'U22' - The Ultimate U2360° Setlist

28 October 2011
'U22' - The Ultimate U2360° Setlist
U2360°. 110 shows. 30 countries. 7 million fans.

It was the tour that broke all the records and right now on our subscriber site voting has opened to select the tracks that will appear on 'U22', a live double-CD and the ultimate U2360° setlist.

Over 26 months the band performed songs from their most recent album No Line On The Horizon all the way back to Boy, their debut, playing at least 22 tracks a night.

So what were the stand-out songs? The tracks which defined this tour ? Is there a song you could never leave out of a U2 set? What surprised you on U2360° and what track never failed to deliver?

Become a subscriber to U2.com and cast your vote today. When the voting period is over we'll reveal the final tracklisting and subscribers will receive their own copy of 'U22'. Presented in a custom-designed gatefold sleeve, this special release includes a handsome, large format booklet documenting the tour with insider photography, liner notes and commentary.

'U22' is a limited-edition release for U2.com subscribers.

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Flying Man - 25 October, 2011
Best of
Magnificent from Milan, Breathe from Paris 1, Ultraviolet from Dublin 3, Until The End Of The World from London 2, I'll Go Crazy from Dublin 1, Vertigo from Vienne, Your Blue Room from Chicago, Bad from Brussels 2, Even Better Than The Real Thing from Mexico, Mercy from Brussels 1, Stay from Berlin, No Line On The Horizon from Dublin 1, New Year's Day from Chorzow, Elevation from Pasadena, Stringray Guitar from Frankfurt, etc...
- 25 October, 2011
My favorite song was...
Moment of surrender is my favorite song ever and I particularly loved when Bono rapped at the end :)
Mulle87 - 25 October, 2011
Holm Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill me was awsome live when I first heard it in Denmark. I also can't live without Until the end of the world in a setlist.
bono1990 - 25 October, 2011
Please insert this:
North Star
nabs - 25 October, 2011
My favorite song was
My favorite song was mysterious ways paris 18 septembre 2010 out off control paris
pgamba - 25 October, 2011
U22 my vote
Any order: 1. With or without you 2. One 3. Beautiful day 4. Where the streets has no name 5. I still haven't found... 6. Pride (in the name of love)
nabs - 25 October, 2011
mercy,north star paris stade de france
My favorite song was Zooropa...,mercy,north stars paris 18 septembre2010
SALVATOR - 25 October, 2011
Went to 2 of the 3 Dublin shows plus Glasgow and here are my thoughts. The album has to start the concert properly. The dvd missed out the first track which was bizarre. You need Space Oddity and the crowd getting worked up etc, so my first point would be to get the start right. Secondly, the best songs were the rare, seldom heard ones, not the staples: Unforgettable Fire, Ultraviolet, Electrical storm etc. Be brave with this one as there's only x number of times streets, pride, etc need to be heard on a live release. Personal highlight for me was go crazy, amazing live.
PIERNI - 25 October, 2011
Yaroslav - 25 October, 2011
Best band ever!
No line on the horizone, vertigo, elevation, the return of the stingray guitar, one, ultra violet, in a little while, mysterious way, beautiful day, magnificent, stay, stuck in the moment, get on your boots, i will follow, walk on, stay, i still haven't found what i'm looking for, last night on earth, mofo, unknown caller, zooropa
campdowg - 25 October, 2011
Waaaaaaay better than kiss me kill me ... Will I ever have the chance to feel the magic of the song ACROBAT live ???;-)
RAG - 24 October, 2011
Frankfurt 2010
U2 played New years day in Frankfurt on the 10th of august 2010. This was really great! It has to be on the cd U22.
Yassine - 24 October, 2011
Take Me Higher...
Even Better Than The Real Thing, Mysterious Ways, Beautiful Day, Zooropa, Stuck In A Moment, Streets, UV, Blinding Lights, Vertigo, and Moment of Surrender were my favourite 360 tracks.
Gabrielaizer - 24 October, 2011
no order list just the songs... 1 return stingray guitar 2 even better 3 no line 4 i will follow 5 your blue room 6 miss sarajevo 7 ultra violet 8 one 9 moment of surrender 10 unknown caller 11 with or without you 12 spanish eyes 13 one tree hill 14 bad 15 until the end 16 scarlet 17 zooropa 18 walk on 19 stay 20 i still haven't found/ the wanderer 21 out of control 22 the fly
cdetillodevil - 24 October, 2011
This song with stuck in a moment is very under rated. They are both songs that can give you the most nicest feeling . Love them and also would love to see ultraviolet again in the futre on the next tour :)
ZachH - 24 October, 2011
Sounds Great!
Some of the songs that definitely need to be on the album are streets, ultraviolet (certainly), magnificent, moment of surrender, the fly, even better than the real thing, maybe mercy, get on your boots, unforgettable fire.
Zooropa360 - 24 October, 2011
My favorite song was Zooropa. Never thought I'd ever hear it live... until this summer of course. The Unforgettable Fire was pretty cool too. The return of Ultraviolet was great. Crazy Tonight (Remix) was a really nice out of this world moment. Loved it! Already missing the tour more than I've ever missed it.
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