'I never had to push my way into a U2 show, that was a bit of a moment.' (Bono)

Written and recorded during the Abbey Road sessions in London in 2006, Window in the Skies  was one of two new tracks on the 'U218 Singles' compilation.

As well as becoming a Top 5 hit, the video, directed by Gary Koepke, was touched with genius. A dazzling edit brings together a stellar cast of rock'n'roll icons: Elvis Presley to Marvin Gaye, Patti Smith to Jimi Hendrix, Billie Holiday to Iggy Pop. Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam are lost in the audience. The Washington Post called it 'a triumph of postmodern reconstruction.'

If you missed the video, take another look. Then tell us in the comments below your all-time top three videos for a U2 single.


08 March, 2013
To Love I Rhapsodise
One of the great music videos.
07 March, 2013
best three videos (from singles)for me
1.Where the street have no name. 2.All because of you 3.Magnificent
07 March, 2013
My Top 3
1.Vertigo 2.Where the Streets Have no Name 3.Beautiful Day Those are my top 3 favourite music videos
07 March, 2013
Love it
This has to be one of the greatest music videos of all time regardless of your feelings on U2. It makes me love music and the people who perform it for us more than ever .
07 March, 2013
My favorit 3 U2 video shoots are
1. Where the streets have no name 2. At Vertigo 3. Where all the childeren sing......... This song is on the road and it will on that next album (3). Love and light, Detlev Lassche.
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