being said, there is a rawness with this album that is acquired, but appreciated. I am much happier with SOE than soi. The song clip that is being played as a teaser on Apple is frustrating. I hope to hear it soon. I’m thankful for the ability to listen and play music. I am also excited to understand how these songs will sound on a live plateform.
12 December, 2017
All I want is you with orchestra
Wow! Wow! Wow!! So much emotion in this beautiful version of one of the most beautiful songs that exist
fernando brasil
12 December, 2017
U2 U2 U2 - lots of love!! My favorite band playing one of my favorite songs!!
12 December, 2017
my favourite U2 song
All I want is you has always been my favourite U2 song - this performance is breath-taking - truly a masterpiece - thanks once again -
12 December, 2017
trash trampoline
12 December, 2017
A man with a suitcase..full of things he
Wow - can't believe Bono went into Walk to the Water!
12 December, 2017
One of my favorites songs and in this version U2 shows how them grow as a band
11 December, 2017
Superb,superb,superb...Still the best band in the world
10 December, 2017
All I Want is You
Best Yet.... Fantastic version....
10 December, 2017
Beautiful Song(s)
Love it....and the Walk on Water touch was brilliant. Walk on Water and Luminous Times (Hold on to Love), two songs that IMHO are a couple of "gems" that are just waiting to be discovered by more. I wish (hope) they would play Luminous Times in concert, we need that song now more than ever. Looking back on the day I married the love of my life I think I would have chosen this song for my wedding. The lyrics are so powerful and are true today as they will be tomorrow.
09 December, 2017
...what a lovely version! :) More please! :)
09 December, 2017
In silent fellowship; I love this Son g! Great to see that the work is in progress, and it is just the warming up to 2020! Love and light my way, Detlev Lassche. Miss You Sugar.
09 December, 2017
Please play in Europe next year!
Incredible song and a stunning version - no one selects and blends songs better than U2 - a classic. Roll on 19th December - will be watching with beer in Joshu Tree pint mug
08 December, 2017
My husband and I are probably one of many couples who relate to this song and have a story to tel connected to this song. Ours started 25 years ago in Mexico City. And yes, there is a story about us and this song to boring to share. Anyway, since then, we have been fortunate enough to have seen U2 in many venues and a few countries, including Ireland (Slane Castle!). And this song, is THE song for us. This is such a beautiful rendition. To all members of U2, I wonder what it feels like to hear a song you created years ago being played to you in a way by an orchestra. You have earned this and so much more. Respect and love.
08 December, 2017
Most complete
This is so good - it is the most complete version ever. Its actually beyond words so now I stop describing it!
08 December, 2017
Oh Wow
Just a brilliant live version, and seeing the boys enjoy the strings and applauding - class!
07 December, 2017
On our 2 nd date my husband sang this song into my ear while it was playing in the background at the restaurant we were in 26 years ago, I got the chills .. he is still All I Want! My finger has a diamond on a ring of gold. Everytime i hear this song I am transported back to that night. Thank you U2. Beautiful performance with the strings as well.
07 December, 2017
Turning left on the North Strand..
These are the little moments why I hold this (sometimes infuriating) band so close to my heart. What a magical performance lads. A room in the Royal hotel With sea facing views A man with a suitcase Full of things he doesn't need I'm looking through your window I'm walking through your doorway I'm on the outside Let me in Let me love you Let me love you Let me
07 December, 2017
One of the greatest songs ever
Comment: Let is speak for itself.
06 December, 2017
Air date in the States?
When will this air in America? On BBC America, perhaps?
06 December, 2017
Wow - Walk to the Water at the end of a beautiful song. Walk to the Water is in itself a stunning song too. Quite a partnership x
Jo Van de Vreken
06 December, 2017
Played this song on my wedding 21 years ago. It still gives me goosebumps!
06 December, 2017
My favourite song hope you play it in Montreal in June.
06 December, 2017
Great performance!!
All i want is you are one of my best song, and this version live are amazing!! Great!!
06 December, 2017
Walk To The Water
Wow, wow, wow, you guys. What a gig. I will forever walk to the water with you.
06 December, 2017
All I want is you
A love letter has to be these lyrics r precious
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