Over on our Discography page you'll find dozens and dozens of singles the band have released over the years.

Starting with U23 way back in 1979 - Out of Control, Stories for Boys, Boy-Girl - the trail leads all the way to 'I'll Go Crazy', third single from No Line On The Horizon, in 2009.

Maybe you'd forgotten Lemon was a single. Or you've never listened to Fire. Or you just recently discovered Please. But there'll be a U2 single that's special to you in some way - the one that comes on the radio or arrives unnoticed when your iPod's on shuffle and suddenly a moment in your life comes back to you.

What was the U2 single that stopped you in your tracks - and still does ?

It might depend on where you were when you first heard it, what was happening in your life, how you first got into the band?

Remind yourself of the history of the band's single releases and look through the promotional videos on this page in our Video Gallery (set aside a week or two for this) -  find the one that reminds you of a time and place in your life.

In the comments below tell us why this song is special for you. Is there a story behind it - an anecdote from your life ?

What brings the track alive for you? What was happening to you at the time you first heard it that means you'll never get over this single?

We have prizes for the best, the funniest, the most moving or surprising entries. Add them in the comments below. Did we mention that ? (Don't forget - we're not talking about any U2 track but about those released as singles...)


10 August, 2012
Staring at the sun
Difficult to decide....but Bono's voice in North and the South of the River is so particular, so deep, so beautiful and different.
10 August, 2012
My best friend and I were blossoming Southern girls in the States. MTV was all the rage. One lazy afternoon we were spoiling ourselves as usual with hours of MTV. This video started to play and it was DIFFERENT. We giggled at it for a few seconds before unanimously deciding it needed to be turned off immediately. Later that afternoon or the next day we were still best friends, and of course we were again watching MTV. Surprisingly, on came that intolerable video. But instead of turning the channel, I held my friend off and said wait. She gave me a look of why which I ignored for the most part, because something kicked inside of me, and it was a crushing sense that I was looking at something big, something I needed to see and something that was here to stay. A good music buff at the time, it was a new experience altogether. After viewing the Sunday Bloody Sunday video with the fire, the rocks, and Bono kneeling, so cute in that white tee, I am a fan forever.
10 August, 2012
streets on the roof top
I was about 12 when I watched the streets video... cutting from bullett the blue sky from the radio as the camera panned round onto the roof top of 7th and main. My sister was heavy into u2 and would watch that video that she had recorded onto our top-loading betamax we had constantly!. I was kind of forced to watch it as she was older but then I found myself getting completely drawn into the video and wanting to be in the crowd. I ended up nicking her Joshua tree tape and putting streets on my cool but bulky Toshiba walkman whilst walking to school, great days. To be fair it was her own fault for making me watch it!. Used to call my walkman chewwy it ate so many of my tapes!!.
10 August, 2012
Miracle Drug
Just love this song - don't know, if it is just me but love other hidden gems on all albums including 'Exit' and 'New York'. U22 CD should be re-issued as U222+ ???
10 August, 2012
Stuck in a moment/ moment of surrender
It was at a time I had started overcoming challenges I had struggled with for a long time. I must go on, and not stuck in that moment. I also get STUCK IN A MOMENT tattoot on my back wit the U2 360 tour logo to remind me. (sorry my english is not so good) My husband has the same logo tattoot on his back with MOMENT OF SURRENDER written by it. He`s always thinking of his dead mother and father when Bono sings that song.
10 August, 2012
Original Of The Species
I was listening to the track on and on the day my daughter was born. Labor took quite a while, so I would go outside the maternity once in a while to get some air and listen to the song on mi iPod. Well, my daughter was the first one of her kind, too... and she's gorgeous. To me, U2's like a house (and even a home): Larry is the basement, Adam is is walls and roof, Edge is the interior decorator. And Bono is the flashy sign at the entrance of the property, saying: "Come in, great place!"
10 August, 2012
Moment of Surrender
This track reminds me of a very very special moment that took place during the U2 360 Tour in Mexico City last year. I went to that concert with my best friend Juan José, (who now happens to be my partner in life and beloved boyfriend) and we were having a great time, enjoying ourselves and listening to great music by U2. Then Bono started to sing "Moment of Surrender" and in a magic moment, all of the sudden we held each other in a big hug, surrounded by the lights of the cellphones coming from the public like a million stars and with the mystic voice of Bono and the riffs from Edge's guitar... that's when I fell in love with Juan José. Thats why this song from U2 is so special to me and means a lot to us. Thanks U2 for that magic moment.
10 August, 2012
All I Want Is You 9" vinyl single
I'd gotten heavily into U2 2 years before on first hearing Where The Streets Have No Name. Fast forward 2 years later to 1989, aged 15, I was spending the summer holidays with my septuagenarian grandparents. They didn't much appreciate Bullet The Blue Sky. But when I found a vinyl All I Want Is You single in the 50p bin at the local WH Smiths record department I knew it might work. Sure enough once I loaded it onto my grandfather's old music centre turntable and set it spinning he started tapping his feet and my grandmother patted her hand on the armchair. The string section was appreciated. I loved the fact I could share my U2 appreciation with my grandfather before he died 4 months later. Wonderful song, if not a traditional big single, that was every bit as powerful when I watched the band perform it with my wife in Seattle last year. Magic.
10 August, 2012
sunday bloody sunday
first time heard the opening drums my life changed for the better it led me on my spiritual journey
10 August, 2012
Firsts beers and party girls...
10 August, 2012
My unforgettable single
After listening to U2 for 20 years, in all of their albums and singles that they have created, the number one song that stands out for me is "Kite" from All That You Can't Leave Behind. The first time I heard this song, I was driving on Interstate 75 in Michigan, and when the first few notes played, I said what in the world is that? I cranked the volume up and I was completely amazed by this song. My favorite part is when Bono sings "I'm a MMMMMAAAAANNNNN!" it gave me goosebumps and I had to pull over to the side of the road because my mind was on this song only! My favorite concert video is U2 live in Boston, they play Kite and it is just remarkable. To me this song speaks to me spiritually, it has an essence of being a classic and should be played more at live shows. Every musical element is outstanding in this song (guitar, bass, vocals, drums and various effects.) the first time I heard it was back in 2002, but if I even hear it to this day, I must stop what I'm doing and listen and feel this work pf art from beginning to end. It will forever have an effect on me!
10 August, 2012
Electrical Storm
I remember watching the video in open TV when I was in my 20s. I loved the way they looked in black and white and the story of the mermaid with Larry. Later on, when I got 30 and I had a loss in my family, I listened to it again, I checked the lyrics once more and I fell in love with it. Every time I listen to it now I cry or shed some tears, it reminds me of my baby so much. It is so beautiful and passionate, I know it's about two lovers but the way Larry does everything for the girl in the video reminds me of all the things we sometimes do to keep our beloved ones close. I love the part where Edge plays the guitar chorus and the sounds of glass or something at the beginning. But Edge's guitar, my my, it really makes me sad and happy at the same time. Love to see in the video to Larry in more action, he's always been in the background and to see him acting is fun, and the model is good-looking too and really convincing. When I first listened to the live track from Spain I guess, I thought it missed the depth from the original song, but well, U2 always gives their songs a new rhythm and sound. I wish I had listened to it in U22 or that at least it's released in a b-side U22 in the future. Electrical Storm is what I've always loved: rain, water, blue, imagination, passion and hope in a better life. This song is in my PC, my MP3 player and my mobile, the video is one of my treasures and I wish they had used it in more concerts, it's more than worth it!
10 August, 2012
"It's alright..."
Mysterious Ways is definitely the most stand out single to me, it was the first song of U2's that I really liked. I've grown up with U2, hearing it in my room as I went to sleep, or in the car going wherever. As most people would probably agree, it's very catchy. It stuck with me pretty quickly, the guitar riff and the chorus. But I could never remember what it was called! It would come on and I'd be like "Ooo! I like this song! What's it called again?" Then just over two years ago I decided to look through the music on my iPod to see if there was anything new or different to listen to, and I remembered that U2 was supposed to be good and that there was a song I liked by them. I had three albums from U2 then and wasn't sure which one it was on but I picked Achtung Baby to listen to first. And slowly I just kept adding more songs to a playlist for U2, which now has around 140 different songs in it. I liked, and still do like, the easy feeling to Mysterious Ways and the simple but meaningful chorus. When I listen to it, and maybe something is bothering me, just hearing the "It's alright, it's alright, it's alright..." makes me think it over and cool down. Mysterious Ways will always be special to me because it started my crazy obsession with U2. When I listened to that song and others I was like "Why did it take me so long to really like these guys?" I love U2 now and I always will, because they're alright.
10 August, 2012
With or without you
Definitely "With or without you", I fact when I will die, this song will be played at my funeral. The best song in the world!!
10 August, 2012
Gary L
First U2 song that grabbed me was Two Hearts Beat as One when I saw them perform it on the Kenny Everett Show. Simple and effective like all of their best songs. The Edge stood out as an alternative guitar hero for the '80's. I had bought the October album a year or so before and forgotten about it but hearing this drove me back to it and then the War album. I've followed and followed ever since.
10 August, 2012
Beautiful Day
I'm fan since 1999 and my first single as a fan was Beautiful Day in 2000. I was 18 in October of that year and was a special moment in my life. When I watched Bono in the video was great because I waited for a long time to Live a new single from U2 and the first in my life.
10 August, 2012
New Year's Day
New Year's Day Introduced me to U2 New Year's Day Ill Always be a 15 Years old U2FAN New Year's Day I ll Will Begin Again New Year's Day All Is Quiet New Year's Day in Brussels 360° Remind me WHY it is SOOOOOOO Goooood to Be A U2Fan ; )) New Year's Day With Edge on Both Guitar&Piano stiil amazed Me !!!
10 August, 2012
City of blinding lights
I remember being 16-17 years old and hearing City of blinding lights. It was at a time I had started overcoming challenges I had struggled with for a long time. I started to realise and imagined how beautiful life actually can be. The opening sequence of that song feels like the moment all struggle ceases and all you have ever dreamed of comes to pass. Look at the Obama Inauguration ceremony video when Bono screams out "Let freedom reign" and City of blinding lights starts. I believe that is how MLK would have felt right then. I think the best songs are the ones when the melodic idea is the same as the lyrical idea (in a way). City of blinding lights is one of those songs. And I think Get on your boots is an example where it isn't.
10 August, 2012
Without a doubt. For me it's DISCOTHEQUE! I remember seeing the video for the 1st time. I was working at an athletic footwear store and had Much Music (Canadian MTV) on the big screen and there was this giant disco ball getting bigger and bigger. Then inside was this weird trippy disco party, with U2 at the centre of it all. During all this madness was Bono prancing around. Edge's guitar going sonic. Adam looking cool as ever. And Larry lying on the floor as a go-go dancer shakes her money maker over him. Then at the end: the band dressed up as THE VILLAGE PEOPLE! I'm thinking "what the heck is going on?! Is this U2?!" I caught the joke right away. I loved that song so much I bought all the single and remix versions I could find. And POP became one of my fave U2 albums from the start. "BOOM-CHA"
10 August, 2012
11 o'clock tick tock
This is such a belter of a track, not too complicated and great guitar sound that really made U2 stand out. This was out around when I was 15 and pretty much what got me so into them. I loved this one live when they would play it with The Ocean sometimes before sometimes after. I would love to hear this live again.
All I Want Is You 2
10 August, 2012
My Unforgettable Single
Without a doubt, my unforgettable single is "All I Want Is You". I don't know where I was when I first heard it, but the Joshua Tree was the soundtrack to my high school years. The album spoke to me & I found meaning in every song I heard. It has always meant something to me & been a part of me. At my wedding I dedicated it to my husband & dancing with him to that song was the highlight of my day. Every time I hear it, I want to be in his arms. If I'm not near him when I hear it, it brings me to tears. I was already into the band before Joshua Tree came out (thanks to my sibling who introduced me to music). This track brings ME alive because it makes my heart sing, my brain stop functioning, & brings ME peace.
10 August, 2012
The Fly,Vertigo, Magnificent
Whenever I hear any of those 3 songs low volume is not an option, I blast it so loud in my house that the floors rumble! The songs are just amazing! Love the falsetto on The Fly too, it's perfect. I first heard Vertigo when I was 11 and that's when I started the amazing journey of U2. I played that song over and over again and still do! It just gets me going. The song that has stopped me in my tracks though is Magnificent, it is my second favorite U2 song. I was going to a club on New Years Eve with friends and while we were waiting in the line they were blaring Discotheque and I thought my night wouldn't be topped.. About 15 mins inside the club they played Magnificent and I was freaking out! It is such a great song and dance song! I was dancing and singing along the entire time and that made my night! U2 has changed my life entirely and has saved me through bad times. Whenever I'm not sure what to do in life (graduated last year and still don't know what I want to be) I put my entire U2 playlist on shuffle and decide what I should do. Thank you U2 for getting me through everyday life!
10 August, 2012
Original of the Species
One day I was cleaning the house with the radio on, as always, when a song, simply divine, began. I stopped and looked at the radio as if someone was singing and playing just for me. I think it was the first time I heard "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of", but it seemed that that voice, that guitar, that bass and that drums were part of me since ever! Nowadays when I hear it, I turn off everything else just to listen the music and return to the world and say to everyone: "I'm not afraid of anything in this world" P.S.: My english is terrible... .
10 August, 2012
A Hotel for Heartbreak
The "Angel of Harlem/Room at the Heartbreak Hotel" single is one that really grabs me. I bought that cd single in London and waited to get back to the states to hear it about a month later. As soon as the opening riff of "Hotel" started I was immediately blown away. To this day it still gets me.
10 August, 2012
Pest Control
I will never forget The Fly, I hated it ! Having grown up with War, Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree, plus Rattle and Hum, the leap was astonishing. I detested it the 1st time I saw it aired on Top of the Pops with U2 playing in the Zoo Shop window. Bono was barely recognisable. I remember being in the sixth form art studio listening to the album launch for Achtung on radio one and suddely things fell into place. Naturally, I bought it and its charms grew on me. The whole achtung baby I really got. Probably my most played album.
10 August, 2012
Desert Landscape
I remember riding across the Arizona landscape in a bus listening to "With Or Without You" in 92. U2 had just released Achtung and were the biggest thing on the planet...again. But as an angst ridden teen that song spoke to me in such an unreal way. Not because I was in love or anything sappy like that. It touched me because the song reflected the starkness of the album artwork, the landscape around me and my life at that time. It spoke of dreams to come. To this day when I hear that song it pulls up deserts in my mind and reminds me that life is a landscape to be impressed upon in our own signature way.
10 August, 2012
The Fly
I started listening to U2 right after Rattle and Hum was released. It was the time that I had discovered my favorite band and within a year I had purchased all their albums and some of their singles. That was around '89. I spent two years "studying" their catalog and I was ready for their new music. The Fly was released a few weeks before Achtung Baby, in September of '91 if I remember correctly. I heard The Fly on the radio for the first time that September. My first reaction? I was shocked! Especially that guitar intro before the rhythm section kicks in, made me think that the DJ was playing the wrong song. Then I heard Bono's distorted voice and I knew it was U2. But I became even more confused. The song felt like too much for me to digest when it was over but, at the same time, I felt excited for that new sound. After 2-3 listens that week on the radio I felt more and more comfortable with song. The I bought the 7'' and I had all the time in the world to discover what was going on. I can't describe how much I loved the song (and still do) and what a revelation it was. The Fly was for me the first new U2 song after I had discovered them and it holds this very special place in my heart. Also, for me there are two U2 eras: the one before and the one after The Fly.
10 August, 2012
I have a tie. It's either "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me" because I rember being 8 years old that summer and obsessed with Batman and this song. It was also the first time I discovered U2. Fast forawrd six years and my new obsession was "Elevation". It was the song of my summer and has remained my favorite song ever. I love going to a particular club and the DJ will always play it for me.
10 August, 2012
The Fly
The fly was such a shock! It kick started an amazing time for U2 and most importantly us fans!!! Zoo tv was born, bono's swagger was born, edges goatee suddenly appeared, Adam got his groove out ( along with other things!) , and larry became officially the coolest drummer on the planet...... As for the tune? Quite simply a sonic kick in the face. Sounds just as fresh and challenging now as it did then, play it loud on headphones!
10 August, 2012
Oops! This is a difficult task ... choose the single from U2. So many that marked my life, many with great meaning for me, whether in music, either by letter or by video. How can I distinguish the best ... complicated! However, you may be able to choose some that symbolize so much in my life. During my pre-adolescence, "The Unforgetable Fire" burst with the columns of the apparatus and needle to vinyl almost did not run the correct path :)) I can not forget "One" that woke me up for life when it no longer made ​​sense to me ... Thanks U2 "Walk On" ... I always start a few tears for the message ... But I can not forget "Original of the Species" ... definitely the single that chills me. Everything stopped when I hear the first chords of this song. This is the song that I dedicate to the person I love most in this world, my Mother Excuse me if I could not distinguish the single most striking, most significant, but ... were so many. And certainly there will be many more ... Well there is U2
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