Going 'Crazy' Tonight

01 September 2009
Going 'Crazy' Tonight
You might have heard it on the road, the remixed version of 'Crazy' was one of the highlights of the European leg of the tour. Listen in to Redanka's remix from the new single - and to three other seriously groovy mixes.

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Download the single from iTunes in the UK and in the US.

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight, is released in the UK on September 7th by Mercury. The CD single includes a live version of Magnificent, recorded at the Somerville Theatre in Boston in March 2009. The single will also be available on 7" vinyl backed with the Dirty South Remix, and as a maxi single with the Dirty South, Fish Out Of Water and Redanka remixes.

The US release includes an iTunes Digital EP exclusive, as well as a maxi cd and 12" vinyl released on Sep 22.
US Digital EP - iTunes EXCLUSIVE
1. '...Crazy...' Single Version
2. '...Crazy...' Fish Out Of Water Remix
3. '...Crazy...' Dirty South Full Remix
4. '...Crazy...' Redanka Kick The Darkness Vocal
5. '...Crazy...' Redanka Sparks Of Light Dub
6. '...Crazy...' Redanka Kick The Darkness Instrumental
Includes David O'Reilly animated video plus Alex Courtes live action video and digital booklet.

US Digital EP
1. '...Crazy...' Single Version
2. '...Crazy...' Redanka Sparks Of Light Dub
3. '...Crazy...' Dirty South Full Remix

US maxi CD - available 9/22
1. '...Crazy...' Single Version
2. '...Crazy...' Fish Out Of Water Remix
3. '...Crazy...' Dirty South Full Remix
4. '...Crazy...' Redanka Kick The Darkness Vocal
5. '...Crazy...' Redanka Sparks Of Light Dub
6. '...Crazy...' Redanka Kick The Darkness Instrumental

12" vinyl - available 9/22
1. '...Crazy...' Single Version
2. '...Crazy...' Fish Out Of Water Remix
3. '...Crazy...' Dirty South Full Remix
1. '...Crazy...' Redanka Kick The Darkness Vocal
2. '...Crazy...' Redanka Sparks Of Light Dub
The single comes with two videos - one of which was created by Irish animation filmmaker David O'Reilly, and is the first animated clip for the band since 1995's 'Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me'. The second is a live-action video filmed in Barcelona on the 360 Tour and directed by Alex Courtes, who also directed the music videos for Magnificent and Get On Your Boots.

Watch the live video now: click on the window in the middle of the home page.

Watch David O'Reilly's animated clip below.

Buy the single in the UK and in the US.

Download the single from iTunes in the UK and in the US.

More 'Crazy' news as we get it.

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bulleyclan - 02 September, 2009
Going Crazy
Whoohoooooooo! Fab version! I'll have 1 please....
iluvu2 - 02 September, 2009
crazy remix
the remix sounded great live at Cardiff but i prefer the original album version but because i love u2 so much i will accept it thanks for Cardiff u2 love from your craziest fan xxx
inesp1 - 02 September, 2009
The song is great, version from concert is crazy. Kiss from Croatia
Shannon387 - 02 September, 2009
Awesome live!
This sounds ok but I thought the version they did live was much better. So much fun to watch, listen, and dance to! I hope we get a release of the live version of the remix in the US. PLEASE play the remix version in the US!!! :)
Miltex - 02 September, 2009
Good, but live version even better
Nice remix, but I still prefer the live version ( I danced like crazy). I second some who said "bring techno U2 back"! Meaning please play Discothèque again!
flavis - 02 September, 2009
Crazy all the time!
The live remix is awesome and one of the best moments of the show ever. Maybe some U2 fans are aging when they say something like "I don't like it, "please stop remixes". Ah, seriously, everyone know U2 are always innovating and getting better over the years. Thanks for this! Let's go crazy!
miggy - 02 September, 2009
Love It!!
Loved this when I heard it live, so pre-ordered it. Thanks for making it available now. Can't wait to get the full download. Possibly the best remix since the Even Better than the Real Thing remixes. I'll be dancing to this in my sleep. I do agree that studio b sides are a treasure, perhaps when the boys finish touring we may get more original material, can't please everyone I guess!
jimmyclem - 02 September, 2009
its a gd mix but the person below is right adam and edge need to be turned up like the live performance of the song which is amazin
whodunit - 02 September, 2009
Release the Live Version
I agree with PAISDANNYAL. The studio version lacks Adams groovy bass, which was the one thing, that made the Gothenburg 31.07 performance absolutely smokin´. Please release a live version with a pumpin´ bass!
ThetaTwo - 01 September, 2009
I am so sick of remixes. The band haven't had but 2-3 decent B-sides since '92. Come on lads, you can do far better than this.
campli - 01 September, 2009
Remix of "Crazy"
I would prefer to hear the song performed live as it was on the album. See you on 9/24!!
saen - 01 September, 2009
remix blows
i hate the remix
alpena12 - 01 September, 2009
Because its U2 I will accept it . Not my cup of tea really.
daddysgirl - 01 September, 2009
Me too
I'm glad I went crazy and now have everything I ever needed and MORE
lizsel - 01 September, 2009
Crazy 4 U2
Elaine1202 - 01 September, 2009
Crazy remix
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this remix! Roll on Monday!
NENA 4-U2 - 01 September, 2009
vazmadrea - 01 September, 2009
LOVED this version! such as POP era!! looking forward for Boston and NY shows!! hope to hear it LIVE!! :D
peter_odonnell - 01 September, 2009
Crazy for remixing
Remixes have always been a little suspect but that is the band experimenting and you have to admire them for doing so. I myself am no big fan but I have never liked any of the remixes from previous years but this, love it. Whether or not It has grown on me from the European tour I do not know but this is without a doubt the best remix to date. I’m going Crazy tonight !
- 01 September, 2009
I love this remix of 'Crazy'! I had such a great time dancing on it in Zagreb! the live performance was better, with Larry going around.. Thanks! L.O.L. Ana
TomcheeMorris - 01 September, 2009
NIZHONI - Beautiful Crazy
I disagree w/some of the other comments. I thought this was a unique and terrific way to express this song and the energy it created. And, I do hope you play it in the states. Look forward to purchasing our own copy.
maela62 - 01 September, 2009
going 'crazy' tonight
i like a lot this version although the album's version is fantastic
ultraviolet69 - 01 September, 2009
Better live
This is much better live. You have to be in the stadium to appreciate the live version but this isn't bad. I only buy the CD singles that have a new studio track on them or download it. Won't be buying this I'm afraid.
kennymcnaught - 01 September, 2009
Love the remix
I really love the Redanka remix, but I have to admit that the best experience is hearing the live version. The live version feels more intense. Hopefully this will be issued as a b-side on a future release.
songsrlikesmells - 01 September, 2009
What a choon!!!! What a mix! Excellent at the gigs. They should keep playing this mix but also play the original as the final encore song after MOS - send the crowd home with a Crazy bounce in their step! You know I'll go crazy!!!
MassiveU2Fan - 01 September, 2009
Sheer brilliance, it's mofo meets crazy. bring back techno U2
kay_vox - 01 September, 2009
so much better live.
I hope U2 releases a live version of this as the Bside to the next single. Can't wait to dance to this in toronto!!!!!!!!
SM4B - 01 September, 2009
The remix is not good, stick to the original track on the album.
BenjaminTS01 - 01 September, 2009
Please do NOT play this in the US! The original version is SO beautiful. This is the one song I was REALLY looking forward to from the album live :(
PAISDANNYAL - 01 September, 2009
Redanka Kick Darkness Vocal
This remix is good but lacks the punch of the live performance. In my humble opinion it needs adams base line cranked up to give the full effect witnessed at Hampden Park Glasgow on 18/8/09 where this song sounded and felt incredible as it pumped you up and carried you along with the song.
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