At the end of July last year, after 110 shows, the U2360° spaceship took off for the final time.

Nothing captures the 360° vibe like the limited edition live set U22, with 22 songs from three years of shows.

But what was it like to be there on the night, from the second the band walked onstage as  'Real Thing' kicked off to the closing benediction of 'Moment of Surrender' ?

Maybe you were there and you'll never forget... maybe you wouldn't mind a reminder. 

To mark the first anniversary of the end of U2360°, this Saturday, exclusively for our subscribers, we'll be rebroadcasting the audio of the third show in Sao Paulo from April 2011.

The third and final rebroadcast begin at 8pm (London, UK time) on Sunday July 29th.  Check the graphic below below for  times in other regions. Listen in to the entire show - and join other fans in a live conversation. (Check The World Clock to see what time works best where you are in the world or take a look at our world times below for each broadcast.)

Listen to the show here (you'll need to be logged in to access it).

( subscribers can follow this live thread in the Zoo and get voting in the  U22Unwrapped Fans Videos Vote Off (Round 1).)

And if you're not a subscriber to and you'd like to listen in, check out the details of a subscription. You get to download 12 tracks from U22 immediately, we put the limited edition package in the mail to you... and your plans for this weekend are sorted!


26 July, 2012
It really was a spectacular weekend (I saw the first show). There are no words to explain the feeling of having seen U2 360. It will be great to review this amazing spectacle again...
25 July, 2012
Welcome to the party in Sao Paulo, BR ag
It´s a pleasure to be we You again... Fans from all over the world. People the five continentes who love U2 as we from Brazil (Sao Paulo)do!
25 July, 2012
Brazil deserves a DVD too :)
I was there, following U2, in São Paulo and so many other cities around the world. But I have always asked to myself, why amazing concerts in Brazil have never deserved a dvd about? Now is time! Will be amazing!
25 July, 2012
Atibaia, SP Brasil
It will be a Great Show! Thank you U2! Junior Justo
25 July, 2012
u2 ist 4 ever the best band
remember u2 concerts its perfect,,we miss this boys and this band u2 its so perfect...i just to tell to u2 band,,,dont make the u2 fans wait more 4 years to a new album and tour...the u2 fans loves you,,,love 4 ever from portugal setubal...u2 u2 u2 until we die,,thanks all u2 fans..paul
25 July, 2012
April 13
My birthday :)
24 July, 2012
magnificent April 13
Last night of 360 in São Paulo. The mothership was about to take off again and we were all taken on a most enjoyable ride. The crowd was loud and passionate and U2 played their best. Thank you again to give us all the opportunity to relive the best moments in our lives. We love U2 and thanks
24 July, 2012
U2 in Brasil 2011
Great...perfect night!!! By the way...Perfect April 9th, 2011, Perfect April 10th, 2011 and Perfect April 13th, 2011... Luis Coelho from Porto Alegre, Brasil
24 July, 2012
Thank You...Montreal?
Thank you U2 for airing this show again. I was at both Montreal shows and you aired the 2nd one, I believe. Would you be re-airing the Montreal show in the future? Thanks, TV
23 July, 2012
will this broadcast work on an iPad?
I'll be traveling and yet would love to hear the show. I want to dream out loud!
23 July, 2012
Una vez más
Gracias, será bueno recordar.
23 July, 2012
Thanks for this awesome gift, let the world hear how was the most beautiful night of my life. April 13th, 2011 - The unforgettable night!
23 July, 2012
23 July, 2012
Brazil misses you!!
I can´t wait!! The shows in São Paulo were great!!! Thank you for this opportunity!! Love, Fernanda Bottini
23 July, 2012
I Remenber U Too
I was there! The band played real out loud! What a night! Great tour! I already miss you guys!
23 July, 2012
I was there!
I watched this show live at the stadium! It will be awesome to hear it again!!
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