Countdown Day 6

Less than a week to go until U2 360° opens up again in Europe.

In Turin the sun is up , the crew are on stage and the scene is set for the arrival of the band.

And on the drums...
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belenhermoso - 03 August, 2010
Have a goooood time...... Torino...... We, in Spain, are waiting for September...... see you in Sevilla ......SalU2
- 01 August, 2010
"The sun is up in Turin"
Wherever the sun shines, things happens...
Sprud - 01 August, 2010
Waiting in the USA
I will be with you again, U2. In NYC in 2011!
MagnificentAMP - 01 August, 2010
Green with Envy
Oh, so jealous! 300+ days until I see Bono, Edge, Larry, and Adam! *SIGH*
All I Want Is You 2 - 01 August, 2010
Countdown Day 6
Who is on the drums? The video shows NOTHING!
descasu - 01 August, 2010
thank you..
...cause italy is your home and together we will be great again...
loveandpeace83 - 01 August, 2010
I LOVE YOU U2..........
I could be in Turin and I'm so sad ... Deeply September 18 in PARIS. U2 soon. Kisses. loveandpeace83 (U2--forever^^)
birdsong - 01 August, 2010
Oh Yeh!
Short clip, but it creates feelings of excitement and anticipation, and vivid memories of last Fall in the USA. I imagine we will be able to hear the cheers all the way across the pond when our band first appears on the fabulous 360 stage!!
fatbhoytim - 01 August, 2010
Lick me
Lick me!
youdontnohow - 01 August, 2010
Enjoy people of turin you will be blown away ! ;o)
suncemojemalo - 31 July, 2010
Can't wait!
Can't wait!!! Turin here I come :)))
- 31 July, 2010
mich40 - 31 July, 2010
It's all about the drums. :-)
- 31 July, 2010
Sept 26th Donostia
I'm in Spain for the surf, so it's a great moment to visit the 360tour , can it better?????
- 31 July, 2010
R.e New Stuff
Well, I've seen a video on youtube, where to can hear the band rehearsing Mofo, which is what a lot of people wanted them to bring back after so many years, I certainly think it's time, and also Pride is back in the setlist after in seemed to dissapear during the US tour last year.
bacidatorino - 31 July, 2010
you put together my city and my favourite song wow!
hicksong - 31 July, 2010
Breathe.......Stretch.......Breathe........Play Fez .......... Stretch............Breathe...........Play Fez.............Please PLay Fez...........Breathe.........Stretch............
laurieforde - 31 July, 2010
Tears. We miss you in the USA. Have fun Europe!!
laurieforde - 31 July, 2010
Tears. We miss you in the USA. Have fun Europe!!
ataplacecalledvertigo - 31 July, 2010
new stuff
What new songs will they play.....
cowboy bob - 31 July, 2010
Is it just work?
Do the guys who unload all the equipment for the U2 360 tour realize how lucky they are to be handling the equipment for U2? I wonder.... Anyway can't wait till next July!
franciou2 - 31 July, 2010
Oh my god!!!!!!!!! waiting for the opening night in Turin, hope this time goes faster and faster!! - 6 days guys!!!!!!! see you in turin!
U21310 - 31 July, 2010
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