War Leg 2: 1983, America, European Festivals, Japan

Detroit, MI, US
Grand Circus Theater


17 February, 2015
May 20, 1983 Detroit U2 show... Never th
A first kiss, 'the first time', the first whiskey, the first broken heart... Grand Circus theatre, first U2 show... one week before, stayed up all night listening to the new copy of 'War' (purchased on a trip to Toronto), never had heard anything like that before (told my friends it was like a bloody nose you didn't mind getting at the fight club)... also had listened to a crowd-sourced tape from a UK Greenbelt show sent to me by a friend... U2 hit the stage that cold Detroit night, totally captivated everything under a white-waving flag... delivery with such passion and conviction... never been the same since, seen every tour since 1983...
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