'Getting Ready To Leave The Ground.'

Coming to a show on the 360 Tour ? This is what it looked like on opening night in Barcelona - you've never seen a stage like this. Or heard songs like these. Definitely getting ready to leave the ground.

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poison ivy - 14 July, 2009
I was there, it was amazing, and the stage doesn't look scary like I thought it would. The sound was great, set list perfect, but I think that they should open with No line, or with Boots, Breath is a perfect song, but it's not for opening!
musicfan - 14 July, 2009
cool stage!!
wish i had the cheap seats, instead, to get the full effect of that stage. wow!! and dont shoot me, but i dont like that new song
bxn110 - 11 July, 2009
The anticipation builds
With every clip we are closer to seeing this marvel ourselves here in the states. Keep up the amazing energy for us!
gladiadoru2 - 10 July, 2009
Great start of the world tour
My son, 3 godsons and I are devoted U2 fans from El Salvador. Edge, Larry, Adam and Bono : will you bring the tour to my country ?. You know we love U2's art. You already learned that you have a huge fan base in my country. Please, in the name of El Salvador
vic_bono - 10 July, 2009
wow magnificent show!!!!
balutsa - 09 July, 2009
great stage, unique tour for a record thats not brilliant..
angel one - 08 July, 2009
Show in Milan: sunburst stadium
I'm an italian fan, Angelo Liaci, and I was in the pit near the long walking line. Let me tell you guys that San Siro Stadium and Italian fans had such an anergy, such a strong feeling that the band kept at the intro and at the first songs!! Yeah Milano sexy people...Amazing...i was in Barcellona also and in my fair opinion this show in Milan was the best for the band and for the odience. Incredible singing crowd "one" with the Band. Bono's voice clear and powerful...he enjoyed a lot and it was clear to everybody...after the warm-up they are now ready to burn every stage in every stadium. In Milan there was a big storm in the morning that made us completely wet for hours while we waiting to enter in the stadium...but at the end of the night after this incredible show and his Unforgettable Fire...in this lovely embrace we were totally dry: bones, skin and soul!!! A great family, a great and incerdible long relationship between four guys, their crew, and millions of fans around the world..in the name of music, in the name of love...this is what I call "U2NATION". And, once again, the question is:How long to sing this song?
kneener - 07 July, 2009
No other band does this to me but u2!! So ready to lose myself in the moment when I see them again in Atlanta in October. Don't know how they do it - they just connect with my soul. LOVE IT!
wireone - 07 July, 2009
All I can say is....
give me more!
daved45 - 07 July, 2009
No Line
Wow the live version of no line sounds AMAZING, and its only the start of the tour! Cant imagine what the new new songs will sound like when I see them in vancouver Canada. Go on the lads!
realthing3 - 06 July, 2009
what a crazy opening night!
Baarceloonaa!!! Many, many thanks for playing TUF and Ultra Violet !! I'm so, so happy - I have seen it with tears in my eyes! Petra / Germany
pattieboyals - 06 July, 2009
what a night!!!
the stage is unbelievable!!! we were standing off to the left and always seemed to be in perfect position!!! great design,doesn't seem to be a bad place to see the show...does anyone know how to get the seats that are on the stage??? looks like a great place to see the show!!!!
Andrea Cristina - 06 July, 2009
See you next weekend!
Your concerts have always been the best! I can't wait to see you in Paris on Saturday. I couldn't believe you could have done better this time (better seemed impossible!) and there...you did it again! See you next weekend! Loads of love from Switzerland!
wim_v - 06 July, 2009
Looking forward to see the band live on july the 20 in Amsterdam. This short clip is already getting me in a good mood.
oremar - 05 July, 2009
Thank you very much to start the 360º Tour in Barcelona. I was there for the 2 concerts and I’ll keep both in my mind for the rest of my life. There’re no words to explain all the emotions…. We went from Madrid and can’t wait to see you again…. GOD BLESS YOU!.. Maria Paz Orejas Martinez, Madrid, Spain.
Mon G.Buhigas - 04 July, 2009
The Unforgettable Fire
Back home from the opening show in Barcelona...Don't miss them live. And what a superb version of The Unforgettable Fire. That song is an underrated masterpiece and it should be in everyone's heaven.
alexxu2 - 04 July, 2009
I don't know what to think about this kind of..."ALIEN"...Is this a new episode from "ALIEN vs PREDATOR"?!?!? WOW! I'm waiting...you....in MILAN! In "RED ZONE"!!! Peace on Earth! www.joinred.com!
Carlita0105 - 04 July, 2009
Go crazy if I dont go crazy
I loved the new version of go crazy! It was amazing and the images of the band claping above, wicked! I am Lebanese and I came all the way to Barcelona to watch this concert! Loved it and i wish I was the lucky girl to get up on stage and sing with Bono, maybe next time :) thank you U2!
Garry - 04 July, 2009
first night i was there.
A jaw dropping show,best one i've seen so far,and i've seen them a fair few times,i loved the dance version of crazy tonight,get on yer boots rocked the whole nou camp,fantastic show,take a bow boys,showed everyone else how to do it,proud to be a u2 fan,i felt part of the band with this show,thanks boys.
primer - 03 July, 2009
barcelona opening night!
I still can't believe that I was there!!! I was in the pit area in front of the Edge..... great concert.... I think that it was the best ever!!
mae - 03 July, 2009
I was there!!!!!
The future needs a big kiss... and i need an U2 tour every year... :D It was incredible!!! Thanks to be there, and congratulations for the show. A big kiss for you from mae
Francesco_Lano - 03 July, 2009
Thanks thanks
Great Great Great!! Voice, sound, rithm atmosphere.... what a Beautiful emotion!! in italian: Grande Grande Grande! 2 night, 2 great list! We're waiting for Milan on 7!!!
badjo1000 - 03 July, 2009
The Most incredible Show Ever
After viewing the first show of the tour, i can only say tj the other fans taht haven't seen the show... GET READY... IT'S THE SHOW OF YOUR LIFE. Thank you U2 for giving me the most wonderfull feelings of my life. Smell the flower will you can
JASR - 03 July, 2009
WayenbergA - 03 July, 2009
Was from Belgium In Barcelona
Got goosebumps when they entered the stage, a tsunami of new sounds and good rock pop songs covered with real show aspects. U2 like I saw them on Rock Werchter in 1982 Bono climbing into the stage construction, was far away but also near in the sound. Bono’s first in love with Stage&Co from Wijgmaal the village beside Leuven where I live, inspired him and that’s good to know
kicker2 - 02 July, 2009
big bang
fdvigna - 02 July, 2009
Electrical Night!!!
Electrical Storm for the first time live.... how lucky Barcelona is!?!? We all went Crazy tonight ... twice! Hope they keep it in the setlist in Phoenix and Las Vegas... They should bring MOFO as well. Looking forward for Milano!
kg0812 - 02 July, 2009
Great clip! That just makes me even more excited to see the show now!
HVera - 02 July, 2009
I Was There !!!!!!!!!!
Thanks a lot to start the 360º tour in Barcelona, it was an unforgettable night to me and my younger brother who is now another of your fans, unfortunately I can't go at the second show tonight. Thanks for thi gift to all your fans of Barcelona and all the cities around Barcelona, please don't forget us because we will never forget you, and come to Barcelona with all the tours that you are planning to do in the future, I will always be there singing and dancing with your songs.A big kiss and congratulations to the four. I hope to meet you someday . Thank you very much. Helena Garcia Vera, Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona , Spain
Steved1998 - 02 July, 2009
Full songs
Awesome video and sound. Can you guys put full versions of some of the songs up? It'll help hold me over until September!
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