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Moviegoers watching 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon', which opens in cinemas this week, will hear a new song by U2 - North Star - but not before 75,000 fans at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami tonight.

The North American debut of the new track, ' a love song to the universe' as Bono called it, was one of the stand-out moments on a hot and sticky evening where the rain stayed away and the 360 space ship took off again.

'We love Miami,' explained Bono. 'That's well known. The balmy summer heat, the palm trees, the dolphins, the Marlins... by the way we love the Marlins.' (That went down well - the Marlins had to move several games from this, their home stadium, to accomodate the 360 show this week.)
'Miami is a sort of crossroads between South America and North America, the Caribbean and Ireland. Irish people are like Latin Americans... who don't know how to dance.'

An opening quartet of tracks from Achtung Baby set the scene tonight before we went back to 1979 ('I Will Follow') and forward to 2009 ('Boots') and when we arrived in the 1980's, 'Still Haven't Found' paid tribute to Clarence Clemons with a tip of the hat to Jungleland.

A shout- out to Lebron James - who is here and gets a mighty reception - and also to Carl Willner, the father of producer Hal, a longtime friend of the band. Carl has recently published a remarkable book, Carl's Story; The Persistence of Hope, a memoir of how as a teenager he survived the concentration camps of Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Dachau.

'Unos, dos, tres...'
'Are you ready to take the roof off... if we had a roof?' By Vertigo everyone was ready and the roof we didn't have was duly removed. 'Crazy' became ' a love song to Cuba - one day Cuba will be free' and as Walk On arrived, Bono invited everyone to remember Cuban human rights activist Dr Oscar Elias Biscet. Dr Biscet endured many years in prison in Cuba for opposing the government and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George Bush in 2007. 'Let everyone in Cuba know he is special to us and we are watching... we are watching.'

A barnstorming Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me gave way to a transcendent With Or Without You before Moment of Surrender paid tribute to the late and great Clarence Clemons, whose brother Bill was here tonight.
'There's one brighter star in the firmament, his name is Clarence Clemons, his family and friends are here tonight... good night Clarence Clemons, good night Miami.'

Were you in Miami tonight ? How bright was the North Star ? What was the moment you'll never surrender ? Write up your own review of the show and post your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Miami!
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enrique_ventura - 29 May, 2014
enrique ventura
It was a great show. Like the 360 concept of picture taken me at my seat.
karenntn - 16 January, 2012
all the way from Hampshire UK
loved the show.... fourth time this tour Wembley, Amsterda, Cardiff and Miami on our honeymoon..... what a great start to a marriage. I have been to every tour since the Pre war tour in 82. You boys really know how to bring the house down, long may you reign x
svramoutar - 11 November, 2011
Best show I've ever seen, period.
This was my first time seeing U2 live, and all I could say is WOW! I saw them in Miami in 2011, and from the opening song, Until the end of the world, up until the end of the concert, was complete adrenalin pumping action. The production is nothing short of amazing. I have all of the band's cd's and dvd's, but to actually see them live is a whole different ball game. No wonder they are the best band in the world. That night in Miami is etched out somewhere in my brain; it will never be forgotten as long as I live.
- 05 September, 2011
Zooropa night in Miami
SECTION 439, ROW 13, SEAT 8........the best night of my life!!! came all the way from Honduras to see you.........Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam, you rock!!!
oneproudmom - 25 August, 2011
Miami received the bands message loud an
After waiting nearly 2 years for the show I have not one regret holding on to the tickets. As always U2\'s performance was geared towards its audience and as always the 4 delivered! U2 is one of the truest performance bands ever, giving their fans live the sounds we have listened to for years on the radio. For those who understand the deepest of meanings behind their lyrics we were engaged with their passion for spreading ethical behavior and peace worldwide. For those who don\'t appreciate U2\'s message but enjoy their sound the concert delivered as well. With the stadium packed with 75,000+ I couldn\'t help but wonder if everyone who was listening received and carried through U2\'s message would our world change for the better? Keep spreading your messages U2 ...those of us who understand will live to teach and those who don\'t may eventually follow. You, once again, were amazing, inspirational, energetic and inspiring. Walk on!
Betico - 02 August, 2011
Best time ever!!!!
Showed up at 7:30am...Number 287 in the GA line. My fifth U2 show, prior one was in Dublin in 2009. Started drinking vodka at 10am...Made great friends during the 12-hour wait. First line, right in front of The Edge. Cried of happiness during "When The Streets Have No Name". No group can achieve what U2 has achieved. God bless you guys! Next tour I will follow you guys around for the whole tour!!!
alexso_u2 - 01 August, 2011
... I would hill for revive that entire day... the GA line was great, the sensation when you are walking in the venue, beeing in the inner circle and of course ... the show
Andregonzalez - 30 July, 2011
Thanks from Colombia we were there!!
it was the best day of owr lives!!!, something amazing.... hope to see you soon, but this time in Bogota Colombia.. we love you!!!!.. everything was wonderfull, all songs, the show.... love you
Eliecita - 16 July, 2011
From Costa Rica to Miami to see my favorite band....for the second time...and was even better than the first time at the Georgia Dome...I jumped, I screamed, I almost cried.........thank you U2 for given me one of the most happiest day of my life!!!
utopian - 04 July, 2011
they keep getting better saw first chicago show tampa n now miami cant get enough need one more stlouis or minnesota here we go again
u2lu - 03 July, 2011
I saw U2, in 1987 at Orange Bowl, this show was almost as good. I took my wife and children, we all loved it. They continue to put out relevant music. This was an amazing night, crowd was electric, and U2 was perfect
ElGurdy - 03 July, 2011
Miami My Mammy
First U2 concert and it was amazing! Thanks for coming guys and thanks for playing "Streets" and that crazy mashup of Crazy Tonight/Discotheque. Have fun on the rest of the tour and come back soon. PS, play Ultraviolet next time.
skygod1001 - 02 July, 2011
Awsome Night
Travelled from Halifax UK to celebrate my 50 th Birthday. Saw U2 in the UK in 1987, this show just blew everything away utterly brilliant. The stage is a work of geniouse, no other band could have pullede it off.
Estuardo1972 - 02 July, 2011
Best show ever
I had seen U2 in Zurich back in 2001 and thought the show was incredible, but the one in Miami blew every rating chart you could imagine. Unforgetable show, specially as this was the first concert my 9 year old son attended. Great stage and set of songs.... do not ever retire guys....
- 01 July, 2011
Why not 2 concerts ?
Wowww, the best concert in all my life... but i think we want a bis ... just one concert ? whe want more.... like 2 days .... next time please...
CJPPVENEZUELA - 01 July, 2011
More Than What I Expected
I waited almost two years to finally get to this concert, had to buy a second airplane ticket Venezuela-Miami because the first one expired, but the wait was worthy, U2 rocked that night and showed why They are the greatest band in the world. The songs selected were perfect in the right way to fulfill every generation present likes. Off Course the best track was ONE, but i missed not hearing Breath from their latest album.
jcdamolo - 01 July, 2011
altenhofs - 01 July, 2011
U2 defines Miami Heat
Weather aside, and for those of us that were there, we now have a whole new definition of HOT! This show totally out-rocked Tampa in 2009. Great set list. Definitely looking forward to the next time the boys are anywhere near Florida and worth the wait to get up close.
JHoppock - 01 July, 2011
A little bit of everything!!!
The show was amazing!!! They dug deep and played something from every album!!! It was great to hear "Zooropa", "Miss Sarajevo", "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" and "Discotheque" cameo in "Crazy Tonight"!!! I also really enjoyed the new song "North Star". I saw 360 in Tampa in 2009 and really thought this performance was a different show altogether!!! A little bit of Zoo TV, I felt. I also loved hearing many tunes from AB!!!! Glad to know the boys are going to retire!!!
miamimike - 01 July, 2011
Just a thoroughly enjoyable show. So many highlights. Maybe the best part was the second encore, with Where the Streets Have No Name followed by Moment of Surrender and the ttribute to Clarence Clemson.
D1A31O - 30 June, 2011
Great concert! as always great speech from Mr PDH. Loved the Viva Mexico Shout @ Vertigo Bamba bamba! THE only fail... not playing Ultraviolet! that songs is 100000 times better than HMTMKMKM
gafan - 30 June, 2011
Wow.... What a night. I was at the show in Atlanta during the first leg and the two shows were so different. The energy in Miami was electric. The songs seem to flow one right into the other. Glad to hear THE FLY and LOVED Zooropa. Glad I got my fill of U2. Greatest band on earth...
curley - 30 June, 2011
great night in MIAMI
I waited two years and took a plane flight to get to this show, it was easily worth it, the best band and show (seen them 4 times) with that stage ,sound, unending material, no band compares. Keep on touring please, a fan from Boston, circa 1980!!!!!!
austin - 30 June, 2011
This was Amazing it was my first U2 show!!
reed1995 - 30 June, 2011
North Star
North Star in Transformers sounds amazing. I know you guys are planning to put the new record on hold but please consider making a single for North Star!
Paige1 - 30 June, 2011
walk on always gets me, so does ONE> love you guys, come back soon
larana - 30 June, 2011
Miami 360 Tour
No Magnificent, just good
ROCKER70 - 30 June, 2011
Will you still love me...
Best Track: Bono alone on the end of the stage, surrounded by 70,000 rowdy U2 fans... and he is quietly singing "Will you still love me tomorrow"... as if we were all just sitting in a small pub on South Beach. These guy always deliver, and never dissapont. Just amazing. To the roof, 70,000 on their feet the entire night. Who else can do that???
Quincuti - 30 June, 2011
S1m0n3 - 30 June, 2011
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
They played Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me! Love this song.
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