Because the Night

30 October 2009
Because the Night
It's not long over in New York, night two of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Here's some highlights - photos and more on the way.

From Lou Reed joining Metallica for 'Sweet Jane' to 'Stuck in a Moment' when Mick Jagger joined U2, it was a night when some of the greatest musicians jammed with each other in homage to the traditions of rock'n'roll. Annie Lennox with Lenny Kravitz, Jeff Beck with Sting and Buddy Guy, Ozzy Ozbourne rocking out with Metallica and Ray Davies leading on Kinks standard 'You Really Got Me'.

Edge, Larry, Adam and Bono, arriving on stage for a blistering rendition of Vertigo and a soaring Magnificent, were complemented by Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith for the song he wrote with her 'Because The Night'. Legendary E Street keyboardist Roy Bittan was up with Bruce for 'Still Haven't Found' before Black Eyed Peas, fresh from the final 2009 dates of the 360 Tour, got in the groove for a seriously funky Mysterious Ways.

Fergie and U2 were joined by Mick Jagger for 'Gimme Shelter' while Sir Mick took the vocals with Bono for 'Stuck In A Moment'. A beautiful night had to end with a Beautiful Day, when U2 wrapped the proceedings up.

More news and photos coming up. If you were there tonight: let us know how it was for you.
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ronniem56 - 02 November, 2009
jeaneye72 - 02 November, 2009
I was there....
What an Amazing night!!!! I am so beyond thrilled that I was able to experience this special event! Absolutely Loved watching U2 play & share the stage with Bruce, Patti Smith, Black Eyed Peas & Mick Jagger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I can say is, Wow! I am still in awe! Thank you for an incredible show!!!
Jen Tarsney - 02 November, 2009
Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Show
I had the privilege of being at both nights of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden. What an event- capped off by another brilliant U2 performance. "Gimme Shelter" with Mick Jagger and Fergie was absolutely incredible. Can't wait to see the performances again when it is broadcast on HBO.
MaSanYa - 02 November, 2009
To Larry
Happy birthday to you!!! unfortunatly you can not hear how I sing this to you... but I is not to hard to emagine. I wish you many more good drum stiks, good fortune, good helth, lot of love and happines in every day! I thank you for starting this band!!! Also I am unhappy that I can only watch the photos from HOF and I am hoping that soon I will be able to see some videos! See you in Franfurt 2010!
sxrancid - 01 November, 2009
Oh No!
I cant wait to see them and hopefully when i do its gonna be something crazy awesome like this!
danprov - 01 November, 2009
DVD release?
Hopefully the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame will release these anniversary shows on DVD. I'm enjoying the box set of the first 25 years. I hope we don't have to wait 25 years for this one.
Yogic - 01 November, 2009
Wasn't there but reading the lineup made me dizzy...how sweet it is : ) the microphone englIsh is cool...Sir Mick Has a full grip on his microphone...Bono has his nestled on the pinky... : )
brigantine - 01 November, 2009
Hall of Fame versus 360 tour
I saw the 360 tour in Pasadena and the Hall of Fame Show at the Garden. The HOF show was so much better. Get rid of the big stages its about the Music and the People. All the songs U2 did at MSG even by themselves were better then any 360 tour song. U2, Black eyed peas, and Mick equals Rock and Roll History.
TorreyV - 01 November, 2009
I heard both nights will be aired on HBO in the near future and I am sure U2.com will keep all of us informed. Can't wait to see it.
Val1 - 31 October, 2009
Very Special!
The show was wonderful. U2 was "Magnificent" and so was Patti Smith who held everyone's heart. Mick was terrific, but it was Edge, Larry, Adam and Bono who took the performances to a higher level.. I thank the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for making this happen.
nocake4u - 31 October, 2009
Ruined for life...
I finally took my 12 year old son (middle child, whaddya expect) to his first concert and he is ruined for life, he will never experience anything like this again. The concert was an absolutely amazing experience, to hear Bono, Patti and Bruce do their thing was magical. Metallica was so on the money, Turn the Page was phenomenal, as was Lou Reed. My guitar playing son was so into the whole experience, it was something we will both never forget...
tallulahnyc - 31 October, 2009
Over the Top Amazing!
it was over the top amazing! so lucky to have been there! what a night! and yes, happy b-day larry!!!
nitz1 - 31 October, 2009
I was there too!
One of the best concerts I have ever been too! Just for the shear spectrum of artists playing together! U2 rocked the house down as always!
Naddoush - 31 October, 2009
Larry, hope you'll have many many successful years ahead of you with U2 and without it.. Don't go crazy if you don't go crazy tonight.. Please please go to Beirut, Lebanon next summer..
runin2stndstill - 31 October, 2009
mick and u2 were the highlight of the ni
it was pure euphoria to watch mick jagger and bono facing each other singing stuck in a moment! i can die happy
silvia catia - 31 October, 2009
Amazing !!!
I Want to see it !!! It's a pitty I live in Brazil i can't see nights like this with U2 here !!!!! When you will go here, we waiting you soon !!!
kampa#11 - 31 October, 2009
Beautiful show!!! ps: happy b day Larry!!!!!
maela62 - 31 October, 2009
because the night
it sounds being a magnificent night, waiting for some news about it!
clapton is god - 31 October, 2009
that lineup and songs sounded sooo goood, wish i had taken a sickie lol :)
RoxiMich - 30 October, 2009
The whole night was great. So many legends under one roof; it was a dream come true. (Well, almost. The one thing I'm pining for the most is a U2/Prince collabo! I'd sell my grandmother to experience something like that.) Anywho, U2 was good, but they were great with Mick and in the second rendition of "Because the Night." And it looked like they were having a lot of fun being the "house band." I really enjoyed it. What a great way to look back at this magical thing called rock and roll!
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