'It Might Get Loud', starring Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White is set for theatrical release in the UK and Ireland - and DVD release in North America.

The critically acclaimed 'rockumentary', directed by David Guggenheim (The Inconvenient Truth) will open in early January in Ireland and the UK - with a London premiere on December 15th. The film brings together Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White to share their passion for the electric guitar and revolves around a day when the three guitarists first met and sat down together to share their stories, teach and play.

'Discover Jimmy Page's first appearance on TV as a skiffle-playing adolescent. Revisit the humble venue for U2's first gig - a playground ledge in Dublin. And learn how to make an electric guitar, Jack White-style, with a piece of old wood and some rusty nails.'

The film opened to great reviews in the US. 'In nearly every moment, an incredibly rich mix of their music, groundbreaking, defining, which alone would be almost enough,' said the LA Times. 'That it comes with a righteous story too is a lovely bonus.'

Take a look at some great photos in our It Might Get Loud gallery.

Check out the official site which also carries details of the North American DVD release.

It Might Get Loud officially opens in the UK from January 5th and at the Irish Film Institute in Dublin on January 8th and Queens' Belfast on January 15th.

In the UK you can find it in Norwich, Brighton, Birmingham, Southampton, Oxford, Aberdeen, York, Henley, Cambridge, London (Greenwich, Brixton, Hammersmith), Liverpool, Derby, Glasgow, Bristol, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester. More news as we get it.


29 December, 2009
Sentimental fool I am
OK, so I bought the DVD for my brother for Christmas - an amazing blues guitar player. My brother first learned to play the guitar "upside down" because he's left handed. Neat. I then bought a copy of the DVD for myself. I'm 38yrs old so all 3 of these musicians hold a special place in my heart. Here's the sentimental fool I am - watching and listening to Edge and Jimmy Page (of course Jack White too) play a U2 track brought tears to my eyes. When I was teenager in the 80's I would imagine what it would be like to hear The Edge play with people like Page or Hendrix or Townshend or Clapton or... you get my drift. These are some of the artists who have raised the bar in modern music. Edge you truly are a "sonic architect." U2 have enriched my life beyond measure! Thank-you!!!!!
23 December, 2009
This Trio has Very intense tunnel vision for guitar playing perfection... Inspires me to ramp it up a little more in my world... Thanks for being loud : )
09 December, 2009
Pre-ordered DVD!
This movie was SO terrific! I cannot wait for it to arrive and play over and over again; it IS that good. Edge fans (and Page fans too; I really didn't know White that well, but respect him) will be enthralled by this "rock-u-mentary" film! Not to be missed! :)
09 December, 2009
Must see
I'm not a guitar player but thought this movie was awesome! They are each a genius in their own way and it's great to see them all jam together. It's pretty damn cool.
09 December, 2009
It's really astonishing. I'm in Brasil, and the movie has exihibited at a festival last week. It rocks, man! I hope they release the DVD in south america too!!
08 December, 2009
awesome movie
I saw it in the theater. The entire theater was full. Planning to buy it as soon as it comes out. I loved the look on the Edge's face when Jimmy Page was playing Whole Lotta Love.
05 December, 2009
Saw it in theaters...
...and now I can't wait to own this on DVD! Just in time for Christmas! I really loved this movie. Love U2, love Jack White and his various projects, and I love Led Zep. Perfect for me!
04 December, 2009
It might be the dvd
Been so much looking forward to seeing this movie that I will order the dvd, and still hope for the movie to be released on French cinema screens & hopefully a nice Première in Paris !!
03 December, 2009
Curios to learn about the guitar world from this Trio's point of decibel...
03 December, 2009
Can't wait!
I play guitar, and I love U2 and Led Zeppelin's music. I can't wait to see this. Queued for Netflix release date of 12/22.
02 December, 2009
Fantastic Movie- Especially for aspiring
I saw the movie over here in the US. I loved every bit of it especially because I play guitar and edge shows you a few of his tricks. Defintley a go see!
02 December, 2009
I saw it in the theaters and would have rather watched it on dvd just because I would have like to fast forward and only watch The Edge. Just had no interest in the other two guys. I would like to see this type of film on only U2 ;)
02 December, 2009
I guess that us europeans can just order the DVD from the US, and ship it cross the atlantic?
02 December, 2009
European DVD???
It would be nice an european dvd version... with italian subtitles!
02 December, 2009
Look forward to it!!
Can't wait to see it! It's been advertised for ages and I was wondering what happened! Glad it's finally arriving to the UK, and with a London premiere! Hope there's a way to be there. :)
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