Perth, WA, AU (Subiaco Oval)
Subiaco Ovalwith Jay-Z
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'This is our last night of the year - this is our end of year party.'

And so it came to be, for the second night in Perth and the thirty-second show since the 360 Tour opened up again in Turin way back in early August.

'Let me look at you. ' says Bono. 'Sexy people. It must be Perth. It was great last night... its going to pretty great tonight.

'This is our last night of the year - this our end of year party. Happy Christmas Larry, Adam, Edge - if you don't get any cards, I've been busy!'

The combination of the last night with the impending arrival of Christmas was destined to make this a show to remember and the inclusion of a trilogy of Rattle and Hum tracks sealed the deal: what a reception for All I Want Is You ('This song was first played in this city.') followed by Love Rescue Me and then Desire ('Another song we first played in Perth.')

And special mention tonight to the U2 crew.

'Maddest and smartest, and they're the best at what they do,' explained Bono. 'Two of them have woken up from their madness. You've never met Dave Skaff or Karen Nicholson but if you've ever seen U2 play - they've been there. May 2011 bring you all you want and more.
For all those important journeys our prayer is that you don't get there too quickly.'

As ever great to see two youngsters join the band on stage for In A Little While (tonight, take a bow, April and Elvis) and as the 360 spaceship soared high over Perth a great year on the road came to a fitting close.

'You're an incredible crowd. Thank you to everyone. Everyone who's played such an amazing blinder here. We've been seized. I know a girl - Party girl !'

So a verse from a track from 1983 serenaded us into the final benediction of 2009's Moment of Surrender. See you in February in South Africa - but before that, if you were the final show of 2010 tonight add your own reviews and upload your photos below.
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Pinky7 - 29 June, 2011
Steph - Incredible!
I was at the Saturday show in the GA section right on the barrier! It was my second show the first being in Auckland with mu Mum and bestfriend :D Sadly Mum was in Christchurch when the Perth shows were on and I missed sharing such an incredible experience with the person who had introduced me to U2 all those years ago! It was an epic night, I had a blast and just like the first time the magic was in the sound! Being so close almost to touch Bono as he came past was wonderful! Best song for me will always be Where the Streets Have No Name its the song that always inspires me to keep going when times are tough. This wont be my last U2 experience! I Love You Guys! x
alicia_96 - 19 February, 2011
Best night of my life
This is a bit late but, December 19th 2010. The best night of my life. My first U2 concert, and certainly not my last. I enjoyed singing along, and dancing. I was almost in tears at how beautiful "Where The Streets Have No Name" was performed, being my favourite U2 song and favourite song of all time. My mum and were amazed by "City of Blinding Lights", that was also truly magical. I could go on about all the different songs I loved best. It was the best night of my life so far, and my outlook on life changed after that concert. I hope so so much that one day I can be up on stage with U2, like the 2 lucky children did that night! :-) Thanks U2! xx
zoostar17 - 25 December, 2010
One of Those Shows
Saturday and Sunday were special for different reasons, on Saturday night I was in the stands, and got the full effect of the show, which was mind-blowing. We had taken our 7 year old daughter to the show and during 'streets' she got up onto her seat and got lost in the moment. Sunday night was one of those shows, I was on the rail in the inner circle just in front of Mr. The Edge, the energy from the band was electrifying, stand-out songs were 'Vertigo' 'Streets' 'All I Want is You' and 'Desire'
Doney - 23 December, 2010
Seeing Red
I loved the Perth concerts but was very disappointed with the location for the Red Zone patrons. Those in the "mosh pit" (an area out of bounds for the Red Zone patrons yet available to the GA standing patrons) and the standing GA patrons generally had better views of the band and the stage effects. I had a better view as a general admission patron on the Saturday night. Disappointed U2 fan.
vanbonza - 21 December, 2010
moments in life
i still remember where i was when i heard U2 for the first time 27 years ago,and sundays show was just an amazing event, Its now wednesday and im still getting waves of uphoria crashing over me. i would like to say thankyou U2 for one of lifes most memorable occasions, and thankyou to the audience and all the crew that contributed to the show,,cheers
f_soemawidjaja - 21 December, 2010
Definitely found what I was looking for! The stage, visual, lighting, and everything lived up to the greatness of U2. City of Blinding Lights was my ultimate part of the concert!
peach23 - 21 December, 2010
Perth Party
I went last night (1st Night) and it was as polished a show as I have seen them deliver. One great U2 song after another. The sound was awesome. The nod towards our cricket heroes was a nice touch too. I'd previously seen the U2360 show in Boston and New York in Sept 09, some 15 months ago...they were also great. Last nights show (2nd Night) had a lot to live up to...I was nervous, would it be as good ? It was...and for different reasons. It was a little looser with a christmas party atmosphere. A lot of love in the building and the songs delivered again with a special performance of "All I want is you" and "Love Rescue Me" with some Michael Hutchence INXS thrown in for good measure. The onstage moment belonged to 2 children tonight, a boy and a girl and with Bono reminding us of this final show of the year left us with some lines from "Party Girl"....just fantastic.
AUSSIExRULES - 20 December, 2010
It has been over 15 years since i last went to any sort of concert and it was well worth the wait. As the song suggests, they were totally MAGNIFICENT. I was captivated right from the get go with City Of Blinding Lights being the major hilight of soooo many they produced on the night. Thank you U2 in my Moment Of Surrender i felt singing along on the night. AWESOME!
AUSSIExRULES - 20 December, 2010
It has been over 15 years since i last went to any sort of concert and it was well worth the wait. As the song suggests, they were totally MAGNIFICENT. I was captivated right from the get go with City Of Blinding Lights being the major hilight of soooo many they produced on the night. Thank you U2 in my Moment Of Surrender i felt singing along on the night. AWESOME!
BigBunny - 20 December, 2010
ouch my knees...
2nd night and i was in the circle jumping *boing*, dancing and going crazy >=:) crazy in a good way. songs that i don't really care for went off live 'Elevation' & 'Vertigo'. i was glad that there weren't any cameras to spoil the view, only the occasional tall guy. AIWIY *wow* O_o i cried during One, very emotional but i'm sure i wasn't the only one. Edge you are the man, watching you for most of the night was amazing! EDGE=U2 please don't leave us out next tour, West Coast loves U2!
coreyh - 20 December, 2010
Truly Magnificent
Unbelievable. I sat behind the Claw for the first gig and was up in the three-tier stand for the second, where the view was even better. I didn’t think U2 could top the first show but somehow they did. The highlight had to be Where The Streets Have No Name on both nights. Mesmerised by the expanding screen during City Of Blinding Lights and Vertigo. A fantastic mix of old classics and the new stuff. I’m so sad that it’s all over so soon but the memories will last a lifetime. Please, please, please come back soon. U2, thank you so much for visiting little old Perth with the biggest and best show the world has ever seen. Please come back next tour and don’t make us wait another 12 years! Once again, thank you. Corey.
- 20 December, 2010
Went to the Sunday show. And it was world class. Been wanting to see U2 for ages, and it was a dream come true. Bono showed everybody how rock is done properly, even after all these years. The Claw was simply put, awesome. Bottom line, this was an experience in every sense of the word.
Rosig - 20 December, 2010
Kids name is wrong
Hi guys, yesterday was a dream come true for my son when Bono called him on stage for the song In a Little While... His name is Thalys and not Elvis... I know it was a tricky name to understand at the time...but could u please change it? We love U2 so much and to see him up on the stage with them was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you so much. Love you you U2 PS: Thalys says...U2 rocks my socks off
- 20 December, 2010
Mis Sarajevo
Being from Sarajevo to hear the song here in Perth, 12000km far from it, meant the world for me. Reminded me of everything the song was about and about that strange, unique, unfortunate but still wonderful place. Bono was leaving the Subi concert in the car, 10m far away from me and my family, waving to us all. I wished to stop the car somehow to let him know how grateful we were, and proud too, that he was still singing about our place. Man, you touched our hearts and we love you for that and for everything you do.Thank you. Be good and safe. Miro
nojman - 20 December, 2010
Woo hoo!
What a fan-bloody-tastic night. Finally got to see U2 in my home city of Perth after missing them 12 years ago. Please don't leave it so long next time! The set was amazing. So many great moments but one that stands out is All I Want Is You with the beautiful melody punctuated by this amazing bass undertone to ensure it was heard throughout the stadium - you could feel it. Props also to Jay-Z, wouldn't have seen him otherwise and thoroughly enjoyed his performance.
tuplang - 20 December, 2010
Thank you so much what an awesome night that made a very Beautiful Day. The show rocked and exceeded all expectations and left wondering what could possibly come next. The sound was perfect I have never heard better PA at a stadium and in the round was just sublime. Not sure what else to say buy WOW. Please do not leave it so long to come back to our fair shores next time.
Andrena - 19 December, 2010
What an amazing night I had at both of the Perth Concerts......both experiences were unique and almost spiritual at times especially with the passion these guys have when expressing there beliefs and feelings through there music. I have been to 4 of there concerts now and boy haven't they come along way since the pub gigs with the comersat angels. Was absolutely blown away when Bono sang, "All I want is you" and of course my favourite,"Where The Streets Have No Name". U2 is the only group that I am aware of that continue to write new music and keep performing awe inspiring performances after being in the industry as long as they have. Most memorable moment for me was ALL OF IT.........the only negative remark I can give is now I have Post U2 Depression. U2 Rocks!!!!!!!!
HJH - 19 December, 2010
The Best Ever!
WOW - that's all I can say! Went on Saturday night and told my friends it was the best U2 I'd seen - but then Sunday was even better! Don't think I've heard Desire live before and it is one of my all time faves, so that was a magic moment. I managed to score a heavily discounted reserved seating ticket so had a brilliant view of the Claw, but my Saturday night spot on the barrier centre stage was so much better - would have loved to have been there on Sunday! Nothing beats being at the front of GA or in the elipse for a U2 gig. Fantastic! Boys you just get better and better - and I will also add my plea to come here again before we all get too old (I'm also a 1960 baby).
dg1969 - 19 December, 2010
Thanks for coming..
Well done boys on another great tour of australia,was at the 1st Sydney show ,completely blown away again by the stage and how you can change the songs.Talked to some 1st timers at a u2 gig and they have never had a musical experience like that ever.Had a big year on the concert front seeing ac/dc and powderfinger but you guys make them look like amateurs,can't wait to see what willie comes up with next.Merry xmas to all see you next time down under.
starscream - 19 December, 2010
Even Better ...
I thought Saturday night was a great show but Sunday nights was better. I think it was a combination of having got over the 6 month build up to the first show, being more relaxed for the second show AND you could feel the emotion coming from U2 that it was their last show of the year. Every song was performed as if they hadn't sung them night after night, and then to play Desire and the intro to Party Girl ... awesome experience. Thanks U2.
irishaussie - 19 December, 2010
The greatest band ever
Thank you boys for an amazing show last night! I woke up this morning singing U2 songs and I'm still raving about it. Of course, my favourite was Bloody Sunday being from Derry. You are one of the few true rock bands left. Please don't leave it so long to come back to Perth next time. Everyone around us in their seats were up dancing and singing along, even the oldies. You truly are the biggest and best rock band in the world. Thanks so much for giving me a fantastic night after a long hard year. We look forward to seeing you again!!!!!
beljo - 19 December, 2010
So I've had to wait a while to see U2 play in concert. About 27 years in fact, as I've been a fan since I was 13 and this was the first time all the stars in the heavens lined up. It was well and truly worth the wait and so glad my fav song, the haunting Miss Sarajevo, was part of the set. Thanks for making the music really alive. Merry Christmas and safe travels.
Deepbase - 19 December, 2010
Awesome !!!
Awesome is the only word that comes to mind after experiencing these shows. It is Monday morning and I am still coming down. The massive "spaceship" combined with U2's powerful songs was overwhelming to say the least. You may have seen the pictures but nothing prepares you for the sheer magnitude of this show. To Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam..Thank you Thank you for bringing the "madness" to Perth. Please come back to our City of Blinding Lights soon. Favorite Moments (1) 60,000 strong singing PRIDE and (2) ONE which lead to AMAZING GRACE which lead to WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME and Edge's beautiful guitar intro.
Dazman98 - 19 December, 2010
Loved the party
Went to the previous nights show - it was awasome, so went back again for the last concert and sat outside the venue and listened to another great night - Just want to say thank you for playing a couple of my favourite songs I didn't hear the night before - All I want is You, Desire and PARTY GIRL !!! A real classic - Thanks boys
freo_tammy - 19 December, 2010
Sat and Sun in heaven
In mosh on Sat night - great to be there -to enjoy, and dance to the great songs, sing along: Pride, One, Sunday Bloody Sunday,Where the Streets...... No other band in the world could carry this off. But alot of the standing room crowd were literally just 'standing there'....... Miss Sarajevo was heavenly; Edge's guitar work blows my mind - on a high when I left. Sunday - in the stands - this night was so much better - the vibe, the storm clouds, the song selection - New Year's Day, Desire, Love Rescue Me, All I Want is You. Passion, voice, anthems - Wow - I'm blown away!
keithlufc - 19 December, 2010
went to both perth concerts, saturday was excellent, sunday other band puts on a show like u2. seen them 5 times now and they just get better.fantastic mix of old and new songs, great to hear desire.just unbelievable.
scottishboy - 19 December, 2010
Another amazing show
So many great moments....they are surely untouched as the best live band in the world..... Highlight.......easy.....kissing and cuddling the woman I'm soooo in love with during With or Without You.......I love you darling....Happy Christmas.
scottishboy - 19 December, 2010
Another amazing show
So many great moments....they are surely untouched as the best live band in the world..... Highlight.......easy.....kissing and cuddling the woman I'm soooo in love with during With or Without You.......I love you darling....Happy Christmas.
beli - 19 December, 2010
I was going to wait until someone wrote a sensible post but as its 2:00am and I show no sign of calming down yet - fan-bloody-tastic show! Absolutely superb. So many many fav songs. The audience vibe was excellent. I went to Love Town in the Perth Entertainment Centre on a previous full moon. To hear some of those songs again was amazing! Just amazing! Loved every minute of it. My spontaneous and continuous impersonation has surprisingly not resulted in sore feet! Maybe I'll feel it in the morning. Presuming I calm down enough to sleep before morning. It was nuts!!!!! I loved Desire. And the little bit of Discotheque. And Mysterious Ways and EVERYTHING! This concert was absolutely perfect in every way!
ozmozz - 19 December, 2010
Time to party!
Saturday night was the best U2 concert I'd ever seen -- until tonight! Bono and the boys outdid themselves with a sensational performance from go to whoa. I like to think they were as reluctant to leave as we were. Took my two daughters to their first U2 concert and it was a night we'll always remember. Highlights included the hauntingly beautiful All I Want Is You, the pulsating beat of Vertigo, the beauty or Walk On and One and the passion of Sunday Bloody Sunday. Thanks Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry. Please, please, please come back to Perth soon! We love you all!
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