Joshua Tree Leg 2: 1987, Europe

Montpellier, FR (Espace Richter)
Espace Richter
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15 July, 2010
first concert
I was 13. It was my first U2 concert ever and it was so unbelievably strong in emotions that I've been to at least one concert of each of their tours since! I remember asking my dad if we could go to their concert in Paris because we live in the Paris region. He said "sorry we can't we'll be on holiday at that time and date". Whatever... I checked our holiday programme and the tour dates and easily noticed that U2 and us would be at the same time in MONTPELLIER!!!! Lucky me! On the date of the concert, I was so excited!!! I will never forget the opening of the concert with STREETS and orange everywhere. You could feel the heat and excitement coming up... The next day I was so proud to read in the papers that I'd belonged to an unforgettable meeting of more than 50,000 people! Now 36 and my dad 70, we saw them in Paris last year and we'll be there again next September... CAN'T WAIT!!!
28 June, 2010
I went there, it was as wonderful as every thing they do !! A girl went on the scene during with or without you and Bono kissed her !! All girls were so jealous !!
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